According to actor Randeep Hooda, awards and rewards are basically opinions
According to actor Randeep Hooda, awards and rewards are basically opinions

The director of the 2016 movie Sarabjit, Omung Kumar has come out and said that the lead actor of the movie Randeep Hooda should have definitely won an award for his performance in the movie. However, Randeep Hooda does not agree with the director on the same.

The actor has said that awards are basically an opinion of people. It is not necessary that people who are giving awards should like all types of movies. An award that doesn’t justify that the other movies are not good or the acting delivered by actors were not up to the mark. Randeep Hooda thinks that the actor should never worry about any awards. All actors should worry about is their performance in any movie they work on.

A lot of people have loved the 2016 movie Sarabjit and people have also acknowledged the performance of Randeep Hooda. Randeep Hooda has not won an award for the role in Sarabjit but he is not at all sad because of it. Randeep Hooda says that the only thing that matters to him is the reward and he is all grateful that people appreciated the movie and liked his work because all he is trying to do is entertain the public.

He also came out and says that he is very much grateful that so many people have loved and appreciated his work in the movie Sarabjit. Randeep Hooda believes that actors should concentrate more on doing movies and they should not waste their time thinking about what awards they can get for their performance.

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Randeep Hooda also shared a story which Naseeruddin Shah has told him. There is a monastery in the Himalayas where there are people who make different structures from sand. Once the structure has been built, they make sure to wait for some time and admire the whole structure. Once they have done admiring, they destroy the structure and start building another one. This story from actor Naseeruddin Shah has really moved Randeep Hooda and he now tries to do the same thing. He acts in different movies and admires it for some time, then he forgets about it and starts working on his next project.

Randeep Hooda is one of the best actors of the new generation. He is known for his unconventional good looks and his brilliant acting. Randeep Hooda has recently been working with Chris Hemsworth on a web series, which he is very excited about.