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Best CSGO Headphones - Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level

When it comes to competitive gaming, having the best CSGO headphones can make a significant difference in your performance. In games like CS:GO, where precise audio cues can give you a strategic advantage, finding the best headphones is crucial.

Hilda Workman
Jun 26, 2023741 Shares105811 Views
When it comes to competitive gaming, having the best CSGO headphonescan make a significant difference in your performance. In games like CS:GO, where precise audio cues can give you a strategic advantage, finding the best headphones is crucial.
The right pair of headphones can enhance your gaming experience by delivering clear and immersive sound, allowing you to accurately locate enemy footsteps, gunshots, and other important audio cues.
In this article, we will explore the top contenders for the title of the best CS:GO headphones and help you choose the perfect pair to take your gaming to the next level.

How To Choose Best CS GO Headphones

If you invest in some name-brand hardware, you may relax knowing that the specs will handle Counter-Strike just well. Thus, the choice of which precise model to choose is largely down to personal preference. Two things should be noted:
Design. You ought to find the item to your liking. The headset enhances your appearance, so you should feel good about how you look using it.
access to professional sportspeople and teams. It's merely business as usual for headset companies to support esports athletes. But if the pros utilize it, it has to be excellent for the rest of us (well, for most CS gamers). Supporting your favorite team financially and emotionally is possible via the purchase of the sponsor's wares.
There is no one best headset out there that will work for everyone. Take a look at the layout. Find out what kind of headphones the players you admire use. Then, after you know what you like, go ahead and get it.
It's possible that after extensive time spent with some models, the player may feel unhappy. However, this is quite unusual since branded headsets are subjected to rigorous testing. Try out your preferred model in real life if you fear you could have a negative encounter.

Wired Or Wireless?

Pro gamers often use wired headphones. This innovation ensures a more rapid and steady connection. There's also no need to worry about meeting an untimely end.
The quality of modern wireless headphones is high enough that speed and dependability are less of a concern. It may be a fun option for those who only play sometimes.

Best CSGO Headphones

Here are some examples.

ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 Gaming Headset

Black headphone
Black headphone
ASUS Gaming Headphones offer an exceptional True 7.1 Surround Sound experience with 10 discrete neodynamic drivers, ensuring precise positioning for pro gamers seeking a competitive edge. The hi-res ESS amplifier delivers immersive and impactful audio that enhances the gaming experience and increases the chances of victory.
The headphones excel in communication with their unidirectional digital microphone, boasting impressive SNR and high sensitivity to sound. The mic minimizes background noise pickup, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication during phone calls, gaming sessions, and on-the-go chat.
Included in the package is the ROG Centurion Control Box, a plug-and-play USB control box that functions as a USB sound card. It not only simplifies usage but also provides effective environmental noise cancellation (ENC) to eliminate distractions and focus on the game.
The Centurion wired headset comes with ASUS Sonic Studio, an intuitive audio control software. With Sonic Studio, users have complete control over various audio features, including EQ settings, speaker-level balancing, in-game sound mapping, and more. This level of control allows gamers to customize their audio experience to suit their preferences and gameplay needs.
Comfort is a priority with the ASUS Gaming Headphones. The package includes two sets of ear cushions, catering to different comfort preferences. The ultra-soft fabric mesh cushions and the highly breathable protein leather cushions provide a strong hold and secure fit, ensuring great comfort even during prolonged gaming sessions.
The GSP 600 is one of EPOS's best gaming headsets, and it's worth considering if you value a no-frills, specialized gaming headset with high-quality audio. There is no option to change the sound settings, and the default settings are optimized for (competitive) play. Since this headset has a a rather weak bass response, movies, and music may lack the oomph you want at times.
However, that 'oomph' is just about the last thing you need while gaming competitively (prominent bass levels may obscure out critical upper noises like reloading and footsteps), therefore this GSP 600 operates well as a gaming headset. Put it in a headset that's well-made all around and you've got yourself a GSP 600. The mic is great, too.

Logitech G PRO X

Black headphone
Black headphone
It's another well-liked option, and it holds its own against the best of the best in the CS:GO headset market. The Logitech G PRO X is built with a focus on functionality rather than flash, which might be a winning strategy in the world of eSports.
The innovative microphone system is just one way this model stands out from the competition. The Logitech G PRO X incorporates Blue VO!CE, a well-respected brand of streaming microphones. If you want to combine playing Counter-Strike with broadcasting your matches, this can be a good option.
The memory foam in the headphones ensures a cozy fit. Steel and aluminum construction ensures durability and dependability. The wireless version, called the Logitech G PRO X Wireless, retails for about $230 and bears the brand name Logitech.
Xyp9x, gla1ve, dycha, headtr1ck, huNter-, NiKo, and m0NESY are just few of the CS:GO players that utilize PRO X.

Sennheiser GAME ZERO


Sennheiser, a name well-known in the audio industry, has released a new headset called the GAME ZERO. When it comes to features and customization, this closed-back headset leaves a lot to be desired.
However, the sound profile has been tuned specifically for competitive gaming, which means that the bass has been slightly toned down in favor of the far more important mid and high registers.
Its lightweight, ergonomic design ensures hours of pleasant gameplay, and the high-quality microphone ensures crystal-clear communication with your colleagues.
It's not crucial to have a high-quality microphone if you just plan on yelling occasional callouts, but it's comforting to know that your colleagues won't lose hearing if you push it a bit farther.
The GAME ZERO is the headset to choose if you're looking for a serious and reputable audio brand that packs a quality audio experience for competitive gaming.

Razer BlackShark V2

Razer NAILED IT - BlackShark V2 and V2 X Gaming Headset Review

For a while, Razer headsets weren't appearing on these "most used" lists, and that was in part because the company had several headset production lines in motion at once. When BlackShark V2 came out, everything shifted.
The BlackShark V2 seems to satisfy the needs of professional and competitive gamers seeking a high-quality audio experience. Sound quality is excellent, (passive) noise reduction is passable, and the BlackShark V2 is comfy and robust.
The BlackShark V2 doesn't try to outshine the competition by becoming the most technologically sophisticated headset for gamers. What you get is a trustworthy bundle that provides superb audio for (competitive) gaming in a comfy and aesthetically pleasing package that can be used either connected or wirelessly.
If you're looking for a headset that's built for competition and provides a higher quality experience than the cheaper options on our list, go no further.

Factors To Consider When Choosing CS:GO Headphones

When choosing CS:GO headphones, there are several important factors to consider. Here are the key factors you should keep in mind:

Sound Quality

The sound quality of your headphones is crucial for a satisfying gaming experience. Look for headphones that offer clear and immersive sound with a wide frequency response and accurate audio positioning. This will allow you to hear in-game details, footsteps, and other crucial audio cues.

Comfort And Fit

Since gaming sessions can last for hours, it's essential to choose headphones that are comfortable to wear. Look for headphones with adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight designs. A good fit is important to prevent discomfort and fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Noise Isolation

In a competitive gaming environment like CS:GO, noise isolation is crucial. Headphones with effective noise isolation can help block out external distractions and immerse you in the game. Look for headphones with closed-back designs and good seal to prevent sound leakage.

Microphone Quality

Clear and accurate communication is vital in CS:GO, especially during team play and coordination. Consider headphones with a high-quality microphone that offers clear voice transmission, noise cancellation, and adjustable positioning. A good microphone will ensure effective communication with your teammates.


Gaming headphones should be built to withstand long gaming sessions and regular use. Look for headphones made with durable materials, reinforced cables, and sturdy construction. This will ensure that your headphones can withstand the rigors of gaming and last for a long time.

Wired Or Wireless

Consider whether you prefer wired or wireless headphones. Wired headphones often offer lower latency and more consistent audio quality, while wireless headphones provide more freedom of movement. Choose based on your preferences and gaming setup.
By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing CS:GO headphones that suit your gaming needs and preferences.

People Also Ask

What Are The Best Headphones For CS:GO Under $100?

Some of the best headphones for CS:GO under $100 include the HyperX Cloud II, SteelSeries Arctis 5, and the Logitech G Pro X.

Are Wireless Headphones Suitable For CS:GO Gaming?

Yes, wireless headphones can be suitable for CS:GO gaming. However, it's important to ensure they have low latency and a stable connection to avoid any audio delay during gameplay.

Do I Need Surround Sound Headphones For CS:GO?

While surround sound headphones can provide an immersive audio experience, they are not necessarily a requirement for CS:GO. Many players prefer stereo headphones that offer accurate sound positioning and clarity.
Noise-canceling headphones can be beneficial for CS:GO as they help block out external distractions and focus on the game's audio cues. However, it's important to note that open-back headphones are often preferred for accurate positional audio.

Can I Use Gaming Headsets For CS:GO On Consoles?

Yes, gaming headsets designed for PC gaming, including CS:GO, are often compatible with consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. However, it's important to check the headset's compatibility with your specific console model.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best CS:GO headphones is essential for gamers looking to elevate their gaming experience. The right pair of headphones can provide clear and accurate audio, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game and gain a competitive edge.
When considering the best CS:GO headphones, factors such as sound quality, comfort, durability, and positional accuracy should be taken into account.
By selecting headphones specifically designed for gaming, players can enjoy precise audio cues, allowing them to react quickly and effectively in the fast-paced world of CS:GO.
Whether you're a casual player or a professional competitor, investing in high-quality headphones will undoubtedly enhance your gaming performance and enjoyment.
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