2021 torrents site means one thing is sure you are searching for the most reliable and more authentic place to download movies and games. The torrent sites are fully overburdened with the different pirate’s interference. So authentication of the websites is more necessary than the availability of the movies on the sites. 90% of the film are all available on torrent sites but downloading the movie from any unauthorized site means you are inviting the hackers.

The torrents sites are good to perform, but many of them are shutting down because of the copywriting problems. As a result, few of the torrent sites are open to operate. In this shortlist, these five take place on the top priority list of the viewers.

What Are Torrent Sites?

Torrents are the file and folders that hold information on the other websites. For instance, when you download a movie, you have downloaded a folder or a file to help you get to the relevant movie.

The torrent files are no more than a couple of Kbs. However, these KBS store the relevant link that allows the users to download the relevant files. You might have seen several other files that are downloaded with the torrent, and those files are just irrelevant chunks of data.

When you are torrenting, you are in the P2P network, and all the files you are accessing are coming through the same network. A P2P network is a network that is created between two or more computers to share files without going through the same servers.

How Does Torrent Sites Work?

The process is very simple. The same way you download movies from the internet, you will be able to download torrent files. Just visit one of the torrent websites where you can get a hold of torrent files and download the relevant content.

However, while you are downloading torrent files, there are some factors that you need to consider.

  • Seed: A seed file means it has the complete file of the content you are looking for. If any content is tagged with the seed, that means that is the content you need to prioritize while downloading.
  • Peer: Peer is when the content is in segmented form. The whole content is divided into several parts. So, to complete the content, you need to download everything.
  • Leech: Leechers are the types of content that are locked by the individuals. These files are the original files but are locked for regular users.

Popular Torrent Sites 2021

The popular torrent sites are the older torrent sites, which have been functional for the past few years. These five torrents are in an operational state for at least for the last 6 to 10 years. VPN use is a must when you are accessing any torrents site from your PC. The VPN will protect your id from unauthorized interruptions. Here is the list of the most popular torrents websites that belong in the viewers’ top priority list.


The movie quality of the YTS is one of the best features among all torrent sites. The movie list of this site is quite long, and it is one of the best online streaming movie websites. This site is the best choice for movie lovers who want to see streaming movies from any safe websites. This site has other features of constrained bandwidth, which is suitable for all users.

The 0123putlockers is the destination for many viewers. But the copywriting problems and piracy are persistent on these sites. The most crucial drawback of the 0123putlocker is this site does not give users good service with low bandwidth. But this YTS is the best choice for users who have low bandwidth.


This is a torrent site that almost looks like the best torrent site. When you first step into the site, you will immediately feel that this is your old torrent site. This site does not only look like the senior site. It also has a massive collection of movies and tv series.

The movie and video quality are also acceptable. The mirror sites are also available, which will help the users to open the site by using the VPN. The Torrentz2.eu, in many countries, the local copywriting sites are blocking these sites. But another drawback is this, although Bit torrents run the place. It does not have many more mirror sites, which is creating more challenges to access these sites.


Zooqle is a newborn site among the older torrent sites. The target of these site creation is to focus on all entertainment and gaming categories. This site is also popular because of the vast collection of games, videos, news, and tv series. This site’s viewers are relatively younger than the viewers of the other torrent sites.

13377x unblock also provides the same facility as Zooqle. But unfortunately, the bandwidth is so low the users could not even find the required file also. For this reason, Zooqle conquers its place among young users. If you suffer a problem with handling Zooqle, try to change the DNS server’s default IP address. That process will overlook the DNS filter, which blocks the site.

The Pirate Bay (TPB)

The Pirate Bay is one of the top torrent sites. It is also the oldest torrent site among all streaming and downloading sites. It has the most counted trusted mirrors and trusted websites. They have even VIP membership options also. Pirate Bay is one popular website which is in a functional state for almost 2003. This site is established by a Swedish think tank. This site is also a Bit torrent site which is using peer to peer file sharing.

The trusted mirror options are helpful when the websites get blocked from your local region. The trusted mirrors are letting you open the site using an authorized VPN. This site’s seed count is high. This feature is helping the site do a fast download and faster searching.


Rarbg is another ancient torrent site, and the highest rate of complete movies is available here. This site offers the highest no of magnetic links, which help them to do the peer to peer file sharing. For using these types of methods, the searching and download both are becoming faster and uninterrupted.

Rarbg has an outstanding stock of tv shows with preview options also. These facilities make these torrent sites more popular than the other streaming sites. Rarbg’s operational base is magnetic links, which help to do the peer to peer file transactions. This site is one of the world’s wide popular websites for downloading almost everything.


The best of the torrents site can not be searched easily. Copywriting and pirating are quite frequent now, which causes more hacking and fraud. If you want to avoid these consequences, then using a VPN will help you do that. The use of a VPN will help you to encrypt your address. As all torrent sites are more prone to piracy, the VPN will be more helpful. If you want to login into any torrents website, then first try to download VPN then access the torrents.

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