• The Great Blasket Island is a remote island situated several miles off the shore of Ireland.
  • The Great Blasket’s tourism centre posted on Twitter seeking 2 individuals to handle lodging and the coffee shop around the island in April to October 2020.
  • The Twitter list didn’t include a salary for the place, although it said that the island will probably cover the workers’ board and room.
  • The island has no power or WiFi, along with The Great Blasket website notes that the region has”restricted” drinking water.
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Interest in living off the grid keeps growing, with people deciding to reside in tents or even in pods to escape”everyday” life.

In case you have been expecting to detach, Ireland could be the place for you.

The Great Blasket Island, a remote landmass from the shore of Ireland, is searching for 2 individuals to move to and operate on the island for only six months. Its tourism centre posted a list for the project on Twitter.


“** Job Vacancy ** A exceptional position demanded – searching for long-term direction of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Two or 2 buddies. 1st April 2020 – October 2020 lodging and meals supplied,” the log-in read.

Workers would maintain their jobs for six months, along with the tourism centre would pay for the fees of board and room.

The tweet didn’t record a salary rate for your job.

The Great Blasket Island is the biggest of several islands known as the”Blaskets,” that are away from the west shore of the Irish mainland, as the Great Blasket website clarifies.

great blasket island

The Great Blasket Island is off the west coast of Ireland.
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The island is well known for its wildlife, but its tough terrain is now an unpopulated place. The most significant quantity of people who ever dwelt in the Blaskets has been 160, based on this Smithsonian.

“In the last couple of decades, a variety of those homes are restored and conveniences provided for visitors to the island,” that the Blasket tourism website states.

But, the site also notes that”drinking water is a limited commodity in the Isle,” asking that people bring their own.

The island also doesn’t have WiFi, power, or hot water for showers, based on RTE.

“It is extreme and hard but it is a really distinctive place,” Alice Hayes, who’s responsible for submitting the job advertising, told RTE. “It is back to basics — candles, fires, stoves, wildlife, and character.”

It is possible to email [email protected] to find out more about the project openings.