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Top 20 Anime Girlxxx With Glasses

Top 20 Anime Girlxxx With Glasses

People simply go about and take for granted that they can see everything in 4k. Glasses may be a real pain: you lose them and transform into Velma, they become cloudy all the time, and everyone wants to try them on.

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Last updated: Feb 15, 2022 | Dec 11, 2021

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People simply go about and take for granted that they can see everything in 4k.

Glasses may be a real pain: you lose them and transform into Velma, they become cloudy all the time, and everyone wants to try them on.

However, there are benefits as well. For one thing, you appear to be a trendy smarty-pants. And glasses-wearing ladies can really turn it up.

If you're seeking for inspiration for a best anime girl that wears glasses, I've got you covered. Let's take a look at how lovely they are in their hazy life.


anime girlxxx

Sheele is a very dangerous customer, and she can cut down just about anything with her enormous scissors.

And she's certainly put that assertion to the test. Despite the fact that it was basically just people.

Koyomi Mizuhara

anime girlxxx

I thought I had a fair anime vocabulary until I came across Koyomi and the phrase maganekko. No, it wasn't a cat who voted for Trump (it is also spelled meganekko but I had to make that joke).

It's truly a persona whose allure and visual appeal are inextricably linked to their use of spectacles. The more information you have, the better.

Yomiko Readman

anime girlxxx

If you haven't noticed, characters who wear glasses are usually incredibly intelligent.

And what qualifies you as intelligent? Reading is something I enjoy doing. Who knows, maybe a SkillShare membership as well.

So, what exactly are books made of? To summarize the question, Yomiko has the ability to control paper and uses it in fight.

Tamako Arai

anime girlxxx

It was a thrill to watch Tamako and Miwa together. Especially when it comes to their interactions with Sei.

Because they were older than the majority of the cast but younger than Sei, there was plenty of potential for mischief.

Tamako's fascination with comics drove her over the brink and onto this list for me.

Nina Einstein

anime girlxxx

I'd like to put her in this situation solely to metaphorically irritate her.

Nina is a bit of a racist towards the conquered people in the show, if you weren't aware. She also has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde issue going on, as she's both a sweet, innocent girl who sticks to her books and doesn't draw attention to herself, and Oppenheimer in disguise.


anime girlxxx

I adore the Phantoms, who, together with the Akatsuki, are some of the best antagonists in the series.

Shizuku is a comical yet appropriate leg for this spider. I say hilarious because she wields a deranged vacuum cleaner as a weapon... How did you come up with that, for example?

It's a samurai, a gigantic muscle man, a copycat ninja, and a vacuum cleaner from hell all rolled into one.


anime girlxxx

Heska should do anything like be a motivational speaker.

Her basic premise, after all, is her love of literature. She reads whenever and wherever we're supposed to be...

And this has a significant impact on her job performance. Because helping a customer takes precedence over reading a new book.

Maiko Ogure

anime girlxxx

To properly underline why I adore this character, I'll have to get a little spoilery.

The issue is, when self-aware cowards in anime are done well, I actually appreciate them. It's not only wonderful for a fast laugh, but it's also more realistic.

And, wow, Maiko is so cowardly that she's willing to use any dirty trick in the book to win.

Yumi Azusa

anime girlxxx

Yumi, like Sheska, has a photographic memory and a great knowledge of almost everything.

Sheska, on the other hand, is significantly more serious. She's more like a log in the marsh than a stick in the mud.


anime girlxxx

I've said before how much I enjoy characters who provide a change of pace. Tashigi, on the other hand, contradicts almost everything we've mentioned so far.

The only thing she has in common with the majority of the characters on this list is a sense of curiosity or fascination. It's only that in her case, it's only for katanas.

Saya Kisaragi

anime girlxxx

Tashigi and Saya would get along swimmingly. That is, when she is being her true self.

Because, like your typical anime Hannah Montana, Saya is a normal high school girl who also happens to be a badass fighter.

Miyuki Takara

anime girlxxx

We've returned to the world of book-loving and goodwill.

Miyuki is a cute little geek with a passion for books. As well as anything else.

You can't help but fall in love with her because she's genuinely sweet and soft-spoken.

Tsubasa Hanekawa

anime girlxxx

You must adore your "class representative" characters. Particularly when they're as healthy as Hanekawa.

There, I'm using the term wholesome in a really satirical way.


anime girlxxx

Kobayashi is the ideal protagonist for this show since I can't imagine anyone else obtaining a maid who also happens to be a dragon just because she got drunk once.

Drunk Kobayashi really needs her own program. But that's a topic for another day.

Anri Sonohara

anime girlxxx

I was scared for a while that Anri would turn out to be a half-baked character. But the show's second half really delivered and gave her some powerful weapons to work with.

Yoko Littner

anime girlxxx

Yoko Ono, on the other hand, does not wear glasses the most of the time. Unless you consider the goggles she's wearing.

However, she is shown wearing a pair of them when she becomes (spoiler alert) a teacher. And they were a fantastic match for her.

Nodoka Manabe

anime girlxxx

I'll be honest with you: being from K-On automatically boosts your chances of making whatever list I make.

I also have a great spot in my heart for Nodoka, who acts as the school's mother.


anime girlxxx

Nina Mey-Rin, like Nina, has two sides, although only one of them respects the Geneva Convention NINA.

Mey-Rin spends the most of the program as a clumsy little maid girl who doesn't seem capable of hurting a fly.

Nemuri Kayama

anime girlxxx

I appreciate it when a show makes it clear what a character represents. And they didn't mince words when it came to misses Midnight.

Okay, so there was some thrashing. But not the kind you're thinking of.

She undoubtedly fits the femme fatale archetype, with her dominatrix-like hero suit, seduction powers, an outspoken personality, and a great figure.

Ursula Callistis

anime girlxxx

In my opinion, Ursula is a quieter, more realistic version of All Might.

This is because all she wants to do is make people happy, and she only sees power as a means to that end.

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Final Words

Anime is a multifaceted medium with unique production methods that have evolved in reaction to new technologies. Graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other sorts of inventive and individualistic skills are all combined in this film. Anime production, in comparison to Western animation, focuses less on movement and more on setting detail and the use of "camera effects," such as panning, zooming, and angle shots. Character dimensions and features can be quite different, with huge and emotional eyes being a prevalent distinguishing feature.

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