EXCLUSIVE: The marathon will continue streaming and at the palms of Oscar nominated manager Ava DuVernay.

Only 1 day prior to her fresh OWN series Cherish the Day debuts on Oprah’s socket, the ARRAY creator is set to direct a feature length documentary about the late and great Nipsey Hussle to get Netflix.

A co-production involving DuVernay’s banner ads and Hussle’s Marathon Pictures, the job was procured by Netflix following a fairly intense bidding war hosted by CAA because of the When They See Us customer. The house of DuVernay’s 2016 acclaimed 13th documentary, the Reed Hastings-led streamer picked up the Nipsey movie to get a high eight characters, I hear.

DuVerney will create, in addition to direct the Nipsey movie.

Coming off a multitude of dramas such as the Emmy winning WTSU, the shortly to start Cherish the Day and the DMZ pilot in manufacturing to HBO Max, the Nipsey movie is DuVernay’s primary return to documentary because the criminal justice, race and mass incarceration movie four decades back. Coming less than a year following Nipsey’s deadly shooting March from South L.A. and also the massive outpour in the City of Angels to get an artist and activists who saw as only really emerging unto his own, despite currently achieving commercial and critical success.

I have discovered that Nipsey’s estate achieved to the manager directly predicated on their respect for her work for example 13th and WTSU.

Having inked a 100 million total deal with Warner Bros Television Group back in overdue 2018, DuVernay has many others irons in the fire using a 1 hour play on the Texas oil sector for TNT using ex-Queen Sugar showrunner Kat Candler. Like the picture book space of DMZ. That the ARRAY main is also working on a large budget and big screen version of Jack Kirby’s Brand New Gods. Section of Warner Bros slate, New Gods has been co-written by DuVernay and Tom King.

Along with CAA, DuVernary is repped by lawyers Nina Shaw and Gordon Bobb.