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Best Anime Planet Alternatives to Watch the Latest Series in 2021


Mangas & anime are all the same in Japan. It becomes almost cult throughout the world, not just in the native nation, Japan. From children to young adults, everybody likes anime. If you look at their different history and attractive drawings: a collection of anime is a pleasure for everyone. Why do you love shows of animation? The shows naturally engage, and we never fail to surprise animators & manga artists with creative stories and their engaging content. Anime has also been published in languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, etc., in various parts of the globe. Furthermore, anime with subtitles are also eligible for the comfort of viewers.

So if you enjoy anime series, you’re among those who will probably wait for their favorite anime films & catch them online. Ask your favorite pastime for any animation lover. Their favorite shows on free streaming services will be answered quickly.

There are just a few legally and authentically based Anime-Planet streaming sites. It is indeed a famous and very well site favorite amongst global spectators. So every day there’s plenty of traffic. Therefore, the server sometimes gets late, and some problems can occur as well as the website is still being built. The website may not, however, be available in all countries.

What do I do, then? The easy solution is to change to certain alternate sites offering similar programs. This article tells you about top Anime Planet’s potential alternatives for watching your favorite anime. To know further, read the whole article.

About Anime Planet

Anime Planet
Anime Planet

Why not collect some information on the Anime-Planetwebsite before you leap into its conclusions as well as the list? Well, it is a free anime website. Everyone is able to watch from here without costing the famous and latest shows, films, and one-shots and series. This site is quite well planned. You can then quickly find the common and trendy animation series on the homepage. It also contains a variety of anime in various genres.

This website is an excellent choice for people who enjoy the new animation. But you would need to look a lot if you’d like to return to your fantasy and replay any of the old animes. Most importantly, there are only subbed variants for the old or lesser-known anime series.

However, Anime-Planet holds a free website, which enables everyone to download several shows and even anime films free of charge. The good newsis you don’t have to spend a single penny on downloading; it’s all free. Therefore, you just need a speed net connection as well as enough room on your laptop.

What Are The Features Of Anime-Planet?

  • This is really user-friendly, the most prominent feature. This forum is well structured, and nothing is missing. The topic is yet another subject. The web, just as anime shows, is quite peppy and colorful.
  • You can quickly cruise through the various sections and pages. In addition, you could browse the search area. Or, by searching the genre portion, you can also discover entertaining anime.
  • It’s just a free website, which is another excellent feature. So your favorite online animation show could be freely streamed.
  • A broad list of new and old anime is available on this website. The anime episodes are available to their worldwide audience in various dubbed languages. Furthermore, subtitles are included in the anime. Therefore, in Anime-Planet, you would not have the barrier of language.
  • Careful of user experiments is Anime-Planet. Therefore it provides HD anime displays.
  • In addition, producers refresh their database on a regular basis and introduce additional episodes and anime shows to please their fans.


In India, as well as other countries worldwide, Anime-Planet is indeed a free legal streaming platform. You can not find unlawful content on just this website, and then all contents available are lawful. So, without fear of legal questions, you could watch your favorite anime series.

Steps For Downloading Anime-Planet Anime

Anime-Planet provides only online & video streaming. Therefore, from this page, you could not download anime. The same goes for the series of mangas. You could only see manga questions on the wiki online. While anime and manga episodes can’t be downloaded, this is still preferred for users. The reason is the consistency of their streaming. To watch your beloved series of anime or read various manga free of cost, you just need to have a decent working connection to the internet.

Best Alternatives For Anime Planet

Nothing beats Anime-Planet when you speak about functionality and user interface. In this segment, you would learn about Anime Plante’s top alternatives. And they provide you with the same free anime & download service.



Crunchyrollis potentially Anime Planet’s best option. Crunchyroll is yet another site that is recognized worldwide and rages anime lovers. The free variant is included. Some commercials are available in the free edition. Therefore, if during binge-watching, you could tolerate one to two minor ad breaks, this is fine. The eponymous contents of Crunchyroll are given. In Crunchyroll, you can find virtually every animation you can eat. Their anime programs also feature a dubbed & subbed edition.

If Crunchyroll provides viewers with the opportunity to see manga and anime on the very same site, it is also the most significant benefit. Then you can read the manga or watch anime, or you could just do both if you want. This website features an app too. The app can be found at the play shop. The varied and extensive database enables you to watch or read the manga. They have such a prominent manga and animation library, including famous shows that are fun for children.

If you’d like to watch anime shows, you are required to build a Crunchyroll account. For ad-free streaming, this website requires a premium subscription. Thus, it’s a little collapse.



It is an anime program’s exclusive website. For just a long time, FUNimationhas created quality anime series and made several of the world’s most famous shows. Its collection is extensive, and just about every kind of animated show. The website of FUNimation is easy to access and very well built. Therefore, you don’t have to expect your favorite anime story for an extended period.

Funimation is indeed a paid website but allows a free trial on its website. Its huge catalogue of various anime shows makes it famous. Many unusual and old animated shows can also be found in Funimation. Only mind that it provides HD content for your viewing experience. To view moviesand animation shows, you could generate a free account. Subbed and Dubbed animes could be found on their website.

There is no manga for readers on this website. But they appear with blogs regarding the anime movies industry as well as the latest news. This is an excellent function for the animal enthusiasts who want the anime industry news up to date. You could also purchase merchandise from their platform from your favorite series. But the FUNimation website is still being developed. It is also currently only feasible in small countries.



This platform comes from Walt Disney’s popular animated film and cartoon production company. The website is legal and provides films, TV shows, and much more. Huluhas a wide range of animated shows and cartoons. It isn’t just a question of caricatures. Anime shows are also available here. The reality is that Hulu provides many internationally famous shows of anime and films in English & other languages. Animes with subtitles in English are also available. So for the lovers of anime series, this is a pleasure.

Hulu provides its viewers with HD content. In various formats, including 720p, 480p, or 1080p from here, you can even watch anime. Also, it offers a paid online streaming setting, although Hulu is inexpensive. You could also apply for a one-month free account for trial. Hulu does have an app and homepage. The app can be found in the Google play store. This app does have a smooth interface and includes all of the website sets. It’s indeed bug-free, stable, and lightweight. So, even with less room on your smart device, you could comfortably install the official Hulu app.

In addition to animation displays, it also provides Korean manhwas. If you desire to watch the latest segment of the K-Pop inspirited anime series, it’s your perfect alternative.

Amazon Prime

Prime Videofrom Amazon has been among the world’s biggest free streaming sites. The films show, and then anime is well known for the new. They don’t have an extensive anime range, but it’s planned carefully. It provides the content of excellent quality in High Definition format. In English & your native languages, you can find your favorite anime. You could use your site and even your app as you like.

It is indeed a paid website for streaming. However, for 30 days, amazon gives a free version. So, if you enjoy binge-watching for hours, you could easily make that choice. For your convenience, Prime grants its users its target list. And a series or film to watch offline could also be downloaded.

It’s for live video-only. You can’t read manga, thus, here. So you can pick prime video for Amazon if you want to watch great anime shows. Prime is perfect for those that are fresh to the world of animation and would like to see famous animes globally before they immerse themselves in the broad sea of animation series.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime
Kiss Anime

Let’s switch to such an anime streaming platform after just a few paying websites. If you’d like to know an important option to free streaming on Anime-Planet, Kiss Animeseems to be the right choice for all of those who enjoy free streaming. It’s filled with new and popular animation shows, and it’s all online. So, if you see Kiss Anime anime, you can be guaranteed to win.

To watch animation shows & anima movies, you have to build a profile in Kiss Anime. A good website is available on Anime-Planet. It feels like the premium websites. Therefore the homepage displays you the trendsetting Animes and films and the best shows once you open the website. And over 400 legal anime material could also be browsed through their massive directory. This website provides an excellent user interface and facilitates navigation. HD material is offered by Kiss anime. Anime shoes from that now could also be downloaded free of charge. You may choose your preferred download format.

In addition, you could read Kiss anime manga. But the website isn’t really free of publicity. This implies that if you want to look at anime series or want to read the manga just for a long period of time, you must accept some advertising. You can also always plan shows and build a target list here.

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy
Anime Frenzy

It is indeed a free website like Anime-Planet. It is equipped with a sophisticated website. They may not even be attractive and peppy in design but just not bad. Their design isn’t really bad. It’s only a classic place of thrilling animation displays. The website home page displays the most recent uploads as well as the download time. You are now still updated and enjoy the new anime series.

Anime Frenzyprovides classical and famous animated films and shows as well as popular shows. You will see stuff at your suitability or download them. Or by browsing its genres and alphabet order, you could also select a fresh show. Often anime lovers applaud their huge set.

This site provides so-called anime and subtitle anime series. You should then watch the language issue without worrying about it. However, here you can’t read the manga. It provides only animated shows and films.

Final Words

So these were some of the best and topmost alternatives for Anime-Planet that you must surely try if you want to experience the best of the anime content, shows, or films. Now you know where to get when you want to enjoy the best of the anime films and series.

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