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Arrowverse’s Joker Daughter Explained: Who Is Batwoman’s Duela Dent?


Warning: SPOILERS forward for Batwoman season 1, episode 14, “Grinning From Ear To Ear.”

The most recent episode of Batwoman launched the character of Duela Dent into the Arrowverse, however who’s the mysterious girl generally known as The Joker’s Daughter? That is a query that even Duela herself appeared unable to reply via most of her life within the comics.

There have been two totally different girls generally known as the Joker’s Daughter, they usually had been as totally different as evening and day. One in every of them was an aspiring hero, who claimed to be redeeming the title of her felony mother and father, at the same time as she modified her story about simply who these mother and father had been. The opposite was psychotic for seemingly no purpose in any respect and have become obsessive about profitable the approval of the Clown Prince of Crime.

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Whereas the producers of Batwoman went in one other route with the idea, the tribute was clear sufficient. The Arrowverse model of Duela Dent attracts upon each characters from the comics, who’re comparatively unknown to mainstream audiences. Right here is every thing that you must know in regards to the girls who name themselves the Joker’s Daughter.

Joker’s Daughter In The Traditional Comics

Duela Dent first appeared in Batman Household #6 in August 1976. She was initially set as much as be an enemy to the primary Robin, Dick Grayson. Duela tormented Robin with the data that she had discovered his secret identification and challenged him to do the identical, at the same time as she modified costumes and gimmicks, claiming to be the daughter of varied Batman villains together with The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, The Scarecrow and Catwoman. Finally Robin deduced the reality: that her actual title was Duela Dent and that she was the estranged daughter of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent.

It turned out that Duela did not imply any hurt and that she had gone after the Boy Surprise as an audition of types. Duela wished to hitch the Teen Titans to make up for her felony father’s crimes and thought impressing Robin can be one of the best ways to go about doing that. Duela’s gambit labored and she or he went on to work with the Teen Titans all through the late 1970s, adopting the title Harlequin. This was over a decade earlier than Harley Quinn’s first look on Batman: The Animated Collection.

Duela disappeared into limbo after the Teen Titans title was cancelled, however did seem often within the New Teen Titans collection that adopted. She additionally briefly appeared in Detective Comics, adopting the alias Card Queen with the intention to infiltrate a felony group referred to as MAZE. Her final look earlier than Disaster on Infinite Earths was at Donna Troy’s wedding ceremony, the place she inexplicably gave the impression to be a middle-aged matron and ran off earlier than Dick Grayson may ask how she may presumably be Two-Face’s daughter whereas being so outdated.

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This plot thread was picked up within the Publish-Disaster Staff Titans collection, the place an aged Duela was depicted as a affected person in a psychological hospital. The plan was for Duela to be established as a time-traveler who was pushed insane by her experiences and wound up touring again in time at one level to hitch the unique Teen Titans. Sadly, Staff Titans was canceled earlier than the story could possibly be resolved, and this model of Duela was written off as a side-effect brought on by the breakdown of actuality across the time of the Zero Hour occasion.

A de-aged Duela Dent appeared sporadically all through varied titles following Zero Hour, nonetheless utilizing the title Harlequin. Although she most frequently appeared serving to the Teen Titans, she was additionally seen crashing a variety of supervillain gatherings, claiming to be the daughter of varied villains, together with Doomsday. Duela briefly joined the villainous Titans East crew, however rejoined the Titans after being requested politely if she’d rejoin her outdated associates, whom she was afraid did not need her round anymore.

Duela’s origins had been lastly defined in Countdown to Infinite Crisis, the place she was established as a refugee from Earth-3, the parallel world the place all of the heroes of New Earth had been villains and vice-versa. Duela’s mother and father had been revealed to be the heroic enemies of the felony Owlman; Three-Face (a girl named Evelyn Dent, whom had three distinctive personalities) and The Jokster, a heroic model of The Joker. Sadly, Duela was killed by the Displays for the crime of threatening the continuity of New Earth by touring between worlds.

The Joker’s Daughter Within The Present Comics

A personality referred to as The Joker’s Daughter was launched into The New 52 DC Universe, however she bore little resemblance or relation to the unique Duela Dent, other than sharing a primary title. This Duela (who was by no means given a final title) first appeared in Catwoman #23 in October 2013. Born to a standard household within the suburbs of Gotham Metropolis, Duela disturbed her mother and father by discovering magnificence in issues most individuals discovered repulsive and carved at her face with a box-cutter to make herself fairly. After additional scarring her face when her mother and father compelled her to have cosmetic surgery to appropriate the harm she’d inflicted on herself, Duela ran away from residence and lived within the sewers of Gotham Metropolis. It was right here that she discovered the severed face of The Joker, who had eliminated his personal face as a part of a scheme.

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Carrying the rotting flesh as a masks, Duela turned obsessive about the thought of proving herself a worthy inheritor to the legacy of The Joker, who was presumed useless on the time. She met The Dollmaker, the villainous surgeon who had eliminated The Joker’s face at his request, and he gladly sewed the Joker’s face into Duela’s flesh and injected her with a blood pattern he had taken from The Joker. Duela launched her personal crime-spree and joined with a number of different villains over the course of the Batman Everlasting mini-series, trying a magical ritual to resurrect The Joker at one level and doing battle with Batgirl.

She was recruited into the Suicide Squad after being captured, a lot to Harley Quinn’s dismay. Unsurprisingly, Duela was decided to be an excessive amount of of a unfastened cannon to be trusted as a area agent and she or he was despatched again to Arkham Asylum. She has not been seen since.

Joker’s Daughter’s Powers In The Comics

No model of The Joker’s Daughter has ever been depicted as having superpowers, although they’ve all confirmed to be fairly harmful with out them. Duela Dent was a superb engineer and detective, able to constructing all method of clown-themed crime-fighting gadgetry and good sufficient to determine Robin was Dick Grayson unaided. She was additionally a gifted acrobat and bodily combatant, holding her personal with Robin in a one-on-one struggle. The New 52 model of the Joker’s Daughter confirmed no particular expertise other than being unusually good with bladed weapons.

Joker’s Daughter In The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse’s model of Duela Dent does not use the Joker’s Daughter title, however she is clearly impressed by the New 52 model of the character. A part of a rich household in Gotham Metropolis, Duela was pushed by her mom, Evelyn, to emulate her fashion-obsessed classmates. Sooner or later Duela snapped whereas placing on make-up and punched her mirror, utilizing the damaged shards to chop a smile onto her face in a mockery of how plastic surgeons minimize different girls’s faces open to make them fairly. This was in all probability additionally meant to be a nod to the scars of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Darkish Knight.

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Compelled to bear cosmetic surgery earlier than being dedicated to Arkham Asylum for a time, Duela turned decided to “free” her classmates from the unrealistic expectations of magnificence society compelled on them. This led Duela to assault the social media influencers her mom admired, reducing aside their faces with a knife whereas leaving their our bodies unhurt. She additionally attacked her mom and slit her throat to cease Batwoman from chasing after her.

Batwoman finally caught Duela and left her tied up for the GCPD to search out. Nonetheless, earlier than the police acquired to her, Duela was discovered by Alice, who had found that Duela had tried suing her plastic surgeon for engaged on her towards her will. Since Alice had a grudge towards the identical surgeon (he was the person who held her captive for over half her life) Alice proposed a means that she and Duela may assist each other. This led Alice to chop off Duela’s face, leaving her wanting stunning to her twisted thoughts and giving Alice the proper disguise for getting near her tormentor. It stays to be seen, nevertheless, if Duela will undertake the Joker’s Daughter title sooner or later, as soon as she finds a brand new face.

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