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A Sweet, Somewhat Hilarious History of Celebrity Couples at the MTV VMAs

Since the MTV VMAs first aired in 1984, there have been loads of memorable moments on the red carpet, on stage, and everywhere in between. Over the years we’ve seen Lil’ Kim’s purple pasty, Britney Spears with a giant snake, and Miley Cyrus’s infamous tongue – but there’s also a long and storied history of…





There have been plenty of memorable moments on the red rug, on stage, and anywhere in between, since the MTV VMAs first dipped in 1984. Over time we’ve observed Lil’ Kim’s purple pasty, Links”>Britney Spears with a giant spider, also Links”>Miley Cyrus‘s infamous tongue – but there is also a long and storied history of hot star couples attending the large show together. Pairs like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Jay Z and Beyonc√©, along with Links”>Kanye West along with Amber Rose have all shown PDA for the cameras and who can forget Links”>Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s shocking onstage kiss in 1994? Ahead of this year’s ceremony, we have rounded up the minutes from celebrity couples in the VMAs. You might have forgotten that a number of them were a thing. Scroll through to see all of them now, check more famous duos whose relationships lasted longer in your mind .

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