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The 15 Best Demon Anime Of All Time

Beyond their fearsome exteriors and otherworldly skills, anime demons frequently have human-like traits, making them endearing to viewers and relatable. The best demon anime continue to occupy a particular place in fans' hearts as a result of these elements and their effects. Many of these demon characters have endured the passage of time to become enduring icons in the anime community.

Cecilia Jones
Oct 13, 20235028 Shares186216 Views
Demons in particular are prominently featured in anime, which typically includes a wide variety of supernatural beings. These anime demons take on numerous guises and exhibit remarkable and diverse arrays of abilities. They are frequently portrayed as morally dubious, changing their allegiance with good or evil depending on the situation.
Beyond their fearsome exteriors and otherworldly skills, anime demons frequently have human-like traits, making them endearing to viewers and relatable. The best demon animecontinue to occupy a particular place in fans' hearts as a result of these elements and their effects. Many of these demon characters have endured the passage of time to become enduring icons in the anime community.


Official English Trailer Extended | Inuyasha, Set 1 | VIZ

While "Inuyasha" primarily revolves around its titular hero, other captivating demons also contribute to the series' charm. Among them, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half-brother and a pure-blooded demon of immense power, stands out.
His strength often surpasses even Inuyasha's, solidifying his status as one of the series' mightiest demons. Possessing an aloof and prideful demeanor, Sesshomaru regards himself as superior to all other forms of life.
Initially introduced as an antagonist, Sesshomaru undergoes substantial character development as the story unfolds. Gradually, he learns the value of compassion and empathy towards others. Intriguingly, his character arc appears to undergo more transformation than even that of Inuyasha, contributing significantly to his enduring popularity among fans.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Devil is a Part-Timer - Official AnimeLab trailer

"The Devil is a Part-Timer" takes a refreshingly distinct approach to anime demons compared to the norm. This contemporary isekai gem centers on Sadao Maou, a former demon ruler banished from his dominion as the Demon King. Following a crushing defeat, he finds himself relegated to a humble role as a part-time employee at a local fast-food establishment on Earth.
Although his present stature lacks the imposing threat of his past, Sadao remains inherently a demon. Despite the attenuation of his powers, he retains a degree of access to them, utilizing them to adapt to his newfound earthly existence. Marked by his amiable nature and positive perspective, Sadao effortlessly secures a place as one of the most endearing demon characters within the realm of anime.


Dororo Official Trailer

In "Dororo," Hyakkimaru's essence isn't conventionally demonic, yet his narrative intricately intertwines with these supernatural beings, shaping his identity profoundly. Born under extraordinary circumstances, his physical form becomes an offering to nearby demons, resulting in the loss of his face, limbs, and skin. Abandoned by his father following this ritualistic sacrifice, his survival defies all odds.
As he matures, Hyakkimaru embarks on a quest to retrieve his stolen body parts from the clutches of the demons. This journey, while fueled by a quest for wholeness, comes with a significant cost. For each demon he vanquishes, he forfeits a portion of his humanity, inching closer toward a transformation into a demon himself.

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist (Anime) -- Trailer HD

"Blue Exorcist" stands as a prominent and enduring demon-focused anime, capturing the attention of audiences even years after its inception in the 2010s. The series centers on Rin Okumura, who has risen to become one of the most celebrated anime demon characters in contemporary times.
Commencing as an ordinary teenage boy, Rin's existence undergoes an irreversible transformation following the passing of his adoptive father, Shiro. Unveiling a startling revelation, Rin discovers his true nature - he is not merely a demon, but also the offspring of Satan himself. Nevertheless, he resolutely rejects aligning with his malevolent lineage, instead pledging to confront and defeat his biological father to avenge Shiro's demise.


Overlord - Trailer

"When Overlord begins, Albedo emerges as one of the initial NPCs encountered by fans and holds the distinction of being the first to accompany Ainz in the new reality following Yggdrasil's permanent closure. Possessing formidable demonic prowess, she assumes the role of Overseer for the Guardians safeguarding the Tomb of Nazarick.
Despite her considerable might and aptitudes, Albedo's potential to rule independently takes a backseat as she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to Ainz. Intriguingly, she's been intricately designed to harbor an intense affection for him. Her allegiance to Ainz remains unwavering, positioning her as one of his most potent and steadfast allies, effectively functioning as his right-hand figure."


Hellsing Ultimate Collection 1 (I-IV) Official Trailer - Available Now

Within the expansive Hellsing franchise, demons are categorized into diverse factions, including vampires, werekin, and ghouls, among others. In the eyes of the Vatican, these entities are synonymous with unrestrained malevolence, prompting the deployment of bounty hunters to target and eliminate them for substantial rewards. Amidst this spectrum of demons stands Alucard, a figure of paramount significance and one of the most preeminent vampires in history.
Alucard, while inherently a vampire himself, occupies a covert role as the Hellsing Organization's clandestine asset. This group is entrusted with the duty of tracking down and eradicating vampires and various other supernatural beings.
Despite his position as the series' protagonist, Alucard's moral compass veers far from traditional heroism. Infused with an innate cruelty, he engages with adversaries in a ruthless manner and exhibits no reluctance in claiming innocent lives.


Official English Trailer | Naruto, Set 1 | VIZ

Among the array of anime demons, Kurama undoubtedly holds a cherished place. In the initial phases of "Naruto," Kurama was initially recognized solely as the formidable Nine-Tailed Fox demon. Enclosed within the series' central character, the Nine-Tails initially wreaks considerable havoc, even invoking fear within Naruto himself.
Nonetheless, the dynamic between the two evolves over time, leading to a profound friendship. Once they reconcile and align their intentions, Kurama emerges as one of Naruto's most indispensable allies.
With his seemingly boundless might, Kurama consistently furnishes Naruto with remarkable enhancements. Despite his absence in "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations," the enduring affection from fans who have accompanied his journey from the inception remains unwavering.

Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins | Official Trailer | Netflix

Within the realm of "Seven Deadly Sins," Meliodas commands the spotlight as its central protagonist. While his appearance may deviate from conventional anime demon imagery, he harbors the potent might characteristic of these beings. As the embodiment of Wrath, he stands as a formidable presence among the Seven Deadly Sins, boasting an unparalleled amalgamation of strength and abilities.
Yet, his ascendancy doesn't merely stem from his mastery in swordsmanship. As a denizen of the Demon Clan, his capabilities extend far beyond those of his fellow Sins. Fueled by his intrinsic demonic essence, Meliodas harnesses a reservoir of energy that elevates his prowess to unprecedented levels on the battlefield, effectively rendering him an imposing adversary whose defeat proves to be a daunting endeavor for any challenger.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu-Yu-Hakusho Funimation Trailer (HD 720p)

Within the timeless narrative of Yu Yu Hakusho, the character Yoko Kurama emerges as a silver-haired fox demon, inhabiting the corporeal vessel of Shuichi Minamino, a central figure in the series. Following a grave injury, Kurama elects to encase his essence within a newborn Shuichi, entering a dormant state until the latter's maturation triggers the release of his latent demonic potential.
Henceforth, Kurama exerts control over his youthful host, seamlessly alternating between his human facade and his former formidable demon manifestation. Since its inception, Kurama has garnered an enduring adoration from fans, firmly solidifying his status as one of the series' most cherished characters. His indelible presence significantly contributes to the ongoing popularity of Yu Yu Hakusho, etching his legacy as an integral and recognizable component of the show's ensemble.

Devilman Crybaby

DEVILMAN crybaby | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Initiating the narrative of the Devilman series, Akira Fudo stands as a seemingly unremarkable human protagonist. Initially perceived as somewhat feeble, his timorous tendencies undergo a dramatic transformation following the acquisition of the formidable demonic prowess inherent to Amon.
Undergoing this metamorphosis, Akira evolves into the formidable entity known as Devilman, a heroic figure embodying the duality of his newfound demonic strength and his commitment to safeguard humanity. With his augmented physical attributes, encompassing heightened strength and velocity, coupled with remarkable combat proficiency, Akira wholeheartedly engages in the ardent defense of humanity against relentless waves of malevolent demons. His resolute mission to counteract malevolence positions him as an unwavering force dedicated to preserving the world from the clutches of evil.

Black Butler

Black Butler: Season 1 - Official Trailer

"Black Butler" experienced remarkable acclaim, particularly during the 2010s, cementing its status as a cultural sensation. The series harbors one of anime's most adored demon characters, the enigmatic and captivating Sebastian Michaelis. With his sophisticated demeanor, charismatic charm, and striking aesthetics, it's unsurprising that he captured the affections of numerous fans, especially those who lean toward the fangirl demographic.
Sebastian stands as a captivating, enigmatic demon figure who forges a contract with the young protagonist, Ciel Phantomhive. Operating as Ciel's unwavering butler, Sebastian wholeheartedly fulfills any task that arises.
However, his motivation extends beyond altruism. Following the culmination of their arrangement, Sebastian anticipates the acquisition and consumption of Ciel's soul. Nevertheless, he impeccably executes his responsibilities as a butler in the interim, personifying excellence in his role.

Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade - Trailer

Among the roster of anime demons, Chrono Crusade's titular character diverges significantly from the norm. In contrast to the prevailing fierce and fearsome archetype, Chrono emerges as a rare exception - an embodiment of gentleness and benevolence. He serves as the partner to the series' protagonist, Rosette Christopher, a connection solidified by a binding contract.
This intricate pact grants Chrono access to his full potential by virtue of Rosette's selfless offer of her soul. United in purpose, they collaborate under the aegis of the Order of Magdalene, engaging in a ceaseless battle against the tide of demons and supernatural entities. Remarkably, Chrono, despite his demonic essence, aligns his efforts with humanity, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to vanquishing demons from the earthly realm and fostering harmony across mankind.

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle - Official Trailer

Embarking on Sophie Hatter's enchanting odyssey through the Wastes in "Howl's Moving Castle," a pivotal discovery awaits her: the eponymous castle itself, propelled not by autonomous means but rather by the potent essence of Calcifer. Nestled within the hearth's flames, Calcifer, a diminutive and unexpectedly endearing fire demon, serves as the animating force behind the castle's movement.
Belying his innocuous appearance, Calcifer harbors remarkable and formidable powers. His origins trace back to a bygone era when he encountered a youthful sorcerer named Howl. Their destinies intertwined as they forged a contract, wherein Howl offered his own heart to Calcifer in exchange for the demon's companionship.
Notwithstanding his occasional outward vexation at this arrangement, Calcifer's attachment to Howl runs deep. He cherishes their bond and perceives Howl as an intimate friend, despite the distinct peculiarity of their relationship.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Trailer 1

Nezuko Kamado emerges as the prominent female protagonist in the acclaimed series "Demon Slayer," capturing a pinnacle of popularity among anime demon characters. Her journey traverses from a state of ordinary human existence, along with her brother Tanjiro, within the embrace of their loving family. This tranquility is irrevocably shattered when Muzan, the King of Demons, perpetrates a brutal massacre upon their parents and siblings.
In the wake of this tragic upheaval, Nezuko's fate is forever altered. Subjected to the transformation into a demon, her existence takes on a new and tumultuous dimension. However, Nezuko retains her innate kindness and gentle nature even in her demonic state.
She adeptly conceals her formidable demon abilities, often adorning a bamboo muzzle to suppress her urges. Despite her potentially devastating powers, Nezuko steadfastly refuses to inflict harm upon those she holds dear, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to her principles and love for her family.

Dance With Devils

Dance with Devils Complete Series - Official Trailer

Allow me to introduce you to our protagonist, Ritsuka Tachibana, who serves as the linchpin of our narrative. Earning a reputation as a luminary amongst her peers, Ritsuka's brilliance consistently shines through in her academic pursuits.
The unexpected directive to attend an interrogation before the student council dawns upon Ritsuka, shattering her expectations. Branded as a provocateur, the student council, helmed by the charismatic Rem Kaginuki, initiates a series of inquiries.
The lines of inquiry and the subtle maneuvers employed by Rem and his cohorts hint at an underlying motive cloaked in secrecy, casting shadows over Ritsuka's path. Alas, the tide of misfortune does not recede for Ritsuka. In the midst of grappling with the bewildering whirlwind around her, she learns of her mother's kidnapping. As she navigates the tumultuous waves of her circumstances, she becomes enmeshed in a world teeming with vampires and demons.
With her reality irrevocably upended, Ritsuka embarks on a journey of unforeseen dimensions. In just a compact span of 12 episodes, this series stands as an enticing choice for aficionados of suspense, offering an enthralling narrative that tantalizes the senses.


The beauty of this anime genre is displayed by the appeal of the paranormal, which is entwined with intricate characters and enchanting narrative. As we come to a close with our investigation of the best demon anime, we leave a path of wonder and respect for the enthralling stories that these enigmatic beings have spun.
They have transcended conventional ideas of good and evil via their difficult travels, giving us a profound respect for the power of storytelling. These demons will live on in our memory despite how the anime world changes, serving as a reminder of the genre's eternal allure.
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