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Alice Cooper drops by Duncanville on this unique clip

Alice Cooper drops by Duncanville on this unique clip

Screenshot: Duncanville Duncanville’s Jack (Ty Burrell) isn’t like an everyday dad—he’s a cool dad, as a lot for his musical tastes as for genuinely wanting to attach together with his youngsters and be a greater guardian than his personal dad ever was. As Sulagna Misra famous in her overview of the premiere, Jack makes an

Hilda Workman
Feb 22, 2020

Screenshot: Duncanville

Duncanville’s Jack (Ty Burrell) isn’t like an everyday dad—he’s a cool dad, as a lot for his musical tastes as for genuinely wanting to attach together with his youngsters and be a greater guardian than his personal dad ever was. As Sulagna Misra famous in her overview of the premiere, Jack makes an important effort to ascertain a caring relationship together with his youngsters, which inserts proper in with the present’s total sweetness. However Jack continues to embrace some elements of his previous, like his obsession with shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper. On this unique clip from this coming Sunday’s episode, “Crimson Head Redemption,” Jack meets the “No Extra Mr. Good Man” singer, who as soon as once more reveals himself to truly be a pretty nice guy. 

Tasked with decluttering the storage, Jack struggles to half with a guillotine that was as soon as owned by the enduring performer. In a flashback, we find out how he got here into possession of the stage prop; principally, Alice Cooper’s spouse additionally felt he may stand to filter out a few of stuff of their space for storing. An impressionable younger Jack fortunately accepts the guillotine, which is engraved with “Alice Cooper Tour ‘86,” which lets us know simply how lengthy he’s been holding onto it. Each Jack and Annie have a degree about group; on the one hand, you’ll be able to’t maintain on to all the pieces. However a guillotine from Alice Cooper? Possibly they will simply do away with among the youngsters’ outdated bikes.

Along with Burrell, Duncanville stars Amy Poehler, Riki Lindhome, Yassir Lester, and Rashida Jones. The Fox animated sequence was created by Poehler together with The Simpsons alums Julie Thacker Scully and Mike Scully. “Crimson Head Redemption” airs Sunday, February 23 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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