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20 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked - Powerful Weapons In Bloodborne Ranked For Deadly Hunts

In this article, we will talk about 20 most powerful weapons, ranked in Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne, the acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware.

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May 23, 202310 Shares364 Views
In this article, we will talk about 20 most powerful weapons, rankedin Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne, the acclaimed action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware.
Bloodborne is an action-packed and challenging game renowned for its gothic setting, gripping gameplay, and a wide array of deadly weapons. As a Hunter, your choice of weapon plays a crucial role in determining your effectiveness in combat against the nightmarish creatures that inhabit the world.
In this article, we'll explore and rank the most powerful weapons in the game, considering their damage potential, versatility, move sets, and overall effectiveness in hunting down your foes.

The 20 Most Powerful Weapons In Bloodborne Ranked

So let's delve into the heart of the hunt and present a comprehensive ranking of the 20 most powerful weapons in Bloodborne.

Ludwig's Holy Blade

Ludwig's Holy Blade is an iconic weapon that combines a massive greatsword and a swift one-handed blade. Its transformative attacks and high scaling with Strength and Skill make it a versatile weapon for different playstyles.

Bloodborne: Ludwig's Holy Blade (Weapon Review)


The Chikage is a katana-like weapon that possesses a deadly secret. By transforming it, the player infuses it with their own blood, sacrificing health for increased damage. It's a perfect choice for skilled players who can manage its unique mechanics effectively.


Acquired from a challenging boss fight, the Rakuyo is a deadly weapon that wields dual blades. Its intricate and devastating move set allows for swift and relentless attacks, making it a favored choice among skilled Hunters.

Bloodborne ► Rakuyo (DLC Weapon Review)

Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is a monstrous weapon resembling a circular saw, perfect for mauling enemies with brutal strength. Its transformation mechanic enables devastating spin attacks that shred through foes effortlessly.

Burial Blade

Possessing a sleek and sinister appearance, the Burial Blade is a scythe-like weapon favored by hunters of skill. Its extended range, sweeping arcs, and its ability to unleash devastating charge attacks make it a formidable choice.

Blade Of Mercy

The Blade of Mercy is a quick and agile weapon that excels in swift strikes and evasive maneuvers. Its tricked form allows the player to extend the weapon's reach, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

Church Pick

Designed to be the bane of all vile creatures, the Church Pick is a versatile weapon that transitions between a spear and a curved sword. Its serrated edges deal extra damage to beasts, making it an excellent choice for hunting down the game's ferocious creatures.

Holy Moonlight Sword

This legendary weapon, reminiscent of the Moonlight Greatsword from previous FromSoftware games, boasts both physical and arcane damage. Its tricked form unleashes devastating energy blasts, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Simon's Bowblade

The Simon's Bowblade is a unique weapon that doubles as a short sword and a bow. It provides a ranged option for Hunters, allowing them to keep their distance while dealing significant damage.

Bloodborne ►Simon's Bowblade (DLC Weapon Review)

Beast Cutter

The Beast Cutter is a massive whip-like weapon that excels in crowd control. Its tricked form extends its range, enabling the player to strike multiple foes simultaneously.


The Reiterpallasch is a rapier with a hidden firearm mechanism, making it deadly in both close-quarters combat and ranged attacks. Its swift strikes and parry potential make it a favorite among skilled hunters.

Bloodborne Weapon Showcase: Reiterpallasch


The Tonitrus is a unique weapon that emits an electric charge, adding lightning damage to its strikes. While its base damage might be modest, it becomes a formidable weapon when used against enemies weak to electricity.

Logarius' Wheel

This macabre weapon is a large wheel that can be used both in rolling attacks and transformed into a mace. Its tricked form sacrifices the Hunter's health for increased damage, making it a risky but powerful choice.


The Bloodletter is a brutal weapon obtained through the questline of the DLC, "The Old Hunters." This massive blood-soaked mace can transform into a devastating blood-infused sword, dealing considerable damage to both beasts and hunters alike.

Bloodborne ►Bloodletter (DLC Weapon Review)

Beast Claw

Embrace the beast within with the Beast Claw. This weapon rewards aggressive playstyles, as consecutive attacks build up Beasthood, increasing damage output. It can also unleash a powerful beast roar, staggering enemies and opening them up for devastating combos.

Amygdalan Arm

The Amygdalan Arm is a versatile weapon that allows Hunters to wield the severed arm of an Amygdala. Its transformation extends the arm's reach and transforms it into a powerful mace, providing excellent range and devastating strikes.

Boom Hammer

The Boom Hammer is a unique weapon that combines a war hammer and an explosive mechanism. It can ignite the weapon to deal explosive damage, decimating foes caught in the blast radius.

Kos Parasite

Acquired through the DLC, "The Old Hunters," the Kos Parasite unleashes the arcane power of the Great Ones. It replaces the Hunter's bare hand, imbuing it with otherworldly energy, making it an exceptional choice for arcane-focused builds.

Bloodborne ►Kos Parasite (DLC Weapon Review)

Threaded Cane

The Threaded Cane is a starting weapon with a stylish twist. It can transform from a cane to a serrated whip, offering versatility in combat. While it may not have the highest damage output, it excels in its range and crowd control capabilities.

Simon's Bowblade

Rounding up the list is Simon's Bowblade, a skill-based weapon that transforms from a curved sword to a powerful bow. It allows Hunters to engage enemies from a safe distance, delivering devastating arrow strikes.

What Is The Best Weapon In Bloodborne?

Determining the "best" weapon in Bloodborne is subjective and depends on individual playstyles and preferences. Different weapons excel in various aspects, such as damage output, speed, range, and move sets.
However, there are a few weapons that are often regarded as exceptionally powerful and versatile by the Bloodborne community. Here are a few notable contenders:

Ludwig's Holy Blade

Ludwig's Holy Blade is often considered one of the best weapons in Bloodborne due to its excellent scaling with Strength and Skill, providing high damage output. It also offers a mix of fast and heavy attacks, making it suitable for various playstyles.

Saw Cleaver

The Saw Cleaver is a starting weapon that remains a fan-favorite throughout the game. It boasts quick and aggressive attacks, deals bonus damage to beasts in its transformed state, and benefits from high scaling with the Skill stat.


Acquired from a challenging boss fight, the Rakuyo is a skill-based weapon that wields dual blades. It offers a versatile moveset with swift and devastating attacks, making it a popular choice among skilled Hunters.

Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is a unique weapon that excels in pure strength builds. Its transformed state allows for powerful spin attacks that deal massive damage, making it an excellent choice for shredding through tough enemies.


The Chikage is a katana-like weapon that scales well with Skill and Bloodtinge. By transforming it, the player infuses it with their own blood, sacrificing health for increased damage. It suits players who can effectively manage its unique mechanics.
Ultimately, the best weapon in Bloodborne is a matter of personal preference and playstyle. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it's recommended to experiment with different weapons to find the one that complements your preferred style of combat.

People Also Ask

What Are The Rarest Weapons In Bloodborne And How Can They Be Obtained?

Bloodborne features several rare weapons that are highly sought after by players. Some of the rarest weapons include the Burial Blade, obtained by defeating Gehrman, the final boss of the game, and the Beast Claw, which requires acquiring the "Nightsmarish Ritual" rune and defeating the boss in the Chalice Dungeon.
Other rare weapons include the Church Pick, acquired by defeating Ludwig, and Simon's Bowblade, obtained by defeating Simon, the Harrowed in the "The Old Hunters" DLC.

Which Bloodborne Weapon Has The Highest Stagger Potential Against Enemies?

The Kirkhammer is widely regarded as one of the weapons with the highest stagger potential in Bloodborne. In its transformed state, the Kirkhammer becomes a massive war hammer capable of delivering heavy, devastating blows.
Its powerful strikes can often stagger enemies, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Other weapons known for their staggering capabilities include Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Logarius' Wheel.

Are There Any Hidden Or Secret Weapons In Bloodborne That Are Not Commonly Known?

Bloodborne is known for its hidden and secret areas, and it is possible that some weapons may have eluded the knowledge of many players. While no specific "secret" weapons have been officially confirmed, the game's extensive world and complex mechanics make it likely that undiscovered weapons or hidden quests may exist.
Exploring thoroughly, interacting with non-playable characters, and delving into the game's various secrets may reveal hidden weapons waiting to be discovered.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about 20 most powerful weapons, ranked in Bloodborne. Bloodborne offers an impressive selection of deadly weapons, each with its unique playstyle and abilities.
Whether you prefer massive swords, transforming trick weapons, or arcane-infused implements, there is a weapon to suit every Hunter's taste and combat strategy. The ranking of the 20 most powerful weapons in Bloodborne considered factors such as damage potential, versatility, move sets, and overall effectiveness.
Experiment with these formidable tools of destruction and discover the perfect weapon to overcome the nightmarish challenges that await in the haunting world of Bloodborne. Happy hunting!
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