After the refusal of Kevin Hart, Oscar to continue without a host for the first time in 30 years
After the refusal of Kevin Hart, Oscar to continue without a host for the first time in 30 years

According to sources, Kevin Hart has refused to mend his ways with the Academy and this will be the first time in 30 years that the Oscars will be conducted without a host.

The Oscars are all set to start this year without any host. The Academy has decided that for 2019, Oscar will not have a single host, but they will have multiple celebrities hosting different sections of the show. The Oscars are just six weeks away and the producers are still not able to find a good list of hosts who are willing to host the show. The Academy decided that they will let the American actor and comedian Kevin Hart to host the show. There was a big backlash because of the announcement and Academy decided to pull out on Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart came out in twitter and announced that he will no longer be hosting the Oscars. All this happened because of the controversial tweets that the Central Intelligence actor posted from 2009 to 2011 containing all kinds of derogatory languages. Kevin Hart has come out and apologized for his tweets recently. Shortly after the announcement of Kevin Hart as the Oscar host, the Homophobic tweets of Kevin Hart became popular. Kevin Hart decided to step down from the Oscars and give a public apology to the people. Kevin Hart has come out in the popular morning show “Good Morning America” and said that he will not be hosting the Oscars this year.

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Ellen DeGeneres has come out and said that she personally has tried to get in contact with the Academy so that they end up rehiring Kevin.

According to Kevin:

 “I am really sorry that I Tweeted such things back then and I want to really say sorry to all the people who felt offended by my Tweets.”

The 91st Academy Awards will be held in the Beverly Hills in the month of February 25th, 2019. The Academy is really worried about how people will like the show when there will be multiple hosts.

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Oscars is one of the global award shows which is popular all across the world. People are really looking forward to the Oscars and all the Kevin Hart fans are really disappointed because they will not see their favorite actor-host the Oscars.