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Top 20 Best American Anime Of All Time


In the vibrant world of animated entertainment, a distinctive genre has emerged that captures the hearts and minds of audiences across the globe. When discussing the best American anime, numerous elements come into play, with a significant focus on how characters are developed and the intricacies of the storyline, often intertwined with a touch of Western reality.

These narratives frequently delve into themes of superpowers, action, and adventure, forming a central thread throughout the genre. To unearth the finest of American anime, there's no need to search far and wide. We present to you a compilation of the top 20 American anime, each encompassing a range of captivating themes.


Castlevania: Season 1 - Official Trailer

Wrapping up the list is an adult-animated dark fantasy that adds a touch of perfection. "Castlevania," a creation of Warren, stands as a haunting and horrifying anime in the dark fantasy genre.

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Crafted by Kevin, the anime's direction has been expertly handled by a variety of directors, each contributing to its top-tier status.

The narrative revolves around Count Vlad Dracula Tepes, a vampire driven by a dark desire for revenge against the people of Wallachia. Their accusation of witchcraft led to the tragic demise of his wife, and he unleashes a horde of demons upon the land to enact his vengeance.

Amidst the chaos, a Monster Hunter by the name of Trevor Belmont steps forward to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the populace. As he confronts the malevolent forces, he finds allies in Sypha and Alucard, their collective efforts intensifying as the story unfolds.

Ben 10

Ben 10 | The Origins | Cartoon Network

Amidst the landscape of ever-expanding anime franchises such as Fate and Gundam, a Western counterpart stands tall: Ben 10. Since its inception in 2005 with the original series, Ben 10 has etched its mark, solidifying its position as Cartoon Network's lengthiest and most enduring franchise. Unfolding across five TV shows and four films, if you were a youngster in the last 15 years (or a parent, for that matter), chances are you've delved into the world of Ben 10.

The narrative orbits around Ben Tennyson, a youthful lad who stumbles upon a wrist-bound device in the midst of nowhere. This curious gadget bestows upon him the remarkable power to metamorphose into an array of diverse creatures. Yet, his newfound abilities unveil a universe far more expansive and treacherous than his prior imaginings.

With extraterrestrial beings and cosmic clashes menacing the very existence of humanity, Ben shoulders the mantle of Earth's protector. Alongside his cousin Gwen and the formidable "Plumber" patriarch Max, who commands an RV with an air of authority, they collectively confront the imminent threats.


Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

Titled "Arcane," this creation finds its meticulous craftsmanship attributed to Christian Linke and Alex Yee, who collaborated as its creators. As a Netflix-distributed series, access is conveniently available through the streaming platform. The narrative unfolds within an intricate tapestry, centering on an imbalanced equilibrium that oscillates between the opulent utopian city known as Piltover and the oppressive entity of Zaun.

In the throes of reclamation, two sisters, Vi and Jinx, find themselves pulled in opposing directions amidst the conflict. This struggle emanates from the clash between established norms and arcane technological advancements. The series seamlessly marries elements of action and adventure with a compelling blend of drama, science fantasy, and the aesthetic of steampunk.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Derived from the renowned MOBA game, Dota 2, emerges "Dota: Dragon’s Blood," an endeavor to illuminate the obscure realm of dark fantasy that serves as the game's backdrop. The artistic essence deliberately invokes anime, a connection with a well-founded rationale. Executed by the South Korean Studio Mir, the animation is artfully crafted in a manner that harmoniously blends Western animation with the distinctive traits of anime.

The tale commences by immersing us in the journey of Davion, the valiant Dragon Knight who dedicates himself to the pursuit and vanquishing of dragons. The narrative's fabric weaves an ironic twist of destiny as Davion's soul becomes intertwined with that of a formidable dragon, bestowing upon him tremendous might while simultaneously entailing the risk of transforming into that which he despises most.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Trailer

This series encapsulates the themes of comedy, drama, coming of age, and fantasy. Unfolding across several seasons, the show achieved resounding success through the odyssey of a 12-year-old named Aang. Aang is not only the current Avatar but also the sole survivor of the Air Nomads.

Joined by his companions Katara, Toph, and Sokka, Aang embarks on a quest to quell the Fire Nation's war that threatens numerous realms. The narrative also delves into the journey of Zuko, the erstwhile and presently exiled Prince of the same nation. Driven by a desire to reclaim his rightful position, Zuko sets his sights on capturing Aang. Aiding him in this endeavor are his uncle Iroh and his sister Azula.

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman Animated Series Trailer

Unquestionably, Batman reigns as the foremost comic book champion within the DC universe, arguably holding sway as the most renowned hero across the entire spectrum. His influence has propagated through an array of cartoons, television series, and cinematic ventures. Amidst this array, there exists one incarnation that encapsulates an assortment of elements we commonly attribute to anime: "Batman: The Animated Series."

This particular rendition of Batman garners distinction primarily due to its distinctive art style. While more contemporary adaptations of Batman, such as "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," possess a gravity that sets them apart from conventional cartoons, they remain imbued with a softened aesthetic that doesn't fully encapsulate the gravitas of the Dark Knight.

In contrast, "Batman: The Animated Series" immerses itself in darkness, crafting an atmosphere that's more akin to the anime ethos. The infusion of somber undertones and a gripping backdrop endows the series with a raw, unpolished sensibility uncommon in the realm of cartoons, evoking instead the realm of anime.

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Crafted by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, "The Dragon Prince" comes to life under the Netflix banner. With a diverse ensemble of writers, the series weaves a captivating narrative around the princely siblings, Ezran and Callum.

Their journey intertwines with that of Rayla, an elf, as they collectively shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing an infant Dragon Prince named Azymondias.

United in purpose, their mission necessitates the cessation of a millennium-long conflict that has raged between the mystical denizens of Xadia and the human realms. This narrative tapestry delves into the interplay between these two factions, as they endeavor to mend the fractures of a longstanding divide.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man (TV Series) - First Trailer

Just as Iron Man commands a godly presence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, your amiable neighborhood Spider-Man reigns as the emblem of Marvel's animated domain. Marvel typically gravitates toward a narrative disposition that embraces comedy and a buoyant spirit, rendering it particularly appealing to younger audiences.

Spider-Man, in his adolescent guise, effortlessly forges connections with children and teenagers, forging a relatable bond that transcends generations. However, let's not underestimate the significance of "Ultimate Spider-Man." This series carries substantial weight and merits recognition of its own accord.


Invincible – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Robert Kirkman's brainchild undeniably secures its place on the roster of the finest American anime ever created. To partake in this anime's narrative, Amazon Prime Video serves as the gateway.

The tale orbits around a seemingly ordinary teenager, Mark Grayson. His father, Nolan, not only holds the mantle of a formidable superhero in their local precinct but also across galaxies.

As Mark reaches the milestone of his 17th birthday, an extraordinary transformation occurs. He becomes the harbinger of his unique set of powers, a legacy he inherits from his superhero progenitor. Guided by his father's expertise, Mark embraces his newfound abilities, ultimately earning the moniker "Invincible."

The Boondocks

Boondocks Trailer

In the realm of Western adult cartoons, a prevalent format emerges: satirical comedies rich in mature humor. Notable titles such as South Park, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty push the boundaries of comedy to the extreme. These shows unapologetically steer away from any inclination to be kid-friendly, often resulting in a diverse reception, despite their wide appeal.

"The Boondocks" stands firmly within this category. The series delves into the lives of the Freemans, an African-American family comprising "Grandad" Freeman and his two grandchildren, Huey and Riley. Set against the backdrop of a relatively tranquil and predominantly white suburban neighborhood, the show embarks on a journey that is anything but mundane.

Unafraid to tread on sensitive territory, "The Boondocks" frequently taps into controversial subjects, as well as social and political concerns, and wields them with comedic finesse. The result is a blend of humor that not only evokes laughter but also prompts deep contemplation. Nevertheless, this approach can rouse a range of reactions, especially within audiences attuned to sensitivities.

The Legend Of Korra

The Legend of Korra ~ Official Trailer 720p HD (Corrected Speed)

Immersed within a fictional cosmos, certain individuals possess the extraordinary ability to manipulate and shape the primary elemental forces that constitute the world. These fundamental elements encompass water, fire, earth, and air. Within this intricately woven tapestry, there exists a singular being known as the Avatar, bestowed with the unparalleled power to master all four elements, thereby achieving an unparalleled state of mastery.

The pivotal role of the Avatar extends beyond mere proficiency in elemental manipulation. This revered figure stands as the linchpin in upholding equilibrium within the world, a daunting responsibility accomplished through the harmonious interplay of the four elements.

At the center of this tale stands Avatar Korra, a resolute and dynamic protagonist. Bearing the mantle of Aang's legacy, Korra emerges as his successor, a spiritual heir, and some would even claim, his reincarnation. Yet, the times have evolved, introducing Korra to a world marred by both political turbulence and spiritual unrest. Against this backdrop, she navigates the intricate realms of action and adventure, the duality of her journey characterized by confronting both external adversaries and inner conflicts.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron: Legendary Defender | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

For enthusiasts of mecha anime, "Voltron: Legendary Defender" unquestionably earns a spot on the must-watch list. Marrying the influences of anime-style animation with skillful CGI, Studio Mir orchestrates some of the genre's most captivating robot combat sequences, all while avoiding the pitfalls that befell projects like the infamous Berserk adaptation.

DreamWorks Animation, the production company, aptly summarizes the original premise: Five unsuspecting teenagers, transported from Earth into the middle of a sprawling intergalactic war, become pilots for five robotic lions in the battle to protect the universe from evil. Only through the true power of teamwork can they unite to form the mighty warrior known as Voltron.

Teen Titans

MASH-UP: Teen Titans First vs. Last Scene | Teen Titans | Cartoon Network

Debuting on Cartoon Network, this narrative revolves around a quintet of individuals: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy, each wielding distinct abilities. Their collective prowess casts them as the formidable Teen Titans, a force of united strength.

The series commences with the Teen Titans encountering a formidable adversary, Slade. Subsequently, the arrival of Terra, a fresh hero, reshapes the narrative landscape. As the story unfolds, the team unites in their endeavor to combat monstrous threats and safeguard the world. Beyond its foundation in superhero dynamics, the series also delves into the realms of teenage drama, all seamlessly woven with threads of comedy and science fantasy.

Storm Hawks

Storm Hawks - Trailer

Emerging on May 25, 2007, boasting a substantial episode count, this anime venture unfolds as a blend of comedy, drama, science fantasy, action, and adventure. The series ingeniously encapsulates its essence through the captivating opening sequence, offering viewers a glimpse into the plot and unfolding narratives.

At its core, the narrative is set within a realm encompassing myriad Kingdoms, each under the vigilant protection of Sky Knights who guard against the malevolent forces of darkness and savagery. Of these defenders, the most eminent are the Storm Hawks, a force dedicated to uniting the Kingdoms and eradicating evil's grasp permanently.

Amidst these pursuits, treachery strikes, leading to their downfall. Nevertheless, the mission is rekindled by the final descendant, reigniting the quest for unity and righteousness. Central to this story are the characters Aerrow, Finn, Junko, Pipper, and Stork, each contributing their unique attributes to the saga's tapestry.

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002) Official Trailer - Animated Movie

A widely acclaimed American superhero anime that has captured the hearts of audiences across all age groups is none other than "The Powerpuff Girls." Infused with elements of both comedy and action, this series stands as a creation of Craig McCracken, who not only brought the concept to life but also directed alongside a team of other directors.

The narrative orbits around the extraordinary escapades of three kindergarteners, ingeniously concocted by a scientist. These remarkable girls, bearing the monikers Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, possess a myriad of superpowers.

Their unswerving mission involves safeguarding their town from an array of villains and monsters, while simultaneously grappling with the everyday issues inherent to youth. Thus, the Powerpuff Girls are confronted with both the exigent task of confronting malevolent forces and the typical challenges encountered by children their age. This multifaceted journey extends to encompass sibling rivalries entailing matters as ordinary as personal hygiene and the trials of attending school.

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack Season 1 Trailer HD Remastered

"Samurai Jack," an anime renowned for its cinematic ambiance, distinctive masking-based animation style, and its captivating samurai-infused battle sequences, stands as an emblematic American creation. Premiering on August 10, 2001, the series later made an eagerly anticipated return twelve years later, on March 11, 2017, with its fifth and cherished season, owing to fervent fan demands.

The narrative's nucleus revolves around a Japanese samurai named Jack, as he embarks on an unrelenting mission to vanquish the malevolent wizard known as Aku. However, before he can complete his heroic quest, a twist of fate thrusts him into a temporal portal, hurling him into a far-flung future.

Within this dystopian epoch, Aku wields dominion over vast domains. Rechristened as simply "Jack," our protagonist embarks anew upon a transformative journey. Determined to rectify the repercussions of his own actions and deeds, he becomes an embodiment of both atonement and valorous retribution.

Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21 Opening Trailer

Blending elements of comedy, sports, and drama, this anime finds its origins in a manga series bearing the same title, penned by Riichiro Inagaki. Set within the realm of American football, the narrative centers around the journey of Sena Kobayakawa, a 14-year-old adolescent. His trajectory takes an unexpected twist as he enrolls in the world of American football.

Soon, the plot pivots as Sena's path crosses with the renowned Devil Bats, a prestigious and esteemed school team. Within this intricate tale, another figure, Hiruma Yoichi, emerges. A superlatively talented freshman, Hiruma joins the ranks of the team, his presence contributing a dynamic dimension.

Their collective prowess sparks a series of consecutive triumphs, propelling the team to ascend the echelons of achievement. As their remarkable talents converge, they forge an indomitable unit that solidifies their standing as one of the series' premier teams.


X-Men: The Animated Series | Unofficial Official Trailer | Disney+

A quintessential superhero anime that epitomizes the quintessential American themes of action and adventure, "X-Men" stands as a paramount entry in the realm of American anime. Adapted from the eponymous comic created by the legendary Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, this series delves into the intricate fabric of the X-Men universe.

Against a backdrop of heightened tension between mutants and humans, the X-Men grapple with a consortium of human conspirators that embarks on the construction of formidable robots. This machinery is conceived as a preemptive response to the looming threat of a mutant-human conflict.

Navigating this intricate dynamic, the central figures, the X-Men, emerge as stalwart advocates of justice, interceding both on behalf of mutants and humans. Their tireless commitment and fervent resolve drive the narrative forward, propelling the series through a tapestry of adventures as they strive to create a more harmonious world.

Amidst this multifaceted tale, the enigmatic villains, namely Magneto, Apocalypse, and the formidable Sentinels, serve as the counterpoint, heightening the stakes and embroiling the X-Men in a relentless battle for the betterment of all.

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman: The Complete Animated Series | Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

As one might surmise, the tapestry of this anime is woven with threads of action, adventure, and superheroes. Crafted by the creative minds of Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, and Jerry Siegel, this series unfolds within the contemporary environs of Metropolis, characterized by its urban vistas and luminous ambiance.

The narrative orbits around an immortal superhero, steadfast in his mission to counter the forces of villainy and safeguard the innocent populace. Rooted in the timeless archetype of superheroes, the story centers on the heroic endeavor to rescue those imperiled by danger.

Fulfilling this role of a savior is none other than the protagonist, known as Superman. Through his unwavering commitment and superhuman capabilities, he becomes the embodiment of hope and protection within the world he serves.

Iron Man


Also known as "Iron Man: The Animated Series," this production draws its essence from the eponymous comic "Iron Man," a creation of the illustrious Stan Lee. Structured around the narrative of entrepreneur Tony Stark, akin to the Marvel films, the series is inherently steeped in the superhero ethos.

Within this anime, the spotlight falls on Tony Stark, who dons the mantle of Iron Man, engaging in relentless combat against malevolent forces that have exerted dominion over the world. Accompanied by an ensemble of characters, Stark and his cohorts unite in a bid to thwart various forms of assaults and the looming specter of monsters threatening global stability.

This anime, like its superhero genre counterparts, upholds the trope of the character's empowerment being rooted in Science and Technology. Through his ingenious innovation and technological prowess, Tony Stark evolves into a formidable force, not only defending the world but also becoming a target for attacks and surveillance, thus catalyzing a cascade of chaos.


The realm of animation continually evolves, and the emergence of the best American anime is a testament to the dynamic nature of this art form. As the creative boundaries continue to expand and cultural influences interweave, we can only anticipate more remarkable collaborations that will redefine storytelling and animation itself. With its ability to bridge cultures, captivate hearts, and ignite imagination, the American anime genre not only celebrates the convergence of East and West but also reminds us of the universal power of great storytelling.

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