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🥇 14 Best Alternatives for Lime Torrent to Download HD Movies in 2021


Movies are liked by everyone and all kinds of people all around the globe and if you are someone who likes movies and calls yourself a movie buff, you know how it works and how it makes for the best in human psychology. In India, movies are where people find where they can relate and make true and such events which movies a greater deal. Now let us understand why it is necessary in today’s world to watch movies by downloading.

Let us discuss point-wise, giving a space of thought and realism.

It Saves Time

In today’s world, time plays a vital role in everything. As we know, we are busy with our work and want some entertainment by being in our own space and room. It helps us to get engrossed even better and do and everything in a short period of time.

It Saves Energy

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When we don’t have to go to another place and watch the movie, we feel more energized. The hectic road transport and the tiring matter are less in this scenario here.

It Saves Money

We talk about anything we need to know that here money plays a vital role and we can save a lot of money by watching movies at home, and we don’t have to think about anything else. Here the investment is one time and thus helps us to explore more.

It Helps To Explore Much More

Movies help us to explore much more and make things exciting and happy. Here we can examine movies a lot more than we could have by going to the movie halls. This is an important and interesting feature.

Futuristic In Attitude

This is one of the best technology which is regarded as being futuristic and advanced. This helps to enhance our work-life experience better and futuristically and helps us understand much more than required. It helps us to understand what our beautiful future demands us for and what we must prepare ourselves for.

So these are the various advantages of watching movies from the comfort of your own house. But what people want is the best in everything. The point here is best in everything that should be combined with proper budget and choice, and genre. Today most of us are aware of the HD resolution concept of picture quality on the screen.

Now let us discuss the various reasons to have an HD screen to watch movies and other videos

  • HD is always good for our eyes, and it is recommended by doctors to watch videos or anything from HD devices.
  • It has a better picture quality level which makes it less pixelated and makes the screen with details and clarity.
  • It helps to have a better view of anything that we watch.
  • Makes our experience better and happier.
  • Teaches children much better.
  • It is one of the modern technology, and it should be patted back and appreciated as it will help to be advanced and full of ideologies.

So, when we are watching something in the downloaded format, we want it to be full of clarity and better than the best, and so HD is an option. HD helps to watch movies much more excitedly and is interesting to watch. As we know, lime torrent is the best movie download website where HD is available, but we should know more websites that will act as alternatives to Lime torrent.

Why Do We Need To Have Lime Torrent?

  • To watch videos
  • To watch the latest movies
  • We can watch HD quality here
  • To have a zenith level of entertainment through films and television.

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Alternative?

  • Lime torrent may have streaming problems sometimes
  • Having a choice is always beneficial because if one problem occurs then, we can immediately reach the second one without any time wastage.

Let us now discuss the fourteen most useful and best alternatives of a lime torrent where we can download High Definition movies.

Best Alternatives Of Lime Torrent


YTS is one of the most popular as well as the most highly used websites. For someone who likes to watch movies through an online download portal, then this is of the known ones. But YIFI and YFI are both different. It is highly popular since it stores Big files in small sizes. Even if we do not have a proper connection, this website helps us download movies in good quality and not so best quality.


TorrentDownloads is one of the most popular all-time famous downloading websites. It was introduced in the year 2007.TorrentDownloads help to download movies by obstructing P2P sites. The files here are very safe and risk-free. Every year, the consumer increases, and thus, subscribers here have to have an account of the TorrentDownloads, and according to that, you can download movies of your choice. The only disadvantage is that it creates problems with new and fresh torrent availability. This is very famous software, and all the movie buffs prefer it for its easy-breezy access


Zooqle is one of the famous and substantial torrent websites where daily new movies are added worldwide. This is very famous and has about lakhs of movies. It has different categories such as web series, theatre, movies, and many others. This is also a torrent-based website. This website also needs a profile and is free to use and understand. It also has varied options.


This is another website that can act as an excellent alternative for all the users who use lime torrent. We can download many videos and movies of our choice for both kids and adults through this application-based website. This also falls under the great torrent family and acts as one of the best and easily accessible websites ever. From games to videos to live interactions. To clippings, everything is available herein.


If you can handle and have created your own profile in the torrent, you can handle and have a great time in torrent. Utorrent gives you extra news feed and interesting facts and the area to download movies, theatres, series, and many many more. This is also from the fresh and beautiful torrent family.

The Pirate Bays

This is another website founded in the year 2003 and ever since then it is quite popular and famous and it has created a high percentage of audiences and is also in the group of kickass torrent families. The videos are crystal clear, with lots of movies and several other videos. This is one of the most famous and highly used websites. As the name suggests, it is pirated and is used by a lot of people here as we can understand the system is pirated, and so we need to use it with fill knowledge of unauthentic nature.

Extra Torrent

Extra torrent is one of the famous, and in 2016, it received the activation as the world’s second-highest consumer. This is also a part of the torrent family and helps us view movies with more excellent resolution according to our own free will as there are various options to be followed. Extra torrent means extra movies are available which are latest and also interesting documents are available.


Torlock is a website that has only those movies and films which are authentic and thus legalized. Here there are various movies and clipping, and one can watch based on one’s wishes. The well known p2p files are present so that it becomes easy to transfer destructive codes. This is a very famous website with many customers all around the globe.

Torrent Funk

This is another one of the same Torrent family. Torrent funk is software that has been developed and analyzed by the torrent team. Like all the other ones, this site has movies, videos, songs, and the like and along with, those video games are also available here. So the reason for the children to be happy and excited.


This is again another most popular and is being regarded as the third most popular movie website in the whole world, and the movies are available of all kinds like comedy, romantic and many others, and some people are glued to the screen due to its great categories of movies. This is again one of the famous and very effective website used all across.


This is another alternative of the lime torrent to download movies in High Definition quality and for free. Here there are great choices and varied categories to choose from. Here even we can choose and watch our favourite movie of our favourite tv serial in one go. This is again one of the most popular of all times. The resolution of the screen is also based on what one wishes to have. There are a huge collection of movies to choose from.

Torrent IO

This is another from the torrent family itself and serves as one of the best websites reaching people’s expectations on a daily basis. All the torrent based website requires to reach the Google page, and there, we can type torrent.io, and a list of movies will pop up on the screen with categories, and choose from the list.

Kickass Torrents

This website was created when the kat in the initial portion has vanished and renamed it differently. This is a different torrent family website and has streaming of great shows of all time, movies, thematic series and many more. Even television shows and others and lots more are here to download and choose.

Torrent Reactor

The Torrent Reactor is one of the famous and all-time favourite movie websites to download from heavy to light movies. It is famous because of its speediness and works really commendable when working in places with less networking speed. It is popular in India and many other places and nations. We get here in India Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, and few regional movies to download from.

Torrent Z2

This is another website that works under the umbrella term torrent. It also has movies which are very acceptable and popular. Mainly people are eager to watch this website for the latest movies. All the latest movies and videos. Clips are available on this website. Line torrent is one of the famous websites but if you search for an alternative, this can be a great choice.

Torrent Hounds

This is another website that helps to download movies of High definition quality. The Torrenthounds is of the torrent family and can be best experienced when critically and productivity analyzed through the latest movies. Clips and songs, videos, and the like. This website is also very famous among its consumers and movie buffs.


These are the different websites that are used and act as an alternative to the lime torrent. Lime torrent is a famous website where many people follow and download from, but the problem is that it is completely not safe. Controversies have popped out in the scenario that it has pirates copies of specific movies. If the percentage increases and the government pays a toll into the whole scenario, then the website may be banned and stopped from watching, and so the movie buffers and movie watchers should be ready with another website and hence helping in the process to movie watching freely and comfortably.

There is much other software which you will find you need to choose which suits you the best and your comfort level. We have seen most of them are torrent generated, so torrent remains the best and most effective website of all times and under it, there is a huge percentage of movie websites and smaller websites. This choose the best for you and watch with popcorn and coffee.

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