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7 places being Destroyed by cruise ships

  • Cruise ships attract thousands of visitors to favorite destinations such as Santorini and Venice daily, overwhelming the infrastructure.
  • A cruise boat spilled waste from the Great Barrier Reef, further damaging the delicate coral.
  • Many municipalities are imposing limitations on the amount of cruise ships allowed to dock daily to curtail overtourism.
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Last calendar year, Carnival has been ordered to pay a $20 million good after a few of its ships had been captured dumping trash into the ocean. The gas oil used by cruise ships comprises about 2,000 times more sulfur oxide than ordinary diesel, according to The Guardian, inducing pollution at vents. Along with the tens of thousands of tourists who cruise ships attract about popular destinations are overpowering many towns’ infrastructure and disrupting fragile ecosystems.

Listed below are seven locations which have been negatively affected by cruise ships, and also the way they are working to recuperate.

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