The next season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is creating its long-awaited return to the streaming stage in August, and it is bringing a major plot twist combined with it. The official trailer for season three dropped on Thursday and demonstrated that the new batch of episodes will take care of the death of Bryce Walker, as the remaining central characters attempt to find out (or cover up) Who murdered him.

Bryce has been the show’s key antagonist for the previous two seasons – that he chased Hannah and Jessica in year one and afterwards lied about the witness stand on his sexual relationship with Hannah when the Bakers sued the college district for its role they played in Hannah’s passing. Although he’d go to trial for Jessica’s assault, he received a very minimal punishment and was just sentenced to three months probation. He’s basically the show’s most hated character, and this twisted new storyline was introduced, fans who were wary of a third year are officially back on board – and they have a lot of jokes.

Read ahead to see the fan reactions to 13 Reasons Why‘s season three trailer, then make sure to brush up to the information of last year before the new episodes drop on Aug. 23.