Batman is not a straightforward egg to crack. He is notoriously guarded and can solely reveal necessary info – even to his closest confidants – when it is fully obligatory. So, when Marvel Lady tried to seek out out who he was along with her trusty Lasso of Fact, Batman gave the right reply to his real-identity: He is Batman!

Marvel Lady’s Lasso of Fact is the Themysciran reply to a lie detector. Anybody wrapped up within the lasso will reply questions with fact to Diana Prince. Whereas Marvel Lady has used the lasso for some ridiculous reasons, usually, it is used as a truth-telling machine, a weapon, and to maneuver when wanted. In a single quick story, Marvel Lady tried to make use of her lasso on Batman, and whereas she received the reality, his response was hilariously excellent.

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Within the story “And Then There Have been Three,” from Marvel Lady Annual #1 (2017) by Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jodi Wynne, Marvel Lady’s first look to the world is retold. Superman and Batman each see her for the primary time and head to an undisclosed location to Nevada to trace her down. Whereas the 2 heroes have a playful (at the very least from Clark’s perspective) dialog Diana exhibits up and asks them why they’re spying on her. Superman and Batman cannot determine what language Marvel Lady is talking which compels Diana to get them to carry the lasso to allow them to perceive one another. Marvel Lady reveals she’s Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Queen Hippolyta. Superman reveals he is Clark Kent aka Kal El. As for Batman, he responds with simply “Batman.”

Superman Batman Wonder Woman

Technically, Batman is telling the reality. He’s Batman, in any case. Superman asks “significantly, that is your title?” to which Batman hilariously responds “shut up.” Even with the Lasso of Fact, Batman retains his actual id guarded. Contemplating he in all probability spends extra time as Batman than he does Bruce Wayne, his reply is truthful. His Batman persona has change into his true persona. Therefore, he’s telling the reality. The query is, if he wasn’t sporting his costume, would he nonetheless given the identical response?

The story ends with Batman lamenting that he “hates magic,” whereas refusing a trip from Superman. Batman and Superman determine the Lasso of Fact wasn’t a trick and that Marvel Lady was the true deal. It is an excellent retelling of the Trinity’s first assembly and completely encapsulates all three Justice Leaguer’s personalities. Batman is Batman and that is absolutely the fact.

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