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19 of the Largest snowstorms to hit the US in the past century

  • America has experienced a number of the very intense snowstorms on earth over the past 100 years.
  • They have been given names that are memorable, such as Snowmaggedon, the Megalopolitan Blizzard, along with the Storm of the Century.
  • They have also had lasting consequences — countless individuals have died, and such snowstorms have cost the nation billions of dollars.
  • See Insider.com for more tales.

They have cute nicknames, but these snowstorms are unpleasant.

The worst snowstorms in america within the past century have killed countless people, caused billions of dollars of damage, and also for all those who lived through thembeen impossible to overlook.

A lot of these are blizzards. To be eligible as you, meteorologist David Stark advised The New York Timesthat winds need to achieve 35 mph, and visibility has to be less than 1 quarter of a mile.

As stated by this Los Angeles Times,”wintry blizzards are similar to some bully you suffered in grade school: You neverneglect them, and their own long-ago tortures increase in size and scope with every retelling.”

From 1922 into 2019, here are 19 of the worst snowstorms to hit the United States.

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