• Armand Duplantis simply struck the pole-vaulting record.
  • The 20-year old rid 6. 17 meters in Poland on Saturday, which beat the previous record by a centimeter.
  • It is a massive statement of aim in an Olympic season, before this 2020 Games in Tokyo this summer.
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A 20-year old USA-born Swedish pole-vaulter simply struck his game’s world record, also stated after he had desired to do it because he was 3 years old.

It all went down in the World Athletics Indoor Tour match in Torun, Poland, on Saturday.

Armand Duplantis, a European winner, tried to split the 6. 16 meter recording collection by Renaud Lavillenie in 2012, also has been lining up his next try at the record.

Having tried to split the record earlier in the week in Germany, Duplantis set his prior failures and ran toward the crossbar, vaulted over it, and removed it to fasten a 6. 17 meter album, beating Lavillenie’s accomplishment by a centimeter.

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“It is something that I needed because I was three years old,” Duplantis stated, according to Sky Sports. “It is a huge year, but it is a fantastic way to begin it.”

The new album will have to be ratified by World Athletics until it’s made official, and Duplantis will be subject to a doping test, Sky Sports reports, however it’s a massive statement of aim in an Olympic year.

The 2020 Games at Tokyo start on Friday, July 24 and end on Sunday, August 9.

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