It is generally accepted that people go to Hollywood when they have no other options in life. But some famous actors dropped out of prestigious education for the sake of cinema and abandoned careers in science. Do you think the profession of an actor is frivolous? The celebrities on our list are beautiful, charming, incredibly talented, and they also have prestigious degrees and a high level of intelligence.

Quentin Tarantino

The director and screenwriter for Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Django Unchained is not only an artistic genius but also Hollywood’s “Mister Brain”. Tarantino’s astoundingly high IQ was not due to but despite formal education. After being kicked out of school at 15, he took a job at a video rental, where he watched and analyzed movies for hours. Tarantino claims that it was this experience that inspired him to become a director. So do not underestimate young writers, perhaps another future genius screenwriter writes you a report on the WriteMyEssayOnline service.

Dolph Lungren

The action star was a student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney in 1982, and the following year was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I wonder if solid scientific experience came in handy for playing the role of an angry Soviet soldier in the Rocky franchise?

Sharon Stone

The main character of Basic Instinct has been smart beyond her years since childhood – at the age of 5 she went straight to the second grade, and at the age of 15 she received a scholarship from the University of Edinborough in Pennsylvania. Like the vast majority of stars, Stone left school to become a model. Over the years, the blonde claimed to be a member of Mensa’s intellectual club by a factor of 154.

Alisha Keys

A talented girl began writing music at the age of 14 – her natural charm and rare gift helped her graduate from a prestigious school of fine arts as an external student. Having entered Columbia University at the age of 16, Alisha left him a month later to pursue a solo career.

Steve Martin

Not only a famous comedian but also a serious intellectual. At school, he received the nickname “The most talented guy” – he achieved excellent results in any business that he undertook. As a student at the University of California, the young man was confident that he would continue his education and become a professor of philosophy. But, fate decreed otherwise. Today Martin is a member of the Mensa organization, which unites people with a high IQ.


At school, the eccentric performer was a meek excellent student and even earned a scholarship to study free of charge at Michigan State University. Madonna Louise Ciccone never took advantage of this opportunity – she left her alma mater for a career as a dancer and singer. Meanwhile, the queen of pop music is still considered one of the most well-read interlocutors in the world of show business.

Natalie Portman

Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman is not only one of the most talented but also intelligent actresses of her time. As a teenager, she missed her premiere of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace due to her high school graduation examinations. The Oscar winner holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University and is fluent in five languages.

Emma Watson

In 2014, Harry Potter’s Hermione earned her BA in English Literature from the prestigious Brown University. In the same year, Watson was appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador – in this honorary position, the actress became famous for fiery speeches about the rights of women in the modern world.

David Duchovny

The role of writer Hank Moody from the popular TV series “Californication” became for the actor in some ways autobiographical. Few fans know that in his younger years the actor studied English literature at the elite Princeton University, and then continued his studies at the Yale graduate school, which is also part of the Ivy League. It was there that he became interested in theater and began to participate in productions.

Lisa Kudrow

The American actress and comedian will forever be remembered by the eccentric Phoebe from Friends. But, before getting this role, she dreamed of becoming a scientist. The future television star earned her BA in Psychobiology from Vassar College, one of the oldest and most prestigious women’s colleges in the United States. Later, together with her father, a neurologist, she conducted medical research on headaches. Until one of her brother’s friends inspired her to try herself in show business. Later, the actress admitted more