This back-to-school season is your year you may achieve expert-level lunch packing status. How can we know? While we do not possess a crystal ball (We wish!) , we have the inside scoop from the world’s leading experts on packing lunch – parents.

While we did turn to Instagram to find these insider secrets, the majority of these moms are fast to point out your child’s lunch does not have to be Insta-perfect to be great. As Jenny in lunchboxmafia said,”You shouldn’t compare yourself to other moms. Are not necessarily everyday life. Your own schedule, your lifestyle, your kid, and your own food demands are yours. At the day’s close, this is about making it and feeding our children interesting — that is the goal\. And we are all in this together.”

We love that opinion, and you’ll be delighted to know that you actually need is a little planning, the right equipment , also… well, keep reading to discover the rest!