Aquaman crosses 250 million in the 3rd weekend on domestic box office revenue
Aquaman crosses 250 million in the 3rd weekend on domestic box office revenue

The latest movie from DC has finally able to cross the $1 billion mark in the global market. People have really loved the latest movie from DC and this has helped them to earn a lot of revenue.

Warner Bros. Movie Aquaman has been in all the top charts for three consecutive weeks. It is estimated that this movie was able to earn a total of $30 million on the three weekends. Though the movie “Aquaman” has been able to earn a lot of revenue, it is still behind the movie Wonder Woman which was released in the year 2017. The domestic revenue of Aquaman is now at 259.7 million. It has been calculated that the pace of Aquaman is about 6 percent behind the pace of Wonder Women.

It is expected that in the next few days, Aquaman will be able to cross TDKR. This is the first movie that has helped Warner Bros. crossing the mark of $1 billion in six years. The movie that is in the second position now in the theaters is the “Escape Room,” which is released by Sony. This is a very low budget horror movie, which has seen huge popularity this holiday season.

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A lot of movies are there in the market now, but none of the movies are so much popular like the Aquaman. All the movies which are based on different comic book characters have generally seen a lot of success over the years. Aquaman has been in a few of the other movies from DC, but this was the first time that the story of the movie revolved around Aquaman solely.

The movie Bumblebee has also been released by Paramount, which has been able to see some initial success. It is expected that Aquaman is basically one of the most successful movies from DC after the release of the movie Wonder Women in the year 2017.

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This is the first movie from the franchise of Aquaman and it is expected that there will be more movies coming up from them. The Aquaman is one of the best movies that people of all age groups can enjoy this holiday season. DC choose to release this movie on the holidays because this is the perfect time for the movie to earn a lot of revenue.