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14 Best Christmas Anime Of All Time


The enchanting spirit of the holiday season has long been captured in various forms of media, and one particularly delightful avenue is anime. As snowflakes gently fall and hearts warm with joy, there is a genre of anime that perfectly encapsulates the magic of Christmas.

From heartwarming tales of friendship and love to fantastical adventures that unfold against a backdrop of twinkling lights and snow-covered landscapes, the world of anime has gifted us with some truly memorable Christmas-themed stories. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the gems that have earned the title of best Christmas anime of all time, celebrating the creativity and charm that has made these anime classics synonymous with holiday cheer.

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second Trailer

In this selection, we've opted to delve into the melancholic facet of anime that resonates deeply, especially during the Christmas season. "5 Centimeters Per Second" delicately weaves the narrative of Tohno Takaki and Akari. These two childhood companions find themselves forcibly separated due to their parents' professional commitments. Despite their best intentions, maintaining regular communication becomes a challenge, and gradually, the expanse between them grows, leaving both haunted by the persistent question of 'what might have been.'

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Although undeniably a sorrowful anime film, its poignant charm is something that captivates us all. "5 Centimeters Per Second" doesn't just touch our hearts; it firmly tugs at our emotions in a way that's truly unparalleled. Credit rightfully belongs to Makoto Shinkai for crafting this unparalleled masterpiece that evokes a sense of awe and admiration.

Itsudatte My Santa!

Itsudatte My Santa! Trailer

Among the standout anime of the 2000s, "Itsudatte My Santa" embarks on a tale centered around Santa, an individual who harbors an aversion to all things associated with Christmas. As many might anticipate, his path crosses with that of a spirited girl, inevitably leading to a complete upheaval of his life. Her primary mission? To open his eyes to the splendors that existence holds.

"Itsudatte My Santa!" encapsulates the very essence of a yuletide anime. It seamlessly embodies every element one could desire in a seasonal watch, making it an exceptional choice for this time of year. For those who haven't yet experienced its charm, we're confident that once you do, affection for it will surely follow.

Wolf Children

Wolf Children (2012) - Official Trailer, English Dub

A timeless gem from the Ghibli collection, "Wolf Children" emerges as an ideal choice for this season. It unfurls the journey of Hana, a diligent college student whose heart is captured by a man claiming to be part-wolf. Their connection deepens swiftly, culminating in the birth of their offspring.

Tragedy strikes, as her husband's demise leaves her alone to raise two children with a wolfish heritage. "Wolf Children" offers a distinct narrative dimension compared to its counterparts on this roster. Centered around the profound love of a parent for their offspring, the anime resonates with us on a truly unique level. Its exploration of parental devotion is undeniably heartwarming, positioning it as one of our cherished favorites among the selections.

The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya

[MAD] The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - TRAILER - English Dubbed - Fan Made

An anime that's sure to captivate your attention during this festive season is "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya." This adaptation delves into the narrative of the fourth Haruhi novel. The story unfolds as the SOS Brigade gears up for a Christmas celebration, only for Suzumiya to mysteriously vanish. Adding to the intrigue, the memories of everyone concerning her start to fade, eventually leading to her being forgotten altogether.

This anime seamlessly blends elements of mystery with a touch of romance, making it a perfect choice to warm your heart during the holiday season. "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" not only piques your curiosity but also brings a sense of coziness to your viewing experience. If you're seeking a Christmas-themed anime, this is one you should absolutely consider exploring.

Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata (Anime trailer)

Our culminating selection is none other than "Winter Sonata," an anime drawn from a Korean Drama. Its narrative orbits around Yoo Jin, whose heartache stems from the loss of her beloved, Joo Sang, in a tragic accident. As time stitches the wounds of her heart, she moves forward, eventually deciding to marry a childhood confidant. However, just when life seems to have found equilibrium, she encounters someone who remarkably resembles Joo Sang reborn.

"Winter Sonata" emerges as an exquisitely crafted anime, much of its backdrop draped in wintry splendor that evokes the essence of the holiday season. Its exceptional portrayal of love aligns harmoniously with the sentiments cherished during this time of year. We hold firm in the belief that "Winter Sonata" is a viewing experience that you're bound to relish, especially during the Christmas season.

Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers [Official English Dub Trailer, GKIDS] - Blu-ray/DVD June 2

Commencing our compilation is the beloved Christmas classic, "Tokyo Grandfathers." This anime embarks on the tale of Gin, Hans, and Miyuki - three individuals adrift without a true sense of belonging. Set against the backdrop of Christmas Eve, their path intersects with an abandoned infant. In a quandary about the best course of action, they embark on a journey to reunite the child with its parents.

"Tokyo Godfathers" guarantees a truly unique voyage for its audience. The narrative weaves a tapestry of heartwarming instances that have the power to thaw even the coldest hearts. Simultaneously, it boasts a plethora of side-splitting comedic moments that stand among the finest in the realm of anime. Be assured, this anime is a fail-safe choice for your Christmas viewing, promising an experience that's nothing short of delightful!


Toradora! - Official English Trailer

"ToraDora!" emerges as a delightfully entertaining anime that unfurls the journey of Ryuuji and Taiga within their high school realm. Ryuuji nurses a substantial crush on Minori, and serendipitously, he finds himself in the same classroom as her. In a bid to enhance his prospects with Minori, he joins forces with her friend, Taiga.

As time marches on, the two protagonists undergo an evolution of emotions, ultimately cultivating a tender connection that's hard not to cherish. The allure of "ToraDora!" resides in its ability to seamlessly encapsulate the essence of slice-of-life elements, universally adored by audiences. The series is also enriched by its pivotal Christmas-themed episodes, further enhancing its appeal and rightfully securing its place on our curated list.

Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart - Official Trailer

"Whisper of the Heart" intricately weaves the tale of Shizuku, a young aficionado of writing who grapples with the uncertainty of her life's trajectory. Encounters, seemingly ordained by fate, introduce her to Seiki, a young boy who subtly begins to occupy her heart. Amidst this unfolding affection, Shizuku embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, discovering the profound significance of forging one's own path in life. Fuelled by Seiki's influence, she resolutely pursues her aspirations as a writer, mirroring his path of purpose.

The anime resonates on a profound level, its resonance enduring long after the credits roll. This anime adeptly marries elements of melancholy with inspiring undertones, sculpting an emotional landscape that leaves an indelible mark on the viewer. As the year transitions, this poignant narrative serves as an ideal companion, gently guiding us into the new chapter ahead.

Your Lie In April

Your lie in April Trailer

"Your Lie in April" revolves around the narrative of Arima Kousei, a gifted young pianist who loses his auditory connection to his music following the passing of his mother. The entrance of Miyazono Kaori proves transformative, as she deliberately enters his world and brings about a profound transformation. Through Kaori's presence, Arima once again begins to truly experience life's vivid colors and emotions, awakening his dormant senses.

While "Your Lie in April" might not be inherently tied to the Christmas theme, its narrative profoundly warms the heart. The anime, though punctuated by moments of poignant sorrow, is enriched by heartwarming instances that align harmoniously with the sentiments of the season. Beyond its emotional currents, the story's meticulous composition renders it a timeless treasure, a viewing choice that never falters in its ability to leave an enduring impact.


Kanon (2006) trailer

The 2006 rendition of "Kanon" is an anime that deserves an unequivocal spot on your Christmas watchlist. The narrative revolves around Aizawa Yuuichi, who, for seven successive years, remains unable to visit one of his cousins. However, the subsequent year marks a long-awaited return to the city, only for him to encounter a profound case of amnesia, rendering his recollections entirely elusive. As he navigates the altered landscape, the drama that unfolds is replete with Christmas motifs, promising an immersive experience tailored for a chilly holiday viewing.

Incorporating a blend of drama and festive elements, "Kanon" ensures that your Christmas day is brimming with captivating engagement. The anime's unique appeal resides in its capacity to intertwine the seasonal ambiance with the poignant threads of its narrative, making it an indispensable addition to your holiday anime roster.

Chocotto Sister

Anime: Chocotto Sister

The narrative orbits around Haruma Kawagoe, who, as a young child, made a poignant Christmas wish after his mother's heart-wrenching miscarriage. This wish arose from the depths of his heart, hoping to heal the wounds inflicted by his mother's inability to conceive after the painful ordeal.

As time passes and Haruma matures into a university student, a remarkable occurrence transpires. A woman astride a flying motorcycle unexpectedly appears at his window, asserting her identity as Santa Claus herself. Her purpose? To grant the fruition of Haruma's long-ago plea: a younger sister.

Amidst Haruma's astonishment and bewilderment, he conveys the reality of the elapsed years since that fervent wish was made. In response, Santa Claus gently elucidates that crafting a little sister involves a more intricate process than assembling a simple automaton, hence the passage of considerable time. With the completion of her mission, Santa secures Haruma's acknowledgment of the delivered package and resumes her enigmatic journey.

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas

Guilty Crown Lost Christmas Ova 2012 Trailer

Set a decade prior to the commencement of the main series, this Christmas-themed special serves as a prelude to "Guilty Crown." The chronicle unfolds in 2029, a backdrop where the nascent stages of the storyline transpire. It opens with Scrooge, an experimental individual endowed with psychic capabilities, eluding his confinement within a research facility.

Amidst his escape, Scrooge's path intertwines with that of a fellow enigma, a young girl named Carol, whose unique gift empowers her to manifest weapons from within her own body. Together, they forge an alliance, united by their shared experiences and extraordinary abilities.

As their narrative unfolds, the duo's journey introduces them to another girl named Present. Within her, the threads of destiny interlace the trio's fates inextricably. This Christmas-themed prequel serves as a window into the foundations of "Guilty Crown," showcasing the origins of pivotal characters and the enchanting convergence of their paths.

Amagami SS

Amagami SS Plus Trailer

On a Christmas Eve, Junichi Tachibana, a high school student, finds himself stood up by a date. Two years down the line, he continues to grapple with the remnants of that heartache, vowing to shield himself from the sting of rejection ever again.

However, circumstances shift, and now, Junichi finds himself at a juncture where the tables have turned. He crosses paths with six different girls, each sparking his interest in a unique way. As he navigates these newfound connections, the looming approach of another Christmas Eve becomes a pivotal crossroads. Junichi is compelled to reckon with his feelings, determining not only who he has fallen for but also the individual with whom he wishes to share the forthcoming Christmas celebration.

In a captivating twist, the once-rejected has now assumed the role of the one who must do the rejecting, as Junichi grapples with complex emotions, burgeoning relationships, and the profound significance of a day that carries echoes of both heartbreak and hope.

White Album 2

White Album 2 - A Love That Cannot Be

Haruki Kitahara, a 17-year-old with great ambition, longs to perform with the light music club at his school's festival. But his dream might be crushed by the club's impending dissolution. Haruki's fingers find their way to his guitar strings amid this approaching setback, evoking the chords of "White Album," the first song he ever played.

To his surprise, his song receives a melodic response in the form of an exquisite voice and the sweet resonance of a piano. Setsuna Ogiso, a kind and outgoing soul, provided the vocal, while Kazusa Touma, a mysterious figure with a distinguished musical pedigree, provided the piano cadence.

The friendship between Haruki and his two new pals blossoms as a result of their harmonious confluence. Together, they set out on a joint journey, bringing Haruki's goal to life via their combined efforts. But behind the surface, a complex emotional web made of a developing romance and a complex love triangle starts to take shape.

Will the complexity of love and their intertwined feelings threaten the very ideal they have cultivated together as they negotiate the nuances of their relationships? In a story that reflects both the gentle and turbulent elements of interpersonal connection, "White Album 2" goes into the maze of feelings, entwining music, and devotion.


In the realm of anime, where imagination knows no bounds, the allure of Christmas has been brought to life in extraordinary ways. The best Christmas anime of all time have proven to be timeless treasures, resonating with audiences across generations. These heartwarming tales remind us of the power of love, friendship, and the wonder of the holiday season.

From endearing characters navigating the joys and challenges of Christmas to the splendor of beautifully animated winter landscapes, these anime have secured their place in our hearts as beloved classics. As we bask in the glow of the holiday lights and gather with loved ones, let us not forget the enchanting worlds that anime has woven, reminding us that the spirit of Christmas is not just a day, but a feeling that can be experienced throughout the year.

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