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Top 16 Best Chinese Anime Of All Time


Chinese anime, also known as Donghua, refers to animated works originating in China or adaptations of Chinese manga, known as Manhua. The best Chinese anime has garnered substantial attention both domestically and internationally, leading to a surge in viewership and a remarkable enhancement in animation quality.

Donghuas draw inspiration from Japanese anime while weaving in distinct Chinese cultural folklores and profound symbolism, thereby carving out a distinctive niche for themselves. The fusion of meticulous artwork, exhilarating combat sequences, and intricately woven narratives has propelled Donghuas beyond their niche origins, gradually propelling them into the realm of mainstream media.

Ling Qi (Spiritpact)

Spirit Pact Anime Trailer

Adapted from a web manhua of identical nomenclature and brought to life by Haoliners Animation League, Spiritpact embarks on the escapades of You Keika, a former exorcist whose attempts had faltered, and Ki Tanmoku, scion of a formidable lineage of exorcists. Together, they confront a series of trials in the supernatural realm, all while unraveling the profound significance of their shared connection.

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The duo of You Keika and Ki Tanmoku seizes the limelight with their blend of lighthearted banter and subtly touching rapport. Spiritpact strikes a remarkable equilibrium between endearing humor, riveting action, and captivating visuals, captivating its audience right from the inaugural episode. This donghua is an enthralling journey that ensnares viewers' attention right up to its culmination.

Wo De Tian Jie Nuyou (My Cultivator Girlfriend)

My Cultivator Girlfriend (Wo De Tian Jie Nv You / 我的天劫女友) OP

Set within a contemporary backdrop where archaic norms and customs persist, My Cultivator Girlfriend unveils a society where the powerful dominate the vulnerable, leaving the latter with little recourse but submission. The narrative tracks the exploits of Ma Yingxiong, a vigilant security guard, as his path converges with that of Lu Zi, a female cultivator, ultimately propelling him into the realm of cultivation.

Comprising a mere 15 episodes, each spanning a concise duration of 13 minutes, the series offers a succinct viewing experience. The characters are meticulously delineated, their alluring histories and attributes adding depth to the plot. The overall comedic essence of the donghua contributes to its gratifying allure, promising a delightfully entertaining encounter for the audience.

Yaoshenji (Tales Of Demons And Gods)

Tales Of Gods And Demons (2017) Trailer #1 Official

Derived from the immensely popular manhua, Tales of Demons and Gods, Yaoshenji chronicles the exploits of Nie Li, once revered as the mightiest demon spiritualist. Following his demise in a clash against the Sage Emperor and his henchmen, Nie Li finds himself thrust back in time to his 13-year-old self.

Distinguished by its employment of 3D computer animation, the donghua presents a distinctive aesthetic compared to the prevailing norms of the genre, a characteristic that might not resonate with every fan's preferences. However, bolstered by an intricately woven narrative and multi-faceted personas, Yaoshenji succeeds in captivating those who approach it with an open mind, captivating them from the very outset.

Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation)

魔道祖师(Mo Dao Zu Shi)Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Season 2 Trailer 1 !

Adapted from the eponymous Chinese web novel penned by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is interlaced with a pervasive theme of reincarnation that underpins its entire narrative. The tale unfolds within a realm where cultivators wield the potential to ascend to immortality.

Central to the plot is Wei Wuxian, a practitioner of the demonic cultivation path. Betrayed and felled by his closest comrade, he undergoes reincarnation, resurfacing 13 years later.

With the aid of a former schoolmate, he embarks on an odyssey to unveil the enigmas concealed within the spiritual realm. Brimming with dynamic action sequences, the donghua adeptly ensnares its audience, leaving them perched on the precipice of their seats, offering an unquestionably remarkable viewing experience.

Quanzhi Fashi (Full-Time Mage)

Quanzhi Fashi Season 1( Full Time Magister ) [ AMV ] - Chance

Quanzhi Fashi, which is based on the critically renowned manhua, follows the adventures of Mo Fan, a jovial high school student who awakens in a strange world where magic rules as the fundamental force of existence. Mo Fan enrolls in a famous magical academy despite his lowly beginnings and lack of knowledge with this world because of his noble desire to become a sorcerer and support his father and sick sister.

With the ability to control the elements of fire and lightning, Mo Fan begins his journey to become a skilled magician with the firm goal of defending his beloved tribe. Quanzhi Fashi is recognized as a lively and fast-moving donghua that has won praise from its viewers, as evidenced by the release of its succeeding four seasons and the promise of additional ones.

Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street)

Calle Rakshasa Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street) Trailer Continue 2°Parte Temporada 2

Centering on Xia Ling, a nondescript university intern, Rakshasa Street intricately weaves a narrative wherein she finds herself unwittingly entangled in a realm teeming with malevolent spirits, where peril looms incessantly. Adapted from a manhua sharing its nomenclature, the donghua is crafted under the creative stewardship of Lu HengYu and Li ZhuJie Studio.

The tale commences at a deliberate pace, gradually accelerating to yield a storyline that necessitates a modicum of patience from its audience. The recompense, however, is a tapestry of unforeseen turns and tantalizing cliffhangers that aptly captivate and reward dedicated viewers.

Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai (Monkey King: Hero Is Back)

Monkey King: Hero is Back Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Jackie Chan, James Hong Movie HD

At its core, this film orbits around the mythos of The Monkey King, an omnipotent entity who incurs imprisonment within an icy spire due to transgressing divine edicts. A young boy, adrift and wandering, stumbles upon the Monkey King's confinement. Serendipitously, his touch shatters the prison, unshackling the formidable being.

The movie unfolds with a well-crafted narrative tempo that adeptly ensnares the audience's attention throughout its duration. Under the directorial helm of Tian Xiao Peng, Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai stands as a concealed gem awaiting discovery, a testament to its latent brilliance.

Lan Mo De Hua (Lan Mo's Flower)

Lan Mo De Hua「AMV」- Dusk Till Dawn

Infused with a delightful blend of romance and enchantment, Lan Mo De Hua offers a gentle viewing experience that will set hearts aflutter. This donghua navigates the journey of Lan Mo, who stumbles upon a mystical hairpin with the power to alter her appearance.

Driven by this newfound ability, she embarks on a quest to win the affections of her childhood companion, Lui Yi Feng. Comprising a concise span of 9 episodes, each lasting 13 minutes, Lan Mo De Hua beckons as an effortless series to indulge in, striking a harmonious balance that eschews haste, while evoking a sense of warmth and coziness among its viewers.

Douluo Dalu (Soul Land)

SOUL LAND 斗罗大陆 | Trailer | Watch FREE on WeTV

Douluo Dalu traverses the journey of Tang San, a once-dedicated disciple of the Tang Sect Martial Clan. After transgressing sacred tenets and succumbing to self-inflicted demise, Tang San finds himself reborn within an enigmatic realm.

Here, individuals harness their inherent spirits for cultivation, aspiring to ascend as spirit masters. Despite bearing the feeblest innate spirit, Tang San wields potent spiritual prowess, propelling him towards the zenith of the cultivation sphere.

Often hailed as a paragon among donghua releases, Douluo Dalu consistently garners substantial viewership. The tale's intricacy, complemented by vibrant animations, stands as a resounding attestation to its resounding popularity.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar)

Quan Zhi Gao Shou (2017) Trailer #1 Official

Quan Zhi Gao Shou revolves around the immersive realm of "Glory," an expansive MMORPG that harbors tens of thousands of players, all fervently striving for supremacy and a lasting legacy within its virtual annals. Ye Xiu, a former luminary among professional gamers, hailed by many as the unrivaled maestro, is compelled to retire due to the inexorable march of time and a sequence of lackluster showings. In response, he crafts a fresh avatar, meticulously concealing his true identity, all for the sake of relishing the game that once consumed his existence.

Adorned with artistry that captivates the senses and intricate strategies that tax the intellect, Quan Zhi Gao Shou stands as a donghua that merits dedicated attention. Its fusion of visual allure and complex maneuvering makes it a resplendent investment of time and interest.

Yi Ren Zhi Xia (The Outcast)

Hitori no Shita the outcast | Trailer

Yi Ren Zhi Xia creates a spellbinding tapestry of enchantment that transports viewers to a world filled with magical forces, fantastical animals, and thrilling odysseys. The story revolves around Li Yao, a young boy whose latent abilities as a Renmei - destined to maintain harmony between the natural and magical worlds - come to light.

Li Yao sets out on an exciting journey with the support of loyal comrades, revealing the hidden truths of his ancestry and squaring off against powerful foes. Yi Ren Zhi Xia beckons as an immersive anime experience that ignites the fires of imagination inside its viewers, enhanced by exquisite animation, fascinating characters, and an enthralling plotline.

Jie Mo Ren (The Devil Ring)

The Devil Ring (Jie Mo Ren) OP Ver.1

True to its name, the series' premise is readily grasped. Zhou Xiaoan unwittingly dons a mysterious ring, oblivious to its origins. In a swift turn of events, a Blood Devil emerges from within him, introducing himself as 'King Zhou of Shang'.

This malevolent entity hails from a clan of heart-devouring zombies, unveiling astonishing historical revelations that Zhou must grapple with. In due course, Zhou unearths the existence of a clandestine sect of Taoist Priests engaged in combating these Blood Devils, all while existing in a concealed realm that seamlessly melds with human society.

Although the premise holds intrigue, the pacing across these 13-minute episodes sometimes lacks impact. If you're intrigued by the prospect of exploring Chinese anime, it's worth delving into this series!

Mo Ri Shu Guang (Dawn Of The World)

"Dawn of the World" {Donghua/Anime shounen-ai Cina- sub.ita} Mo Ri Shu Guang 末日曙光

If the likes of High School of the Dead, Attack on Titan, or Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress have piqued your interest, this anime might captivate you as well. Set within a post-apocalyptic China, the narrative unfolds in the wake of a virus that has transformed the majority of the populace into zombies. Amidst this dire landscape, a handful of survivors strive to persist against the odds.

Mo Ri Shu Guang pivots around two central figures: Meng Feng, a stalwart combatant, and Liu Yan, an adept engineer and strategist. Together with the assistance of these two individuals and the resilient survivors, a glimmer of hope emerges from the darkness once more. The series brims with action, punctuated by riveting combat sequences that infuse it with a dynamic energy.

Nuwa Chengzhang Riji (Nuwa Growth Diary)

Nuwa Chengzhang Riji episode 2 English sub

Nuwa Chengzhang Riji delves into the chronicles of Xiao Xiao Feng, a somewhat airheaded young orphan who unexpectedly finds herself regarded as the 'Goddess of Creation-Nuwa' in alignment with ancient Chinese mythology. Guided by Li Chang, she becomes cognizant of her intrinsic identity as a Nuwa, entrusted with the mission of guiding lost souls and revitalizing the celestial realm.

Although met with initial reluctance, Xiao Xiao Feng gradually lends her aid to Li Chang's endeavor, embarking on a journey to grasp the ways of ascending to goddesshood. It's noteworthy that this 30-episode series unfolds within brief spans of time - precisely 9 minutes per episode! Nevertheless, it's a lighthearted and enjoyable watch, perfectly suited for those fleeting moments of respite.

Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng (Chinese Mystery Man)

Opening 1 | [ Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng (Chinese Mystery Man) ] | 720p

Amidst the perilous alleys teeming with ravenous, human-devouring creatures, a reawakened ancient form of magic, dating back to the Eastern Han dynasty, emerges as a potential panacea to quell the menace. Our journey intertwines with Li Xue, a vigilant police officer, and Wang Xiaoer, a figure often misconstrued as a monster himself.

Yet, beneath the surface, Xiaoer is a wielder of arcane powers, single-handedly waging war against the monstrous scourge. Together, they unravel the grisly enigmas enshrouding these creatures. In these bite-sized 10-minute installments, intrigue mingles with tantalizing fanservice, crafting an engrossing narrative tapestry.

Di Wang Gong Lue (The Emperor's Strategy)

【BL】Di Wang Gong Lue 帝王攻略 The Emperor's Strategy Trailer 4.30

Amidst the realms of martial prowess, drama, and historical tapestries, this tale weaves the narrative of Chu Yuan. As the trajectory of his fate aligns him to ascend the throne as a benevolent emperor within the Chinese Imperial Court, an intriguing dynamic unfurls. Duan Baiyue, often misconstrued as Chu Yuan's adversary, emerges to assume the role of his trusted aide.

This saga delves deep into the labyrinthine struggles, insidious corruption, and power struggles that permeate the hallowed confines of the imperial court, a stage of paramount significance within China. As the original novel and manhua versions captivate enthusiasts, the anime adaptation falls short of resonating with its source material's devotees. Nevertheless, the auditory landscape and meticulous craftsmanship invested in the series merit genuine commendation.


Numerous stories have come to pass in the history of Chinese animation, each adding its own distinct hues to the tapestry. These tales have won over audiences all over the world with their sophisticated realms of cultivation and spirits and challenging post-apocalyptic settings. The best Chinese anime stands as a tribute to the nation's creative talent, whether it be through the captivating adventures of demon-slaying heroes or the intertwined destiny of strong sorcerers.

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