Screenshot: @Pop_lys (Twitter)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a peaceable recreation about residing on an island and slowly build up a small city, full with its personal museum. However the museum, the place you may donate animals and different objects, doesn’t open up till you play for a number of days. And since Animal Crossing is in realtime, meaning most gamers have nowhere to retailer all of the bugs and fishes they’re catching. So they’re filling their islands with containers, cages, and crates.

So many.

Throughout Twitter, I’ve already seen over a dozen gamers sharing screenshots of their islands coated in varied cages, crates, and terrariums. Many are stacking up this mess of critters close to the situation of the place their museum will likely be, as soon as it opens.

Different gamers are simply putting them round their islands. One AC fan even posted a screenshot of them flying in to go to their pal’s island, which was coated in cages. Even from the sky, they could possibly be seen.

Animal Crossing is a recreation about persistence and chilling. But additionally, it was launched throughout a world pandemic which has compelled of us to remain house. Which suggests individuals don’t have anything else to do and are simply binge taking part in Animal Crossing and never chilling. People have some chill.

Poor Blathers goes to be so drained after coping with all of y’all’s junkyard of animals and bugs.