League of Legends’ standing for making people lose their cool during a game is nicely recorded, but a sudden 79 percentage of the 3,784 respondents to a recent community survey stated that harassment continued after the game was over. Obtaining cussed out, being delivered friend asks differently, and, nearly exclusively in the event of all League’s female gamers, being sexually harassed, were the most frequent kinds of post-match toxicity.

All these stats are due to redditor Clanaria, who conducted a survey during January 2020 that polled a number of League of Legends’ largest Reddit communities in their way of life, playstyle, and standard connection to Riot Games’ hugely popular MOBA. With just 3,784 respondents, it is barely a detailed summary of League of Legends’ 80 million gamers (especially because those who use Reddit are, themselves, a demographic), but the poll has lots of intriguing insights nonetheless.