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A 16-year-old Cosmetics artist Absolutely transforms into Timothée Chalamet at a viral TikTok Movie

  • makeup artist and TikTok consumer Charlotte Roberts steered her abilities to change herself into celebrity Timothée Chalamet.
  • The inspiration for the movie, Roberts stated, came out of Chalamet’s existence”around” her TikTok For You webpage.
  • The 16-year old has a sizable Instagramafter for her cosmetics transformations, such as appearances out of”Mean Girls” and”Black Swan.”
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Makeup artist Charlotte Roberts showcased her artistic abilities on TikTokby simply taking on a fresh challenge: changing herself to Timothée Chalamet.

From the movie — that was liked on the platform by nearly 400,000 peoplein the time of this article — that the 16-year old teenager her jaw and stuffed within her eyebrows to match Chalamet. The final result? A face that appears unnervingly like that of the”Little Girls” star.

Roberts shared the final look on Instagram, mentioning Chalamet’s existence”around” her TikTok For You webpage since the inspiration behind the transformation.

“I consider what is happening trending-wise using memes, largely on TikTok and Twitter, also that I watched 10 movies in a row,” she told Insider.

Contouring oneself to seem like Chalamet is not as simple as the British teenager makes it seem at the edited movie. The cosmetics transformation took nearly four hours to finish, Roberts advised Insider.

Chalamet is not her sole makeup transformation . On Instagram, in which the beauty pro has 157,000 followers, she has recreated appears from films such as”Black Swan,””Maleficent,” and”Mean Girls,” among others. Roberts’ flexibility is evident from the selection of characters she has replicated, by the Statue of Libertyinto Audrey Hepburninto Buddy the Elf.

In the aftermath of her movie’s popularity, Roberts is looking ahead.

“I’d really like to have a few of my products daily,” she told Insider. “I am also now considering doing a YouTube series together with my sister [makeup artist Abby Roberts].”

As for cosmetics transformations, she’s some tough projects in your mind. “I’d really like to perform more meme-related videos,” she stated, adding,”along with a mashup of each Mike Myers character”

Some enthusiasts will have the chance to view Roberts’ makeup abilities in person. She declared in an Instagram narrative on January 21 she intends to attend VidCon London where she is going to be linking the Meet & Greet Lottery.

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