Drew Dober UFC 246

Drew Dober ruined Nasrat Haqparast in UFC 246.

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  • Drew Dober ruined Nasrat Haqparast with horrible floor and pound to the card in UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy.
  • Dober teed-up his completing sequence using a counter left hand power punch that dropped Haqparast.
  • Dober then pounced on his rival and landed 11 punches while Haqparast lay off.
  • Pleased with his barbarous knockout win, the 31-year-old American said he is prepared for any fighter at the top 10 of his branch — as well as called out the UFC lightweight winner Khabib Nurmagomedov.
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LAS VEGAS — An American southpaw knocked his UFC competition down with a counter left hand, held him down with a single fist, then punched him 11 times while he lay defenseless on the picture.

This had been an incredibly violent success for Drew Dober, a 31-year old rival from Colorado who’s booming on a struggle per struggle foundation.

Dober ruined Nasrat Haqparast with simplicity on the card in UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cowboy — the first major mixed martial arts event of the year, held in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on January 18.

Dober held that the middle of the Octagon and, with less than 1 minute enrolled on the initial round of this struggle clock, counter hit Haqparast using a left fist so strong that it buckled the 24-year old German, sending him backward, onto the picture.

Showing no mercy, Dober caught along with Haqparast, held down his throat with a single hand, and, together with all the other, battered him .

The referee may have stopped the fight at any stage after the next punch Dober landed at the ending order, but a slow reaction enabled Dober to property 11 blows while Haqparast lay off.

View it unfold here:

Following the winning operation ( which sees Dober’s record increase to 21 wins (8 knockouts, 6 admissions, and also 7 choices ) against 9 losses (1 rebounds, 3 entry, and 5 choices ), Dober stated:”This is a massive statement win for me… I feel as if I am just coming into my prime.”

Dober, who died at the lightweight and welterweight divisions, said he is prepared for rated fighters. “I am prepared for best 10, top 15, whoever ends up saying yes.

“I wish to return and watch the battle again and ideal anything I want to, but it’s back into racking up crate time. I would like to fight Khabib [Nurmagomedov] and anybody below him on this record, so the first man to say yes will get it done.”

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