• David Pressman, a lawyer for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has reacted to President Donald Trump’s assault on the essential impeachment witness. 
  • Pressman accused the president of creating”clearly false statements” about Vindman, and of course a”campaign of intimidation.” 
  • Trump had on Twitter on Saturday detained assaulted Vindman’s album, and questioned his ethics. 
  • Following his impeachment acquittal Trump sacked Vindman out of his place as top Ukraine specialist on the National Security Council. 
  • Vindman had clarified his concern during his impeachment testimony in hearing a call where Trump asked Ukraine to stunt Democratic rival Joe Biden. 
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A lawyer for Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council official sacked by Trump after testifying from the president’s impeachment probe, has accused the president of waging a”campaign of intimidation.”

In a statement published following the president launched a attack on Vindman on Twitter the official lawyer, David Pressman, said Trump”produced a collection of false statements regarding Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.”

“They battle with the clear employees record along with the entirety of this impeachment listing where the president is well aware.”


He added:”While the most effective guy on the planet continues his campaign of intimidation, although also many entrusted political division continue to stay silent, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman continues his service to our nation as a decorated, active duty member of the army.”

Before Saturday, Trump had in tweets contested Vindman’s professional album and ethics, with the day before eliminated him as the very best Ukraine specialist on the NSC. 

“He had been quite insubordinate, documented contents of my’perfect’ forecasts wrongly, & has been given a dreadful report with his superior, the guy he reported , who openly said that Vindman had difficulties with conclusion, adhering to this chain of control along with leaking information.   To put it differently,’OUT'””, tweeted that the president. 

Vindman, a decorated army officer, at November hailed as a part of their House’s research into Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine to announce a new probe to leading national rival Joe Biden, and his alleged use of withheld military aid as a bargaining chip. 

In his testimony, Vindman had advised lawmakers of his concern after hearing Trump’s July 25 telephone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, where Trump had asked a Biden probe as a”favor.” 

A whistleblower’s complaint concerning the phonecall triggered the impeachment probe. 

After being acquitted of abusing his office and obstruction that the congressional probe a week, Trump has purged Vindman along with his brother against the White House, reassigning them straight back into the Defense Department, and also yet another impeachment watch, EU ambassador Gordon Sondland. 

Sondland had informed that the impeachment probe that Trump had left a White House trip for Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky conditional about the statement of a Biden probe.