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15 Best Anime To Watch During Halloween


People frequently plan spooky entertainment for Halloween because of the holiday's tremendous cultural significance and its impact on the horror genre. We've carefully developed a list of the best anime to watch during Halloween to help you with your decision-making. This collection includes intriguing movies and television shows that are all designed to make Halloween more enjoyable both throughout the fall season and on the actual holiday.


Monster(Anime) Trailer

In a recent resurgence boosted by TikTok exposure, the 2004 anime "Monster" has reclaimed attention. Adapted from a manga of the same name, this series follows the journey of Kenzo Tenma, a young neurosurgeon battling against the biases entrenched within his hospital. The story kicks off when a pair of twins arrives at the medical facility following a brutal massacre.

Against the backdrop of hospital politics, Tenma faces a pivotal decision: he elects to prioritize the male twin, Johan, over a powerful mayor - a choice that unexpectedly leads to the mayor's demise. This seemingly innocuous decision initiates a cascade of events where Tenma becomes entangled in a web of horrifying human atrocities orchestrated by an enigmatic figure known as the "monster."

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While gore takes a backseat in this narrative, the series masterfully employs psychological elements to evoke discomfort and prompt viewers to contemplate the essence of monstrosity. The central theme revolves around the notion that the true monsters are not supernatural beings, but rather humans themselves.

With 72 episodes, "Monster" delves deep into the realms of horror, thriller, and mystery, offering a riveting experience that forces viewers to question the boundaries of morality and the capacity for darkness within humanity. Fans of these genres will find the series well worth their time and investment.

Parasyte - The Maxim

Parasyte - the maxim - Official Trailer AUS

Derived from a manga series originating in 1988, "Parasyte - The Maxim" chronicles the life of Shinichi Izumi, a regular high schooler hailing from a tranquil town within a wholesome family. One fateful night, his world takes a bewildering turn when he awakens to the presence of an extraterrestrial entity known as a Parasyte, attempting to infiltrate his mind through his nostrils.

Swiftly swatting it away, the creature instead finds refuge within his arm. An unusual twist occurs as the Parasyte's invasion bypasses his brain, allowing the two entities - Shinichi and the Parasyte - to coexist with distinct personalities. United by an uncommon symbiosis, they embark on a joint mission to counter other Parasytes, progressively unraveling the mysteries of their respective species.

"Parasyte - The Maximum" artfully blends elements of body horror, psychological intrigue, and ethical contemplation, culminating in a chillingly captivating series that irresistibly captivates its audience.

Angels Of Death

Angels of Death Teaser Trailer

In the realm of darker narratives, "Angels of Death" emerges with its share of visceral intensity. Adapted from a video game of the same name, the series orbits around Rachel Gardner, a young girl who regains consciousness within the depths of a building's basement, her memory a void. Her quest for an escape route introduces her to the enigmatic scythe-wielding Zack.

In a chilling exchange, Rachel confides in him her desire for death. In response, Zack proposes a sinister pact: he promises to end her life if she assists him in navigating the labyrinthine structure. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey, ascending through each floor of the building in search of an exit.

As their progress unfolds, fragments of Rachel's past resurface, converging with their present predicament. "Angels of Death" does not shy away from exploring macabre terrain, seamlessly weaving gore, unsettling imagery, and disconcerting themes into its narrative fabric. This anime delves deep into the realms of extreme horror, creating an experience that is as intriguing as it is heart-rending.

Hellsing: Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate English Language Trailer

Abraham Van Helsing is the commander of the Royal Knights of Protestant Order, a noble house in London. Their constant struggle - a war against beings who are only mentioned in the dark - has gone unnoticed for millennia. These beings include vampires, ghouls, and any other non-human things that are considered "monstrous."

The Order has served as a clandestine paramilitary group devoted to serving her Majesty, operating under the cloak of secrecy. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, a direct descendant of the first Lord Hellsing, is in charge of it. Despite being young, she now has the weighty burden of heading the Order.

As her father Arthur's health deteriorates and his life is on the verge of ending, he gives his daughter a very important instruction. She is told to go down into the secret basement of the mansion if she ever feels unsafe since there is a protector there who can protect her.

Ajin: Demi-Human

Ajin: Demi-Human Official Dub Trailer

"Ajin: Demi-Human" delves into the gripping narrative of Kei Nagai, an ordinary student whose life takes a transformative turn when he meets his fate under the wheels of a truck, only to discover he is an Ajin - a rare immortal being capable of rapid regeneration. The government's relentless pursuit of Ajin for their unique abilities forces Kei into a life on the run, a choice driven by the necessity to evade experimentation. This pivotal juncture launches him into an intricate realm where Ajin and humans grapple in a tense struggle, as the latter view the former as monstrous and less than human.

Despite the unique 3D animation style that departs from the conventional 2D format in anime, "Ajin: Demi-Human" emerges as an exceptional series, largely due to its captivating storyline. Amidst scenes that seamlessly intertwine brutal mutilation and the oppressive machinery of governmental control, the anime weaves a spellbinding tapestry that grips, horrifies, and leaves viewers yearning for more. It's a testament to how the series masterfully utilizes its narrative to draw audiences into its thought-provoking and intense world.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Season 1 trailer | Anime DubSpot

Devotees of horror anthologies, rejoice! "Yami Shibai" is your chilling haven, delivering multiple seasons brimming with a curated collection of Japanese folktales, myths, and urban legends designed to send shivers down your spine. Each eerie narrative is recounted by a storyteller - an elderly man in most iterations, but a young boy in the third season. The series often employs the kamishibai method, an age-old Japanese storytelling art that employs illustrated boards and paper cut-outs to captivate its audience visually.

In bitesize episodes lasting just a few minutes, "Yami Shibai" consistently unfurls tales centered around supernatural phenomena. For those who relish traditional apparitions like ghouls, ghosts, demons, and monsters, "Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories" promises an abundant offering. Among the standout stories, "Sakura" chronicles a hospitalized man's unnerving encounters with children's voices and cherry blossom petals in his quarters.

In "Museum of Taxidermy," a young couple stumbles upon a disconcerting exhibit that treads into unsettling territory. Meanwhile, "Tormentor" plunges three boys into an unforeseen ordeal as they delve into the pursuit of a malevolent entity. This anthology's brevity and profound engagement with the supernatural realm make it a must-watch for those seeking spine-tingling narratives that traverse the spectrum of the uncanny and the macabre.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) – Trailer HD

No compilation of horror anime can be considered complete without a nod to "Tokyo Ghoul." This beloved title holds a place of prominence in the genre and stands as a perfect addition to your Halloween countdown. "Tokyo Ghoul" centers around Ken Kaneki, a college student whose life takes a harrowing turn after a fateful encounter with Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul he once shared a date with.

Left on death's doorstep, Ken's salvation comes through a life-saving procedure that incorporates Rize's organs, transforming him into a half-ghoul. Now faced with the gruesome necessity of consuming human flesh for survival, he grapples with his altered identity and the disquieting ambiguity of what it means to be human.

Across its riveting episodes, the series shadows Ken's internal turmoil as he wrestles with his newfound reality and conceals his ghoul nature from the human world. "Tokyo Ghoul" adeptly weaves visceral gore with psychological horror, painting a captivating and unsettling narrative that ensnares viewers, compelling them to delve deeper into the night to devour its story.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater - Anime Trailer

To combat the malevolent Kishin, a force capable of plunging the world into unrestrained madness, the enigmatic Shinigami-sama devises a unique solution—establishing The Academy. Within its walls, Weapons and Overlords are nurtured and trained collaboratively.

The Weapons represent the very instruments destined to thwart the world's impending demise, while the Overlords are the chosen wielders of these weapons. The embodiment of these Weapons culminates when they consume the souls of 99 evildoers poised to transform into Kishin, in addition to one witch's soul. As a result, a fierce rivalry ensues among the Overlords, each striving to forge the ultimate Death Scythe.

This narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the manga and anime's central events. At this juncture, protagonists Maka and Soul are yet to attain their prominence within the Academy and beyond.

Occult Academy

Occult Academy Trailer

The focal point of the story orbits around Maya Kumashiro, the daughter of the recently departed head of Waldstein Academy, a private institution specializing in the exploration of the occult. Set in the year 1999, an enigmatic figure named Agent Fumiaki Uchida materializes from the year 2012 through a perplexing time-travel expedition.

His mission is clear: obliterate the Key of Nostradamus, an enigmatic entity poised to trigger a cataclysmic crisis within months, ultimately opening the gateway for an interdimensional invasion. This invasion, if allowed to unfold, threatens to hurl humanity into a future marred by an impending war, pushing them to the brink of annihilation.

Uchida and Maya's paths converge, forging an alliance with the shared goal of preventing the future's otherworldly conquerors from seizing control of Earth. As their partnership unfolds, they find themselves ensnared in a maze of paranormal occurrences that manifest both within and around the academy. This labyrinthine environment blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural, making the task of identifying the true Key of Nostradamus far more intricate and demanding than either had foreseen.

Death Note

Death Note (Anime-Trailer)

Light Yagami, the epitome of a model student, finds himself entrapped in a life that no longer captivates him. Disenchanted by the pervading criminality and corruption that permeate society, he yearns for change. A serendipitous discovery upends his existence - a cryptic black notebook, bearing the ominous appellation "Death Note," lands in his possession. Its haunting contents bear an inscrutable directive: "The human whose name is inscribed within this notebook shall meet their demise."

Initially skeptical, Light's skepticism evaporates when his macabre experimentations yield lethal results, culminating in the swift demise of two criminals. Fate takes a pronounced twist as Light encounters the genuine possessor of the Death Note - a shinigami named Ryuk. Emboldened by his newfound ability and compelled by a grand vision, Light resolves to wield the Death Note's power to eradicate malevolence, purging the world of evil and ascending to the mantle of the "God of the new world."

In the pursuit of his chilling agenda, Light's formidable intellect and moral boundaries are contested first by the enigmatic L, an investigator of unparalleled skill. As the narrative unfurls, Light's cunning is put to the ultimate test, both by L's probing scrutiny and by those who follow in his footsteps, inheriting his mantle and challenging his reign of terror.


Another Official Trailer anime

In the year 1972, an aura of popularity and charm surrounded Misaki Yomiyama, a beloved student in Class 3-3 of North Yomiyama School. However, tragedy struck suddenly as Misaki's life was cut short during the school year. Overwhelmed by grief, his classmates and teacher undertook a perplexing decision - continuing to treat Misaki as though he were still among them, going so far as to reserve a spot for him during the graduation ceremony.

Adding a layer of eerie intrigue, Misaki's presence found an eerie embodiment within the graduation photograph. Fast forward to the spring of 1998, and we find Kōichi Sakakibara, a ninth-grade student, embarking on a significant transition.

Born from the ashes of his mother's hometown, Yomiyama, Kōichi's relocation is prompted by his father's assignment in India. This move casts him into the corridors of North Yomiyama School, precisely within the realm of Class 3-3 - the same classroom plagued by Misaki's enigmatic legacy.

Devilman Crybaby

DEVILMAN crybaby | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

In the tale of "Devilman," the protagonist Akira Fudo is thrust into a world of supernatural intrigue. His closest friend, Ryo Asuka, unravels a chilling truth: ancient Demons have returned, seeking to reclaim their dominion by inhabiting human bodies. Ryo proposes an audacious plan to thwart their malevolent designs - by substantiating the existence of these Demons to the human populace.

To enact this perilous endeavor, Ryo urges Akira to accompany him and witness the moment when Demons possess unwitting humans. In a transformative turn of events, Akira becomes one with Amon, the formidable Lord of Demons, fusing their essences.

This fusion births the Devilman, a being with the formidable abilities of a Demon, yet undeniably anchored to his intrinsic human heart. As this transformation reshapes Akira's identity, he takes on the daunting mantle of the Devilman, an entity existing at the intersection of human and Demon.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront - Official Trailer

Three years have passed since a catastrophic occurrence tore open a breach between Earth and an extraterrestrial realm and wreaked havoc on New York City's streets. In the middle of the destruction and subsequent rebuilding, the city acquired a new name: Hellsalem's Lot. Within its borders, a singular confluence occurs, fusing the ordinary with the extraordinary and housing a diverse population of inhabitants, ranging from humans to mysterious otherworldly beings.

The city has evolved into a home for a variety of supernatural beings in this paranormal crucible, where magic and lunacy coexist with the everyday. Hellsalem's Lot is a tribute to the coexistence of the remarkable and the ordinary as well as to humanity's tenacity in the face of overwhelming challenges.

The appearance of relative stability, however, is under attack from a sinister power. This force wants to break through the Bull's defenses and unleash the horrors of New Jerusalem, which could have disastrous consequences. A group of mysterious super agents known as Libra assume the role of protectors in the shadows, working to prevent the unimaginable and maintain the delicate balance that prevents Hellsalem's Lot from devolving into unfettered chaos.

Highschool Of The Dead

High School of the Dead Trailer

The routine of daily life progresses just as reliably as any other day amid the peaceful hum of an ordinary morning. Our main character, Komuro Takashi, is perched on the school's roof while he watches an occurrence that will upend normalcy. At the entrance gate, an unsettling spectacle unfolds as a man with questionable motives causes mayhem.

One of the educators ventures out to confront the mysterious intruder, but in a startling turn, he gets captured by his grasps and suffers from a bite that has much darker repercussions. As the once-injured instructor reanimates as a zombie, terrified coworkers witness a nightmare transformation that gives the bizarre scene a horrific edge.

The diseased teacher rises amid their cries of desperation, preying on his coworkers with an insatiable appetite. As this horrifying scene plays out, his former companions are brutally consumed.

Takashi rushes back into the walls of the school as soon as he notices this terrifying shift, driven by instinct to find safety. Here, he recognizes his buddy Miyamoto Rei and the link they have with her lover Igou Hisashi, which was developed over a lengthy friendship.

Their union becomes a vital lifeline in a world that has been permanently changed by a virus that has awakened the dead as the situation descends into chaos. Now, the once-familiar school environment has been irrevocably transformed into a harrowing battleground, overrun by zombified educators and fellow students.

Devils’ Line

DEVILS' LINE Official English Trailer

One evening, a student named Tsukasa Taira travels home with her classmate Shota Akimura. Unsettlingly, a city with a string of horrifying killings that are thought to be the work of a demonic force follows them. Their concern is short-lived, however, as the pursuer identifies himself as Yki Anzai, a special investigator. Anzai uses his abilities to find and destroy evil demons because of his unique status as a half-demon.

Anzai, who believes Shota is responsible for the run of killings, decides to have him arrested as the situation develops and reveals his actual nature as a demon. Tsukasa is rescued from the commotion by Anzai, who then takes care of her under his protection. Anzai's internal struggle to restrain his bloodlust is a reflection of the difficulties other demons endure in trying to live in harmony with humans.

Anzai's control wavers in an unexpected change of circumstances, and he attacks Tsukasa. He can control himself thanks to his meds, though. Anzai's ongoing struggle with his instinctual tendencies is similar to what other demons who are also trying to coexist peacefully with humans go through.


The excitement for Halloween, the most spooky holiday, grows as October goes on. This spooky time of year ushers in a lovely brew of tricks, treats, and unquestionably, the best anime to watch during Halloween. Though usually associated with movies, the world of anime offers a wide range of engrossing choices that dig into many types of horror, from physical brutality to complex psychological dramas. So gather your candy corn supplies and get ready to have an exciting evening being scared silly and sprinkled with laughter.

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