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Should You Skip Or Stream Action-Packed With An Environmental Themed 123HD Watch Rogue 2020 Movie Online Free Full HD 123movies?


While most moviegoers choose romantic comedies, horror, and musicals, action and environmental conservation-themed films, such as 123HD Watch Rogue 2020 Movie Online Free Full HD 123movies, are more appealing to many. Do you think that this particular movie should skip or stream? Before you answer this question and make your decision, consider what this article informs about Rogue 2020 Film.

The Rouge 2020 Movie

Rogue is a 2020 American action thriller film directed by M. J. Bassett, who also co-wrote the screenplay with her daughter Isabella, and starring Megan Fox and Philip Winchester. It relates the story of a mercenary whose crew becomes stranded in Africa and must struggle to survive against both local militants and a vicious lioness. The film was released on August 28th, 2020.

Rogue 2020 Movie Official Trailer

Rogue (2020 Movie) Official Trailer – Megan Fox, Philip Winchester

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What Happens In The Movie Rogue

The 123HD Watch Rogue 2020 Movie Online Free Full HD 123movies 1221276 O'Hara is a mercenary in charge of a squad of men on a mission to rescue prisoners in a distant African location. Unfortunately, the mission goes poorly, leaving the team trapped and forced to fight local insurgents for survival.

Why Is The Movie Rogue Rated R

The level of violence is really high, and there are numerous fatalities. Several characters are killed by lions, who shoot at them, stab them, and even maul them. Multiple explosions occur, all of which are conducted with delight by the culprits, and a number of structures are completely destroyed.

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian to enter. This rating indicates that the film contains adult content such as adult activities, coarse language, strong graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity, among other things.

Rogue 2020 Cast

  • Megan Fox as Samantha "Sam" O'Hara
  • Philip Winchester as Joey Kasinski
  • Greg Kriek as Mike Barasa
  • Brandon Auret as Elijah Dekker
  • Jessica Sutton as Asilia Wilson
  • Kenneth Fok as Bo Yinn
  • Isabelle Bassett as Tessa
  • Adam Deacon as Zalaam
  • Sisanda Henna as Pata
  • Tamer Burjaq as Masakh
  • Ashish Gangapersad as Nuru
  • Calli Taylor as Chloe
  • Lee-Anne Liebenberg as TJ

Rogue (2020 Film Location)

The physical production was overseen by Mannequin Pictures, a South African production company, and filming took place in December 2019 on a game farm about 40 miles outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Guns Used In Rogue 2020

Megan Fox Training For Rogue Movie 2019

'123HD Watch Rogue 2020 Movie Online Free Full HD 123movies 1221276' is Megan Fox's next action film, and she's getting ready to shoot it in the military. Following the announcement, Fox shared a gallery of images and videos showcasing her preparing for the part with her followers on social media. However, based on a video uploaded by Fox, it appears as she will be in charge of some heavy weapons for the project.

Rogue Film Exposes Lion Farming Reality

Livekindly webpage features the interview of the director of the film Rogue 2020. M.J Bassett said:

“Rogue is the first movie I’ve made since I came out that was entirely me. And hopefully, the compassion which I’m now comfortable sharing and talking about and the emotional availability that I have, which perhaps I never had before, have allowed me to kind of life, I hope, a better life. And it’s so hard to explain, but I feel like I’m living a fuller, richer life now.”

She and her daughter, Isabella, wrote the movie together. It combines Bassett's love of movies and animals through its eco-environmental theme. A lot of it is about lion farming in Africa. When Megan Fox plays Samantha O'Hara, Rogue is about her story, and it's all about her.

A group of mercenaries led by O'Hara goes to Africa to rescue a governor's daughter who was taken by an extremist group. They have to stay at an abandoned farm for the night after the extraction goes wrong, so they can get some sleep.

Bassett tells that Rogue is a work of fiction, but the reality of lion husbandry in Africa is a real issue. People should know about the state of the world and what people do to it through Bassett's work. She mentioned:

“Twelve-thousand lions in farms across Southern Africa, which are being used for their body parts and the hunting industry. And the cubs are being used for tourism—for photographic opportunities. And I thought well that’s something I can put as an underlying idea within a story.”

Mercenary Movies


As a fearless black market mercenary with nothing to lose, Tyler Rake is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. However, in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, and already lethal mission becomes nearly impossible, altering the lives of both Rake and the boy for all time.

Hard Kill

Eva Chalmers is outraged that her groundbreaking technology will be utilized for military purposes, and she seeks the assistance of an extremist known as the Pardoner, who offers to assist her in using it to save the world from destruction. As a result of her refusal to cooperate with his terrorist intentions, he kidnaps her and attempts to pressure her father, Donovan, into disclosing the code that will enable him to trigger the device. For the purpose of rescuing Eva and retrieving the technology, Donovan engages a squad of mercenaries led by Derek Miller.

The Expendables 3

Barney Ross is the leader of the "Expendables," a group of extremely competent mercenaries that includes Lee Christmas, a knife aficionado, Yin Yang, heavy weapons expert Hale Caesar, demolitionist Toll Road, and loose-cannon sniper Gunner Jensen. When the party is tasked by the mysterious Mr. Church with assassinating the cruel dictator of a small South American island, Barney and Lee travel there to scout out their foes.

They meet with local rebel Sandra and learn the full extent of the battle gripping the city once they arrive. When they flee the island but Sandra remains, Ross must choose between walking away and risking his life - or embarking on a deadly rescue operation that could save his soul.


The 123HD Watch Rogue 2020 Movie Online Free Full HD 123movies 1221276 is no doubt an interesting film to watch. But remember that this movie features violence and also offensive language. Older kids and teenagers might copy risky or dangerous things they see in movies, which could hurt them. You should always be choosy when watching or streaming movies.

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