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Agatha Christie Movies To Satisfy Your Mystery Addiction


If you love mystery and detective books, it is impossible for you to not know Agatha Christie. Her 66 detective novels and 14 short stories will definitely ignite your curiosity to the mystery. If mystery is your thing then the best person you're looking for is Agatha Christie and her top-notch stories and writing. Here are the top-tier Agatha Christie Moviesadaptations to testyour mystery.

Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (1980)

Puzzle pieces with pictures of character in why didn't they ask evans
Puzzle pieces with pictures of character in why didn't they ask evans

This movie in 1980 is based on Agatha Christie's novel, "Why Didn't They Ask Evans?" with the same title of the book. The film follows Bobby Jones as he investigates the assassination of a guy he meets while golfing, whose final words were "Why didn't they ask Evans?" Jones begins an investigation into the man's life, attempting to solve the mystery surrounding his fatal wounds on the golf course that day.

Ten Little Indians (1965)

Shirley Eaton holding his left arm while Delia Levi is looking at her with confusion
Shirley Eaton holding his left arm while Delia Levi is looking at her with confusion

Ten Little Indians is based on Agatha Christie’s most-adapted novel and is a classic entitled “And Then There Were None”. This was adapted as films, in theatre, for radio, and even as a game. It is set at a residence in the snowy Alps, where ten visitors are welcomed to a lonely and isolated place by a mystery host. Although there is no host, a message states that each individual is responsible for the murder of another and will be killed during their stay at the mansion. It becomes a reality as visitors continue to perish at the house, and the remaining survivors must figure out who is the mysterious killer that is haunting them one by one before succumbing to their own demise.

Death On The Nile (1978)

Lois Chiles wearing a white furry and fluffy scarf while smiling
Lois Chiles wearing a white furry and fluffy scarf while smiling

This is Peter Ustinov’s debut appearance as Hercule Poirot in Death on the Nile. His role is well-known if you are an Agatha Christie’s fan or avid reader. The majority of the film is set aboard a paddle boat cruising down the Nile River. The film opens with a murder in the boat while a couple is in the middle of their honeymoon. While Poirot is on vacation, he must investigate the murder of the woman on honeymoon named Linnet Ridgeway.

This film chose and trusted Ustinov as Poirot for a reason. He never disappoints as he is fantastic and excellent in portraying Poirot in this film and that is amusing and an astonishing feat for Ustinov. Additionally, the casting is crazy including Maggie Smith, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, and Angela Lansbury, among others.

Murder, She Said (1961)

Margaret Rutherford while knitting and looking outside suspiciously
Margaret Rutherford while knitting and looking outside suspiciously

Murder, She Said is another amazing adaptation based on Agatha Christie’s 4.50 From Paddington. Just like Ustinov, this is Dame Margaret Rutherford's debut appearance as Miss Marple, an iconic character from Agatha Christie’s book and made it more iconic by Rutherford. Marple witnesses a lady being strangled aboard a train. She begins her own investigation after being denied by the police owing to a lack of proof. Her research included obtaining employment at the mansion where the woman's death was discovered and questioning the different suspects within. The police eventually cooperate with her inquiry after she discovers the woman's death in a horse barn.

And Then There Were None (1945)

Barry Fitzgerald while talking with a smirk
Barry Fitzgerald while talking with a smirk

This is one of the most successful adaptations of Agatha Christie’s And There Were None, used the original title and is true to its title as it follows Agatha Christie’s novel. A lot of people who watched it prefer it from the other adaptation as the pacing is just right and builds up the mystery and suspense just like in the book despite that this version reached a happier ending than the rest of the adaptations.

The plot centers on ten individuals who have traveled to a hotel in the Iranian desert and are being held on suspicion of murder. None of the actions of the 10 accused are legally characterized as murder, and hence they cannot be held criminally liable for murder. Additionally, each of the ten discovers a framed copy of "Ten Little Indians" in their chambers, as well as a sculpture of ten individuals in a circle in the dining room. Things take a turn for the worse when one of them dies and a figurine vanishes.

Witness For The Prosecution(1957)

Tyrone Power inside the court while two policemen are holding him
Tyrone Power inside the court while two policemen are holding him

Even if this film does not include one of Agatha Christie’s famous characters, Poirot and Marple. Witness For The Prosecution follows the original name of the novel and is more well-received than any other Agatha Christie’s adaptation out there because the story feels fresh like it was released yesterday despite its release many years ago. The story and the script are well-written, the pacing is just right as well, the characters are superbly performed, and the twist is truly startling (assuming you haven't previously been spoiled). Witness For The Prosecution was nominated as Best Picture, Best Director (Billy Wider), Best Actor (Charles Langston), Best Supporting Actress (Elsa Lanchester), Best Film Editing, and Best Sound Recording.


There is no wonder why Agatha Christie hails the world of Mystery and detective books and is one of the most successful and received authors in her genre. She builds up mystery like it is easy as breathing. Her writing in this genre made a lot of aspiring authors strive more and create their own mysteries. This is why Agatha Christie’s novels are adapted to films, series, and even in gamesbecause she made it possible, made her name herself, and branded it on her own.

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