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15 Most Heartwarming And Surprising Anime Kisses Of All Time

Capturing the essence of love, romance, and emotional connections, anime has a remarkable way of evoking intense feelings through its storytelling. Among the various moments that depict these sentiments, best anime kisses hold a special place.

Cecilia Jones
Feb 01, 2024304 Shares15195 Views
Capturing the essence of love, romance, and emotional connections, anime has a remarkable way of evoking intense feelings through its storytelling. Among the various moments that depict these sentiments, best anime kisseshold a special place.
A well-executed kiss scene can convey a multitude of emotions, from tenderness to passion, and become a defining moment in the development of characters' relationships.
The world of anime is adorned with countless memorable kisses that have left a lasting impact on fans and added depth to the narratives.
Exploring these instances not only celebrates the art of animation but also provides insight into the complexities of human emotions portrayed on screen. Join us on a journey through some of the best anime kisses that have left an indelible mark in the hearts of viewers.

Taiga Aisaka & Ryuuji Takasu – Toradora

This cute and beautiful loli wants to marry

Toradora has one of the prettiest and most romantic anime kisses of all time between Taiga and Ryuuji. They embrace after deciding that marriage is the right choice and that they should not elope but instead follow the difficult path, stand together as equals, and then enjoy their love and happiness with their loved ones.
The kiss between Ryuuji and Taiga is one of the most memorable in anime history because it exemplifies the difficulty—but ultimately worth—of pursuing genuine love. In addition to being one of the finest works of J.C. Staff, Toradora is also one of the funniest slice-of-life anime series. In this tale, we follow Ryuji and Taiga as their humorous friendship develops into a passionate love affair.

Ritsuka And Mafuyu - Given

[Given] Mafuyu and Uenoyama kiss scene. read description for anime name

Ritsuka, a musical genius, could tell right away that Mafuyu had something going on, but she couldn't have known the terrible backstory of the lone instrument he carried. Ritsuka and Mafuyu get close via music when the former discovers the latter napping in his normal, undisturbed position at school.
It turns out that Ritsuka's ex-boyfriend's guitar belonged to Mafuyu, who tragically committed himself. Mafuyu's songwriting is an expression of his ongoing grief. On the night he and his bandmates play in Given, he lets go emotionally, with Ritsuka there to soothe him. Ritsuka grabs Mafuyu in the excitement of the moment, and they have a passionate kiss.

Sophie & Howl - Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl & Sophie | Maybe one day

One of the finest romantic anime, Howl's Moving Castle has beautiful animation in a made-up environment. Sophie, a youthful hatmaker, is cursed by a witch who enters her store and ages her to an elderly lady.
She is first timid, but after being cursed, she demonstrates her resilience and learns to trust her own judgment. Sophie has impetuous tendencies, and when she makes a mistake, she frequently tries to fix it in ways that backfire. However, she has a lot of empathy and, unbeknownst to her at the time, a set of magical skills of her own.
One of the most powerful magicians in the world, Howl Pendragon hides behind a web of urban legends. He was born with a great magic talent. The Witch of the Waste was one of the many ladies he courted only to reject, leading to her curse. Howl is a recluse who helps the king's soldiers out on occasion but otherwise stays apart from other people.
One of the nicest elements of the movie adaption is the last kiss shared by Sophie and Howl, who had the cutest romance of any anime duo. As the castle gently floats away, the couple shares a tender kiss after overcoming their obstacles.

Utena And Anthy - Adolescence Of Utena

The Beautiful, Tragic Romance of Utena and Anthy | Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie

The film Adolescence of Utena is a retelling of Utena Tenjou's exciting coming-of-age narrative, after the popularity of the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. Ootori Academy is where students compete for the hand of the beautiful and strong Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, much as in the anime, where Utena pursues clues left by the Prince who rescued her as a kid.
The viewers finally got to watch the love between Utena and Anthy blossom in this film adaption, which was prompted by Utena's anger at seeing Anthy treated like a treasure instead of a person. More affection develops between them throughout the film, culminating in a breathtaking scene of them kissing while floating over a field of flowers.

Kurisu And Rintaro - Steins Gate

Steins Gate - Makise and Okabe kiss scene

Scientist Rintaro Okabe encounters Kurisu Makise near the beginning of Steins; Gate, after she is killed, after he has begun to unravel the keys of time travel. When he wakes up the following day to find out that she is still alive, he learns that he is bouncing between other realities. Together, they collaborate with his scientific team to find a way to save Kurisu and another character from certain death.
Near the conclusion of the show, though, they understand that nothing can be done. In the heat of the moment, Rintaro tells Kurisu he loves her and doesn't want to lose her, and the two have a passionate kiss. Another love story with a sad ending, but one that will stay with you forever.

Holo & Lawrence - Spice And Wolf II

Spice and Wolf II: Lawrence reunited with Holo

Fantasy and supernatural anime enthusiasts looking for a lovely love tale will like Spice and Wolf II. The kiss between Holo and Lawrence was unique for a number of reasons, some of which are still being discussed by fans. What set Holo and Lawrence's love story apart was the fact that it was built upon years of mutual trust and friendship.
Even if their romance didn't happen quickly, fans were thrilled when they saw their favorite characters finally lock lips. The slow-burning relationship between the show's two leads and the show's lovely medieval backdrop helped make this sequence one of the most romantic and emotional in anime history.

Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask Kiss Sailor Moon

The first kiss between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is the series' most iconic and romantic moment. Despite having some of the most interesting and independent female characters in any media, romance was always an integral element of the main characters' lives in the popular magical girl anime series.
Fans were mainly interested in the developing relationship between Usagi and the Tuxedo Mask. Their first kiss was made even more memorable by the fact that it was initiated by Usagi, who was attempting to confess her love while shielding innocents and Tuxedo Mask from great bad forces.

Kagome & Inuyasha - Inuyasha

Kanketsu-hen: Inuyasha and Kagome kiss (full scene)

The enchanting romance of Rumiko Takahashi's manga Inuyasha has won the hearts of anime viewers everywhere. The fact that Kagome and Inuyasha were friends first and then fell in love as a result of all the exciting experiences they had makes their romance one of a kind.
Theirs was another drawn-out love tale that kept readers waiting. But in the end, the kiss between Inuyasha and Kaagome was one of the most amazing, unique kissing sequences in anime because of how touching it was.

Kaguya & Miyuki - Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Shirogane and Kaguya's Christmas Eve Kiss (2nd Kiss) | Kaguya-sama Love is War

The love tale between Kaguya and Miyuki is both amusing and heartbreaking, making Kaguya-sama: Love is War one of the most popular new romance anime episodes in recent years. The anime is a comedy, yet it has one of the most memorable and touching kisses in the medium's history.
After years of anticipation, the long-awaited confession and kiss between Kaguya and Miyuki finally happened in an epic episode that the authors stunned viewers with.

Yuji & Shana – Shakugan No Shana


Yuji and Shana's famous kiss is one of the most stunning and touching in all of anime. It's one of the best action anime kisses, and the two lovers are flying through the air on the strength of Shana's beautiful wings.
It's not only the spectacular images of their passionate kiss that make it so memorable; it's the profound love they feel for one another.One of the best action anime series, Shakugan no Shana follows the adventures of Yuji, a teenage schoolboy who, one day, discovers a formidable sword-wielding lady who battles demons.

Naruto & Hinata – Naruto

The Last Naruto The Movie- Naruto and Hinata's First Kiss HD

Naruto, one of the strongest and most renowned kitsune in anime history, has endured many tragic events. That's why his story's conclusion appealed to so many readers. What Naruto really desired was a happy family life, and he got it, too.
The ideal finale to his inspiring and difficult journey was his passionate kiss with Hinata in front of his children and a beautiful snowy scene. When it comes to action-adventure anime, few stand out like Naruto. In it, a teenage ninja named Naruto goes on incredible adventures to gain the respect of his peers and rise through the ranks to Hokage of his home town.

Kyo & Tohru - Fruits Basket

KYO KISSES TOHRU! Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 9 SPOILER!

Tohru and her journey with the cursed Sohma family are the focus of this pleasant comedy anime (with its fair share of really sad moments). Upon learning about the Sohma Curse, she quickly finds Kyo. When Tohru finds out he is the Cat of the Zodiac, he is overjoyed. He then makes an effort to befriend Kyo.
Kyo first rejects her, but he comes around and the two start to feel more at ease with one another. Tohru, despite her fear, stays at Ky's side once she learns the truth about him.
Tohru gets worried and wants to save him from his curse after learning of his impending imprisonment. As a result, she gradually realizes that she has feelings for Kyo. Fans have had to see Kyo face numerous emotional obstacles before he could break the curse and be with Tohru.
Because the audience looks forward to their kiss so much, it is one of the most romantic in anime history. The fact that they transform into the most adoring and affectionate pair imaginable immediately after their kiss certainly doesn't hurt, either.

Kirito & Asuna - Sword Art Online

Kirito and Asuna kiss

The protagonist, Kirito, of the action anime Sword Art Online is one of many players who get trapped in a virtual world where death is permanent. While battling his way through the first floor, he encounters Asuna, one of the other key characters, who will later join his team and help him battle the boss.
They become closer and begin to develop affection for one another as the anime progresses. After Kirito's near-death experience, Asuna admits her affections and takes time off to be with Kirito. However, one of Asuna's guildmates insists on a battle test to determine Kirito's worthiness.
After discovering that one of her guild members had betrayed the little group, she hurries at impossible speeds in their direction and prepares to punish the traitor, but she ultimately refrains. The traitor takes advantage of her hesitation to almost murder her, but Kirito intervenes in time to save her life, at the expense of his hand.
After the battle, a distraught Asuna admits to Kirito that she will avoid contact with him in the future to protect him from additional injury because of her uncertainty, which she believes has almost cost them their lives.
Kirito, desperate to keep Asuna, responds to her sobs by kissing her passionately, and the effect on Asuna is immediate and overwhelming. Kirito finally confesses his feelings for Asuna after this tender kiss, and by the end of the evening, the two are engaged.
Their first kiss is one of the most heartfelt in anime, but it's still as lovely as ever and one of the nicest since it ultimately leads to marriage.

Nagisa & Mizuki - Classroom Crisis

Nagisa x Mizuki [AMV] - Take Me Home

Nagisa and Mizuki's kiss is one of the most tender in the history of animation.
In this romantic comedy set in space, we follow the exploits of Nagisa Kiryu, an employee of the elite A-TEC division of the space aeronautics mega-corporation Kirishina Corp.
He is tasked with disbanding A-TEC, but the students put up a fierce struggle, convincing him to do all he can to keep A-TEC operational. However, this puts him in potentially harmful circumstances.
Kiryu Yuji attempts to have him stabbed to death before sending him in a rocket to Cold Wood, where he would be murdered on impact. The hyperactive Mizuki, whom Nagisa had first disliked, and her best friend Iris came to his rescue.
Despite the disapproval of Mizuki's brother, Nagisa and Mizuki eventually develop love emotions for one another and share a tender kiss when Nagisa finally breaks down. How she consoles him is at once kind and wrenching.

Mei & Yamato - Say “I Love You”

This Kiss ~Mei and Yamato~

Say "I Love You" is a touching love tale set in high school that follows two classmates through their time together. Mei Tachibana is a clumsy, perceptive, and honest girl who is stoic due of her troubled history and who tends to think the worst in others.
Yamato Kurosawa, on the other hand, is a popular kid who feels responsible for defending others after seeing a childhood buddy being tormented and doing little to stop it. When Mei first encounters Yamato, she kicks him because, in her mind, he's a creep.
Despite Mei's evident disinterest in him, Yamato finds her interesting and provides her his phone number in an attempt to strike up a connection with her. At first she doesn't use it, but when she's confronted by a stalker, she has no choice but to act quickly, and Yamato is there to back her up. He steals Mei's first kiss by acting as her lover and kissing her to scare off the stalker. Mei is taken aback by the kiss, and the two soon start dating.
The lack of romance in their first kiss is more than made up for by Yamato's eventual declaration of love. Mei thinks he's only pretending to like her. Yamato, intent on proving her wrong, kisses her repeatedly and explains the significance of each kiss until finally kissing her passionately. These kisses are the official beginning of their romance, which will lead to marriage. It's one of the most endearing anime kisses, and it just may make you smile.

Final Words

In the colorful realm of anime, where emotions are amplified and connections run deep, the portrayal of kisses holds a special significance. These moments of intimacy, vulnerability, and affection can profoundly shape the trajectory of characters' relationships and resonate with audiences on a personal level.
From the sweet innocence of first kisses to the fiery passion of long-awaited embraces, the world of anime offers a diverse range of memorable kisses that remind us of the power of human connections.
As we conclude our exploration of the best anime kisses, we're reminded that these scenes not only enhance the storytelling but also serve as a testament to the ability of animation to capture the intricacies of love and romance in all their beautiful forms.
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