Warning! Spoilers for Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8

Batman’s largest rule is that he would not kill individuals. It is a part of his ethical code and has led to quite a few conflicts inside his personal Bat-Household. Nonetheless, in Batman: Curse of the White Knight, Batman scrapped the code with the intention to put down a villain for good – and he succeeded, killing Azrael.

Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth Batman: Curse of the White Knight has put Bruce Wayne and Batman in an all-new mild. Whereas the primary White Knight arc started with a cured Joker making an attempt to make Batman the villain, Curse of the White Knight took additional intention at Batman’s id. Within the story, it is revealed Batman is not a Wayne, as Azrael is de facto a part of the Wayne bloodline. Azrael has sought vengeance on Batman – killing Jim Gordon, whereas practically killing Batgirl. It is all triggered Batman to disclose his actual id to the world, give away his fortune, and for him to go on one final mission earlier than turning himself into the Gotham Metropolis PD: Kill Azrael and than put an finish to his Batman persona.

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Batman and Azrael have a fiery confrontation in Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8After a chase the place a aircraft explodes and Batman tries to kill Azrael with a machine gun, the villain corners him and says “there will not be a metropolis left, not after the flood…” earlier than Nightwing hits him along with his automobile. Azrael plans on taking out the dam on the Gotham Reservoir. Batman and Nightwing share a heart-to-heart earlier than Bruce goes after Azrael once more. After catching up with Azrael on the dam, Batman brings out rapiers and tells him they need to battle along with his sword because it “is God’s will.”

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The 2 spar earlier than falling onto a batmobile floating within the water. Azrael loses his sword to Batman and with little protection left, he asks Batman whether or not his dad and mom knew concerning the true historical past of the Wayne household: “Did they know they have been swine draped in pearls? Leeches feeding from the bloody tit of Gotham. Pretend aristocrats from a rotten bloodline. An enraged Batman slits Azrael’s throat in a surprising second. The 2 have one final second earlier than Azrael bleeds out and dies. Batman: Curse of the White Knight ends with Batman turning himself into jail and that his fortune will likely be dispersed throughout Gotham. Batman knew the repercussions of killing Azrael and revealing his id. Now, he is obtained to pay for them. It is a becoming finish to a fantastic arc that proved unafraid to shake up Batman’s core story and beliefs.

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