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Where Does Alex Zedra Live? Wiki, Age, Measurements, Hot Pics, Family, Boyfriend, Nationality, Gaming

Where Does Alex Zedra Live? Wiki, Age, Measurements, Hot Pics, Family, Boyfriend, Nationality, Gaming

Checkout everything about Alex Zedra wiki, age, gaming career, family, boy friends, news, net worth, facts about this famous american gamer and celebrity.

Hilda Workman
Sep 01, 2020

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Who Is Alex Zedra? (Biography)

Social media influencing is one of the most coveted jobs in today’s world. Since a lot of people use social media, an influencer can reach out to people and help them in many ways. In recent times, a lot of celebs have started their journey from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

alex zedra pic

Alex Zedra is among the social media influencer who has made big in the entertainment and lifestyle sector. She is a very popular Instagram star who posts different things about gaming, diet, workout, and lifestyle.

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Alex Zedra Wikipedia

Alex Zedra Gaming Behind Scenes

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Alex Zedra Early life

alex zedra early life

Alex Zedra, nee Rogers is a social media celebrity. She hails from South Carolina. She comes from a very close and supportive American family with loving parents. She was born on November 3, 1991, and is 27 years old at present.

She has a younger brother called Seth Rogers. She does not share a lot of details about her personal life and instead wants people to focus on her professional achievement. Nothing much is known about her education. It is assumed that she completed her education from a local school.

Alex Zedra Career

alex zedra career

Alex is a multitalented person. She is a pastry chef, a model, a combat trainer, a 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, an avid FPS gamer, and a Twitch star. Alex initially started her career as a live gamer in Twitch. She often streams live progression of famous battle royale genre games for her fans.

She is one of the best gamers of the battle royale genre and has some amazing skills. At present, she is a pro gamer in games like Leauge of Legends, Resident Evil 2, PUBG, Call Of Duty, etc. Her gaming broadcastings are favourite among the novice gamers and she has her distinct style of playing games.

In her posts, she has revealed her choice of name. She was born Alex Rogers but changed her name to Alex Zedra after she entered the gaming world. She took her surname from the famous game World of Warcraft. Alex first grabbed attention when she posted her modelling pictures on Instagram in 2012. She has continued to post multiple modelling images, gaming videos, and combat training pictures on Instagram for her admirers.

You might be surprised to know that this amazing beauty is a pro athlete. She is a 2A gunslinger and one of the pro sharpshooters in the USA. She constantly goes into combat training and posts her training images and videos on Instagram. She has the right aim and is one of the well known 1st Phorm pro athletes in the USA.

Not just these, Alex also has many other talents. She is a well known and trained pastry chef. She has shown her baking skills in her numerous Instagram posts and also helps her fans to learn new baking methods.

Alex became a model due to her unconventional beauty. She is one of the well-known models and often posts her modelling photos on her social media platform. On top of that this young gamer is also a celebrity fitness coach. She is often seen helping people with workout and posts new workout videos regularly.

In short, Alex is a person with multiple faces and she has managed to give equal importance to all of her passions and skills.

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Alex Zedra Net worth

Alex is one of the highest-paid gaming personalities in the world. she earns a handsome amount from her Twitch streaming and broadcasting. Additionally, she earns a good amount of money from her Instagram posts. According to sources at present, her net worth is $1 million.

Alex Zedra Social Media

Alex Zedra stays active on social media like Instagram and twitter and shares her life’s and gaming career glimpse. just follow her accounts to know more details.

  • Alex Zedra Instagram Account:
  • Alex Zedra Twitter Account:

Alex Zedra Hot Pics & Instagram Updates

Here we found these below hot pics of Alex zedra and her Instagram updates about her personal and gaming life.

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Quick facts about Alex Zedra in 2020

Know about some interesting facts about Alex Zedra below:

  • Alex Zedra is a top player in so many game leagues happened in the USA.
  • She left her studies at school lever, she has great game-playing skills.
  • Alex Zedra is dating someone from the same gaming community.
  • She didn’t get help from anywhere when she started her gaming career.
  • Alex Zedram makes a hell a lot of money through her social media promotions.

FAQs About Alex Zedra on The Internet

1. What is the real name of Alex Zedra?

The real name f Alex Zedra is Alex Rogers. She changed her surname to Zedra inspired by the World of Warcraft game. you can read more about her personal life in this article.

2. What is the net worth of Alex Zedra?

At present, Alex Zedra has a net worth of nearly $1million. She is the highest-paid gaming personality in the world.

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Alex Zedra is one of few female social media celebrity who is making a living with her gaming career. and nowhere goal is to spread the self women empowerment throughout the world. she is an inspiration to many women out there. coming to her personal life her family shifted to Dakota when Alex zedra is making good money with her gaming career. and at present Alex, Zedra is living a happy life with her entire beautiful family. We hope you have got each and every detail about Alex Zedra life by now.

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