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ZEE5 is a leading OTT platform, known for its famous original web series like Karenjit Kaur, Code M, Kaafir, etc. One of such popular Tamil Web series of ZEE5 is Auto Shankar. It is an intriguing criminal thriller web series based on fiction and facts of the life of a criminal “Shankar” who shook Madras City (Now Chennai) in the 80s. Directed by Ranga, the Auto Shankar Web series is based partially on stories made by people about Criminal Shankar and partly on facts derived from the police investigation. To give you the detailed insights of this web series, today we are going to review this web series for you.

About Auto Shanker Web Series

  • Rating: 7.5/10
  • Genre: Thriller, Adult, Drama
  • Director: Ranga
  • No of Episodes: 10 Episodes

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Auto Shankar Web Series Cast & Plot

The web series revolves around the life of a criminal “Shankar” and his transformation from a poor Auto driver to a notorious serial killer who led the major part of the Underworld. The web series begins with criminal Shankar’s last day in Jail where he is about to be hanged for his crimes. Recollecting his past, Shankar then goes back in his past from where the Journey of his life begins. Living with his wife Sumathi (Saranya Ravi) and their baby, Shankar was a poor auto driver, whose circumstances and disturbing childhood forced him to enter the criminal world.

Shankar then becomes a goon whose credit goes to a policeman Kathiravan (Arjun Chidambaram) who decides to use his violent tendencies for his own benefit. Shankar grabs every opportunity on his way and soon becomes a known serial killer who controls illicit liquor and then brothel businesses. This web series also highlights the backstory of Shankar’s Parents and their extra-marital affairs, which affected Shankar as a child.

Auto Shankar Plot

Since Shankar is engaged in Brothel and liquor businesses, his lifestyle is not as lavish and fancy like other gangsters, and the series shows that even after being a Womaniser, he is kind towards other s*x workers. His story shows how politicians and police use Shankar and his temper for their own benefits and Auto Shankar series soon transforms into Criminal Shankar. He murders many people who are mysteriously related to his life and sentenced to death by the court.

Apart from Shankar, the other main character who makes this web series engaging through her performance is Chandrika (Swayam). As a s*x worker, Chandrika becomes Shankar’s favourite and her seductive personality will hook you till the last. According to the people who know Shankar Personally, Shankar emerges out as a hero who always treats his s*x workers kindly, and according to them, his brothel was a centre of Joy and Laughter and not of exploitation. But if Shankar is so kind and warm-hearted with the s*x workers, why he is charged for the murder of one of his s*x worker? Also, you will see how mysteriously police discover dead bodies one after another and their mysterious connection with Serial Killer Shankar.

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Auto Shankar Web Series Review

Now, let’s have a look at Auto Shankar web series cast listed below.

Auto Shankar Web Series Cast

  • Sarath Appani as Shankar

Sarath Appani as Shankar

  • Saranya Ravi as Sumathi

Saranya Ravi as Sumathi

  • Swayam Siddha as Chandrika

Swayam Siddha in Auto Shankar

  • Kathiravan as Arjun Chidambaram

Arjun Chidambaram in Auto Shankar

After looking at the Auto Shankar series cast, it’s time for the review!

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Auto Shankar Web Series Review

This web series will somehow remind you of the popular web series Sacred Games and its famous character Ganesh Gaitonde. The life struggle of both characters Ganesh Gaitonde and Criminal Shankar are similar up to some extent. But with a little good storyline, this web series could be a mature adult web series. Appani’ Sarath of Angamaly Diaries fame excellently played the role of Criminal Shankar. The writing team smartly mixed fictional and factual details to present this mysterious criminal web series. Recreation of the 80s period done appropriately through hairstyles, clothes, advertisements, films’ posters and clippings from the time which narrates what is happening in the state as well as in Shankar’s case.

This web series is made in the tight budget, which is reflected through the overuse of signposts and fiters, used to create effects of shifting time periods. A major credit of success of this web series goes to Sarath as he dives into the character of criminal Shankar so well. He manages to take us along in the journey of a mass murderer who played the system before it starts to play with him. The good thing about this web series is despite having a troubling childhood, there is no justification behind the dark side of Shankar. So, overall it is a good Tamil Web Series inspired from famous web series like Narcos, Sacred Games, etc.

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Auto Shankar Web Series Download or Watch Online: Availability

Auto Shankar web series is an original creation of Zee5 and either you can purchase its subscription, or if you have Vodafone play, you can stream it for free. This Tamil web series is available for the global audience with English subtitles. So, if you are a fan of criminal thriller web series, you can enjoy this web series. Binge Watch and Chill!

Auto Shankar Series Episodes

Episode 1: The Awakening

Spisode 2: The Power Game

Episode 3: The Rise of the Demon

Episode 4: The Wolf Hunter

Episode 5: The Seed of Chaos

Episode 6: The Balancing

Episode 7: The Clean Slate

Episode 8: Fall of The Demon

Episode 9: The Rebirth

Episode 10: The Conclusion

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Auto Shankar Download

1. Is the Auto Shankar web series worth watching?

If you’re looking to have a good time watching thriller drama, you must surely give Auto Shankar a try. It has all the masala with top-notch acting and fun that keeps you at the edge of the seat.

2. Where can I watch the Auto Shankar web series?

Auto Shankar web series is officially available on the Zee5 platform. You can stream all episodes there or download offline.

3. Is it easy to download Auto Shankar web series?

If you don’t want to watch Auto Shanker web series online, you can also download in on your device. To do so, you can follow this article to get a quick step-by-step guide.

Auto Shankar Web Series Download Guide

Step 1) To download the Auto Shankar series, first of all, download the Zee5 app on your phone using Play Store or App Store.

Step 2) Then, once the installation is completed, open the app.

Step 3) You’ll have to log in. So look for the login button and put on your details. Sign up for the app if you haven’t already. Sort out the subscription if required.

Step 4) Now go to the Search tab and type in Auto Shankar. The results will show up.

Step 5) Tap on it to watch it Auto Shankar web series full episodes or download offline.

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