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A Man Called Otto Reviews - A Charming And Wholesome Crowd-Pleaser

A Man Called Otto reviews has varied perspectives on this unique comedy. These reviews examine the quirks and nuances of the story, highlighting the comedic moments and heartwarming elements that make "A Man Called Otto" an intriguing watch. Let's dive into the diverse range of opinions surrounding this endearing comedy.

Kelvin Farr
Jun 09, 20238181 Shares185934 Views
In Marc Forster’s genial, earnest yet unremarkable dramedy "A Man Called Otto," the titular character Otto can’t pick his daily battles even if his life depended on it. Living in an unfussy suburban neighborhood of identical row houses somewhere in the Midwest, the aging man gets easily annoyed by every little misstep of a stranger.
A Man Called Otto reviewshas varied perspectives on this unique comedy. These reviews examine the quirks and nuances of the story, highlighting the comedic moments and heartwarming elements that make "A Man Called Otto" an intriguing watch. Let's dive into the diverse range of opinions surrounding this endearing comedy.

Otto's Daily Annoyances And Tom Hanks' Performance

Portrayed by the beloved Tom Hanks in an indistinct performance that splits the difference between quirky and grounded, Otto is often right about his grievances, to his credit. Why should he pay for six feet of rope and waste a few extra cents, for instance, when he bought just a little over five?
Why shouldn’t he warn inconsiderate drivers who often block garage doors or entitled neighbors who can’t as much as remember to close a gate and respect basic rules about trash disposal? Or pick up a fuss when the soulless real estate guys from the fictional and hilariously named "Dye & Merica" show up to sabotage the community’s peace?

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Otto's Backstory And Personal Struggles

If you’ve already seen 2015’s Oscar-nominated Swedish hit "A Man Called Ove" by Hannes Holm, a film that is not any better or worse than this middle-of-the-road American remake (yes, not all originals are automatically superior), you’ll know that Otto hasn’t always been this insufferable.
In small doses of syrupy and visually overworked flashbacks, Forster and agile screenwriter David Magee show us that he was socially awkward even from his young days, but at least nice and approachable. With a squarely unstylish side-part haircut that aptly gives out a “nice but unworldly guy” vibe, young Otto (played by the star’s own son, Truman Hanks) had an interest in engineering, in figuring out how things work.
His life apparently changed when he accidentally met the dreamy Sonya (Rachel Keller), who later on became his wife and passed away recently. As was the case in "Ove," Otto can’t wait to join his wife on the other side, but his frequent suicide attempts get interrupted in episodes that are sometimes awkwardly funny, and other times, just plain awkward.

The Supporting Characters And Their Reactions To Otto

The chief interrupters of our get-off-my-lawn guy are the abovementioned new neighbors: the happily married-with-kids couple Marisol (a bubbly and scene-stealing Mariana Treviño, the absolute best thing about the film) and Tommy (Manuel Garcia-Ruflo), who often ask little favors from the grumpy Otto.
There are also others in the neighborhood, like a kindly transgender teenager Malcolm (Mack Bayda) thrown out of his house by his dad, the fitness-obsessed Jimmy (Cameron Britton), Otto’s old friend Rueben (Peter Lawson Jones), and his wife Anita (Juanita Jennings), who are no longer on cordial terms with Otto. And let’s not forget a stray cat that no one seems to know what to do with for a while.

Otto's Transformation And Heartwarming Moments

The mystery is that none of the supporting personalities in this story can take a hint about Otto, at least not well into the film’s second act. Instead, all the characters collectively treat Otto with patience and acceptance, as if he isn’t being willfully rude to them every chance he gets.
For example, it’s anyone’s guess why Otto’s work colleagues bother to throw him a retirement party when it will surely go unappreciated or why Marisol continuously insists on trying to bring out the good side of him when Otto offensively shuts down every one of her genuine attempts.
Still, the story manages to land some charms when Otto finally lets his guard down and starts making all the expected amends, while suffering a rare heart condition on the side. First, he becomes a local hero when he unwittingly saves someone’s life in front of a group of unhelpful people too preoccupied with their phones.
Later on, he racks up additional goodwill when he takes Malcolm in and builds a slow yet steady friendship with Marisol, a rewarding storyline in an otherwise predictable tale.

A Heartwarming Message

But the biggest win of Forster’s adaptation is its worthwhile message about the small wins of everyday people who operate as a functioning and harmonious community against the evils of faceless corporations.
"A Man Called Otto" isn’t exactly as philosophical as "About Schmidt" or as socially conscious as "I, Daniel Blake," two films that occasionally hit similar notes. But it’s nevertheless a wholesome crowd-pleaser for your next family gathering.

A Man Called Otto - Movie Review

A Man Called Otto Reviews

"A Man Called Otto" has sparked lively discussions among top critics, each offering their unique take on this charming comedy. Renowned critics have shared their insights, highlighting the film's quirky humor, endearing performances, and heartwarming moments.
Let's explore what these notable voices have to say about "A Man Called Otto" and its delightful portrayal of the titular character played by Tom Hanks.
This slice of superior schmaltz has Tom Hanks as a fastidious late-middle-aged grump who hates everyone, from overcharging shop assistants to neighbours who put their recycling in the wrong bin.- Ed Potton, Times (UK)
A follow-the-dots flick with a few moments of charm that aims to be a feel-good crowd pleaser, but lacks enough freshness and insight to make it anything special.- Rex Reed, Observer
Despite the film’s flaws, what audiences will take away is a humanizing experience by a group of misfits who are learning that getting along can also be lifesaving.- Dwight Brown,
If you were to start [this remake and the original] at the exact same moment, I promise it wouldn't make any difference which one you looked at. But you know why? Because all the scenes were working in the first movie, too.- Tim Cogshell FilmWeek (KPCC - NPR Los Angeles)
I haven’t read the 2012 Swedish book or 2015 film that this is based on, but I can’t imagine either could be half as tone-deaf.- Dmitry Samarov, Chicago Reader
As always, Tom Hanks is in there pitching. But the cliched plot about a reformed grumpy old man is so obvious you can see it from outer space.- Peter Travers, ABC News
It’s too busy aiming for the heart when it should be going for the jugular.- Odie Henderson, Boston Globe
The movie, directed by Marc Forster, merely checks off a list of heartwarming virtues while turning its characters into ciphers.- Richard Brody, New Yorker
For the most part, the picture ticks along at a calm Scandinavian pace, but, every now and then, Forster gives in to his more bombastic instincts.- Donald Clarke, Irish Times
Tom Hanks stars as the neighbourhood crosspatch in director Marc Forster's ostensible comedy-drama, but fails to warm the cockles.- Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph (UK)
One reviewer said that the movie is very similar to the original and that Tom Hanks really did a great job with his role and appreciated how the supporting cast did great in their roles as well.
Based on the swedish movie "En man som heter Ove (A Man Called Ove)" from 2015.This movie is almost an exact replica of the original. Almost same scenes, dialogs. For some reason, U. S. remakes of European movies are made almost identical to the original. Maybe that is an European clause to be able to make a remake. Still, Tom Hanks does what he does best: Entertain.
And the supporting cast such as Mexican actress Mariana Treviño and Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo do a great job, too. Specially Mariana, which even steals some of the scenes with her acting.One of the few remakes that are enjoyable to watch.
Another review from someone who thinks that others are too grumpy to appreciate the story.
Good grief there are some really grumpy reviewers out there. This is the perfect vehicle for Tom Hanks and he makes the most of the opportunity. ( I note that he and Rita Wilson are producers ). Yes it is a remake of a classic Swedish movie but this plays out to a much larger audience while retaining the same sentiments. Well written and acted this is great entertainment moving seamlessly from comedy to drama and ultimately packs an emotional punch that makes it memorable and pushes it into one of the best movies of the year.
The reviews for "A Man Called Otto" offer a mix of perspectives, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of this quirky comedy. While many appreciate the endearing performances, particularly by the talented Tom Hanks, some critics argue that the story falls into predictable territory.
They argue that despite Hanks' prowess, the narrative may feel clichéd at times, missing opportunities for deeper exploration. On the other hand, there are those who find the film's heartwarming nature to be its biggest asset, emphasizing its ability to resonate with audiences seeking a feel-good experience.
These differing opinions showcase the subjective nature of storytelling and underscore the nuanced reception of "A Man Called Otto" among critics.

People Also Ask

Did A Man Called Otto Make Money?

A Man Called Otto debuted with a limited theatrical release on December 29, 2022, followed by a wide release in the United States on January 13, 2023. Since its premiere, the film has garnered predominantly positive reviews from critics and has achieved impressive commercial success, grossing $112 million worldwide against its $50 million budget.

Did A Man Named Otto Get Any Oscar Nominations?

Despite its heartwarming narrative and the presence of the renowned Tom Hanks, A Man Called Otto did not secure any Oscar nominations.

What Is The Moral Of The Story A Man Called Otto?

Otto discovers a valuable lesson along his journey: the realization that he cannot navigate life entirely on his own. Despite Otto's initial belief that the world is filled with nothing but "idiots," his encounters with Marisol teach him the significance of seeking assistance from others, even if it requires imparting some wisdom before they can offer their support.

Is Otto Based On A Real Story?

No, A Man Called Otto is not a true story, but it draws its inspiration from the 2012 novel A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. The author, influenced by both a real-life cantankerous individual and his own experiences, crafted the story that serves as the foundation for this heartfelt film.


In conclusion, the critical reception of A Man Called Otto reviews has a mix of opinions and perspectives. While some reviewers appreciate the faithful adaptation and the charismatic performance of Tom Hanks, others find the film's close resemblance to the original Swedish version less enticing.
The supporting cast, particularly Mariana Treviño, is praised for their engaging performances, injecting moments of humor and emotion into the story. Overall, "A Man Called Otto" has sparked discussions among critics, leaving audiences with varied impressions. Whether you find it endearing or predictable, this quirky comedy invites viewers to experience its unique charm firsthand.
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