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15 Greatest Anime Couples Ever, Those Totally Adorable Pairs


In the vast and captivating realm of anime, where stories range from fantastical adventures to heartrending dramas, the concept of love finds its place in the most unexpected corners. Over the years, the world of animation has introduced us to an array of unforgettable characters, each contributing to the legacy of best anime couples of all time.

These couples have touched our hearts with their chemistry, shared trials, and moments that transcend the screen. Through laughter, tears, and the ebbs and flows of their relationships, they have left an indelible mark on our anime-loving souls.

Naruto And Hinata (Naruto)

Naruto and Hinata walking together
Naruto and Hinata walking together

The "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuuden" series delivered not only intense action but also heartwarming romantic moments between Naruto and Hinata. Despite being a shounen anime, it skillfully integrated romantic elements into its narrative. Amongst the poignant scenes in the show, some revolved around the complex interplay between Hinata and Naruto.

This couple exemplifies the classic notion of 'childhood sweethearts', their bond evolving over shared experiences and mutual growth. Their joint training and shared commitment to their causes solidified their connection. Undoubtedly, couples with similar aspirations often form the most compelling relationships.

Regrettably, as fans well know, Naruto often remained oblivious to Hinata's affection for him. Nevertheless, Hinata's persistence in the face of this challenge became a testament to her courage. The blend of her bravery and Naruto's endearing innocence produced some of the anime world's most enduring romantic scenes.

Kyou And Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Kyou and Tohru kissing
Kyou and Tohru kissing

In the world of "Fruits Basket," we are treated to a delightful blend of the classic bad-boy-meets-nice-girl romance trope. The fiery and headstrong Kyou crosses paths with Tohru, a young woman brimming with emotion and a deep longing for the sweetness of love. Together, they create a captivating chemistry that keeps us engaged throughout the anime.

However, Tohru's journey through matters of the heart extends beyond just her connection with Kyou. The exploration of love leads her to forge meaningful interactions with her roommates, adding layers of depth to the narrative. Amidst these romantic entanglements, the show masterfully weaves in her gradual understanding of the mysterious curse that plagues the Sohma clan.

As their story unfolds, the endearing connection between Kyou and Tohru solidifies, earning them a devoted following among fans. Their chemistry evolves gracefully, drawing us into their world and making them even more endearing as characters.

Inuyasha And Kagome (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha and Kagome kissing in the forest
Inuyasha and Kagome kissing in the forest

"Inuyasha," a name that resonates deeply with anime enthusiasts, evokes feelings of familiarity and nostalgia. Amidst the dynamic action and gripping excitement, a subtle undercurrent of romance flows between the characters Inuyasha and Kagome, imbuing the series with a harmonious and exquisite essence.

Observing the transformation of Inuyasha, a skeptical half-demon with a history of love's betrayals, is a heartwarming experience. His gradual evolution from a place of mistrust and past heartbreak towards opening his heart to Kagome is a captivating aspect of the narrative.

A fascinating aspect of this exceptional anime lies in the intricate theme of reincarnation. This theme manifests through Kikyo, Inuyasha's former love interest, introducing a layer of intrigue that I'll refrain from fully divulging to avoid potential spoilers for newcomers to the series.

Between Inuyasha and Kagome, their journey is fraught with moments of emotional turbulence and negativity before Inuyasha grants Kagome the opportunity to demonstrate the authenticity of her affection.

Winry And Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Winry and Edward hugging
Winry and Edward hugging

"Fullmetal Alchemist" weaves a tapestry of tragedy and depth, yet within its intricate narrative lies a potent thread of romance. Among the myriad of poignant storylines, a pair of childhood sweethearts step forward, infusing the tale with their unique alchemical bond.

Their connection, rooted in a foundation of friendship, possesses the potential to burgeon into one of the most resilient and profound romantic relationships. Through their shared experiences and trials, their bond grows, sometimes even evolving into something more profound.

Their journey is riddled with trials that test the limits of their resilience, a journey best described as an understatement. Winry's steadfast presence by Edward's side during his transformative mechanized surgery, which followed a tragic accident that robbed him of his limbs, speaks volumes of their shared experiences.

Despite their frequent clashes and disagreements, Winry's unwavering support for Edward remains steadfast. Their romance unfolds beautifully amidst the backdrop of a heartrending storyline, a poignant harmony that continues to inspire fans to passionately support all the major characters within the narrative.

Holo And Lawrence (Spice And Wolf)

Holo and Lawrence kissing
Holo and Lawrence kissing

Appreciating the profound connection between Holo and Lawrence in "Spice and Wolf" requires a special kind of viewer. Holo, a wolf deity, wears her unique attributes, including her pointed ears and bushy tail, without concealment.

Fate intertwines their paths, leading Holo to find an unexpected companion in Lawrence, a shrewd merchant and astute businessman. Unlike his ease in dealing with ordinary women, Lawrence's unease in Holo's presence leads to delightful and entertaining attempts at her flirtations.

The evolution of their relationship follows a deliberate, unhurried path, unfolding in a manner akin to the gradual movement of a glacier. This deliberate pacing, characteristic of their dynamic, accentuates the tension between the two, resulting in unforgettable and captivating scenes.

Their journey together is marked by pivotal crossroads and weighty decisions, each adding depth and complexity to their unconventional bond. As an unconventional couple, their interaction serves as a testament to the richly layered narrative of "Spice and Wolf," leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who engage with their story.

Mikasa And Eren (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa and Eren kissing on a grass field
Mikasa and Eren kissing on a grass field

When the title "Attack on Titan" is mentioned, visions of otherworldly entities and a post-apocalyptic future come to mind. Yet, beneath the surface of this anime's intense narrative, a central strand of romance is delicately interwoven, revolving around the characters Mikasa and Eren.

Mikasa and Eren stand as symbols as iconic as the show itself, an association well-deserved. Their relationship is a tapestry of captivating contrasts: Mikasa's struggles with vulnerability juxtaposed against Eren's unabashed candor. Amidst these disparities, a difference in maturity is evident, akin to a dynamic between a nurturing guardian and a headstrong youth, rather than a conventional romance.

Kurisu And Okabe (Steins; Gate)

Kurisu and Okabe hugging
Kurisu and Okabe hugging

The phrase "destined for each other" aptly captures the essence of the following pair on our list, entwined in a tale of love and time-travel. In the realm of unforgettable anime, "Steins;Gate" stands tall, with its narrative enriched by exquisitely crafted relationships like the one shared by Okabe and Kurisu. Their love story flourishes amidst intricate challenges, defying the constraints of time itself.

Initially united by a shared passion for science, Okabe and Kurisu's connection becomes the beating heart of the plot, intertwined with text messages that traverse time and space, opening the door to boundless possibilities.

Their love story is graced with the nuance of an 'age gap,' as Kurisu, a visiting scientist, encounters Okabe, a university student and scientist in his own right. Their journey unfolds against the backdrop of laborious hours spent in the laboratory and the uncovering of captivating revelations, paving the way for a romance that is both unique and enduring.

Goku And Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball)

Goku wearing a white suit while Chi-Chi wears a white gown during their wedding
Goku wearing a white suit while Chi-Chi wears a white gown during their wedding

Goku stands as an iconic figure in the world of anime, captivating the hearts of fans everywhere. Naturally, his partner, Chi-Chi, holds an equally cherished place in the realm of beloved characters. Their union was forged in the early stages of their lives, an enduring bond that has weathered the tests of time.

Although the origins of their marriage may be tinged with a touch of whimsy, Chi-Chi and Goku have traversed numerous years, cultivating a remarkable and deep romantic connection. While their affection may not always be overtly displayed, the beauty of their relationship remains a sight to behold when they share moments together.

Despite the enigmatic nature of Goku's role as a father, there's an undeniable charm to this couple that deserves heightened recognition and affection from the fanbase. Their chemistry may not always be on full display, but whenever it graces the screen, it unquestionably offers a spectacle worth savoring.

Yuzuru And Kanade (Angel Beats)

Yuzuru and Kanade laying on a grass filed while holding hands
Yuzuru and Kanade laying on a grass filed while holding hands

"Angel Beats" is a name universally recognized by anime enthusiasts, its emotionally charged storyline garnering a global following. Within this captivating narrative, the characters Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana have garnered a devoted fan base.

In a realm distinctly separate from our own, where departed souls find themselves in a high school purgatory, an emotionally charged atmosphere prevails. Here, the perceived antagonist is none other than god, and a resilient SSS brigade rallies to defy this deity's rule, seeking a path back to their normal lives.

While this premise may seem unsettling, the show's power to evoke tears is undeniable, particularly in moments shared between Angel, a girl wielding supernatural powers in opposition, and Otonashi, a figure trapped in this liminal existence.

Their connection is magnetic, and over time, Otonashi uncovers Angel's true identity as Kanade Tachibana, revealing her own status as one who has passed away. United by this revelation, they join forces to guide fellow souls towards liberation from the harsh afterlife that binds them.

Hinata And Yui (Angel Beats)

Yui laying on Hinata
Yui laying on Hinata

It's time to rectify the omission and shine a spotlight on another remarkable pair of lovebirds from "Angel Beats." Within the tapestry of this anime, the dynamic between Hinata Hideki, an endearing goofball, and Yui, a spirited and unrestrained singer, stands apart from the main characters' relationships.

A particularly heartwarming moment between these two characters is etched in the memories of fans as the narrative unfolds. Initially, their character arcs held a tension that was palpable, though far from the charming kind.

Glimpses into their pasts acted as catalysts for these two anime darlings to gradually break down their walls and share their vulnerabilities. From these seeds of revelation, their bond flourishes, gradually ascending towards the pinnacle of romance.

Tatsumi And Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

Tatsumi and Mine kissing with tears on Tatsumi's eyes
Tatsumi and Mine kissing with tears on Tatsumi's eyes

While "Akame ga Kill" may not immediately conjure the image of a romance anime, its creators ingeniously wove a distinct love story arc into the fabric of this Shounen series. Amidst the tapestry of action and adventure, this show stands out in its own right.

For those who found themselves invested in the potential romance between Tatsumi and Akame, you're far from alone. Yet, it's the portrayal of Tatsumi and Mine's relationship that emerges as a brilliantly crafted gem within the narrative.

Mine, initially distant and brusque, undergoes a gradual transformation in her interactions with Tatsumi, resulting in moments that are nothing short of endearing. The complexities of their lives as assassins provide a unique backdrop, forcing them to navigate challenges together, whether it be safeguarding each other amidst Night Raid battles or facing other formidable encounters.

Saki And Akira (Eden Of The East)

Saki and Akira kissing with Akira's eyes wide open
Saki and Akira kissing with Akira's eyes wide open

Prepare for a wild ride with this anime, as it ventures into the realm of eccentricity. Saki's journey begins innocently enough with a graduation trip to Washington D.C., but takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a naked Japanese man dashing through the streets. Intrigued, Saki delves into the stranger's story, unraveling his tale and ultimately making a decision to accompany him back to Japan.

The enigmatic individual in question is Akira Takizawa, who, upon returning to Japan, finds himself drawn into an extraordinary club where members are bestowed with a billion yen each, aimed at rescuing their nation. If you think the wackiness might stop there, think again. Saki embraces this whirlwind of absurdity by partnering with Akira, reviving her old club "Eden of the East," lending the anime its title.

As their shared journey unfolds, Saki's respect for Akira deepens, leading her to accompany him on his unconventional escapades. Their relationship blooms into an adorable romance, setting them apart as a couple that stands out in the anime landscape.

Kaori And Kousei (Your Lie In April)

Kaori and Kousei looking closely at each other's eyes
Kaori and Kousei looking closely at each other's eyes

"Your Lie in April" introduced us to a pair of lovebirds whose connection ignited some of the most emotionally charged moments to grace the world of anime. Infused with a relatable human touch, their journey is painted with hues of 'baggage' and 'complex histories,' facets that have deeply resonated with the audience.

For many, the fervor of romantic memories is most vivid during the naiveté of adolescence. This is precisely the essence that Kaori and Kousei bring to the anime, weaving a tale that fans have eagerly embraced.

Picture, if you will, discovering solace and happiness within another, to the extent that life without them feels hollow and bleak. While it might sound like a well-worn trope, the authenticity that Kaori and Kousei infuse into this sentiment is what sets them apart and makes their story truly work.

Sawako And Shouta (Kimi Ni Todoke)

Sawako and Shouta close to each other with their forehead touching each other
Sawako and Shouta close to each other with their forehead touching each other

In "Kimi ni Todoke," we are granted a profound glimpse into the suppressed emotions that simmer between its central characters. Shouta stands as the embodiment of the guy who captures the attention of every girl's heart.

From their initial encounter, the spark of flirtation is undeniable between him and Sawako. Shouta's protective streak surfaces, revealing a hint of jealousy whenever other guys are involved in Sawako's life.

Amidst a backdrop of "silent love," their connection thrives, interwoven with tender and bashful moments that define the essence of this romantic anime couple. Unsurprisingly, they have secured their place on the list of favorites among anime romantics.

With bated breath, fans of the series anticipated the pivotal moment when these two would courageously confess their feelings for each other, a crescendo of emotions that resonated deeply with the audience.

Loid And Yor (Spy X Family)

Loid and Yor standing close to each other with a happy face
Loid and Yor standing close to each other with a happy face

"Spy x Family" stands as a shining example of wholesomeness within the world of anime, and the couple at its heart embodies this purity. Loid and Yor, two individuals whose paths weren't destined to intertwine, found themselves brought together by an unexpected twist of fate. Initially driven by their own separate intentions, these two souls found themselves united within the context of a family.

Although their initial motives diverged significantly from what one would typically associate with a conventional couple, their union transformed their sentiments into something beautifully surreal. The authenticity of their connection shines through, making them a beacon of heartwarming affection in the anime landscape.


As we journey through the myriad worlds of anime, the bond between two characters can elevate a story from ordinary to extraordinary. The notion of the best anime couples of all time encapsulates a diverse spectrum of partnerships that have become cornerstones of the genre.

These couples, etched into the annals of animation history, have sparked our imaginations, resonated with our emotions, and reminded us of the universal power of love. Their legacies endure as a testament to the enduring magic that anime can create, leaving us with a treasury of cherished moments and relationships that will forever warm our hearts.

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