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20+ Best English Dubbed Anime Series of All Time [List with Availability]

Here are some of the best English dubbed anime series with their availability information. Must watch if you haven't already.

Cecilia Jones
Jun 10, 20203390 Shares282526 Views
If you are among some people who love Japanese Anime like Overlordbut prefer to watch them in English Dubbing, then this article is for you. Anime lovers generally prefer English dubbed Japanese Anime to binge-watch as they are more entertaining & feasible. Many great Japanese Animes are dubbed in the English language and available on OTT platforms like Netflix or Crunchyroll. If you are planning to watch some excellent Anime series to binge-watch in this lockdown, here is the list of 21 best English dubbed anime series of all time.
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Best English Dubbed Anime Series [List For 2020]

1. Death Note

Available On:Netflix
Death Note
Death Note
A supernatural thriller revolves around a high school guy Light Turner and a mysterious book he found one day. The book has superpowers to kill anybody whose name written on it. Turner starts writing names of those he thinks are not worthy of living on that book and starts killing them one by one.

2. Fairy Tale

Available on: Netflix
A dragon-slayer wizard, Natsu of Fairy Tail Guild, comes to the Kingdom of Fiore to search for her father. During her journey, she becomes a friend of some powerful wizards Gray, Lucy & Erza, and together they solve many missions.

3. Dragon Ball Z

Available on:Amazon Prime Video
An action-adventurous series follows the tale of a warrior Goku and his friends who together fight with extraterrestrial enemies like Aliens, Androids & other creatures to defend planet Earth from evilness. The series follows the tale of Goku’s adult life and his enemies.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Available on:Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
Two alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric decide to revive their deceased mother with the help of Alchemy but, unfortunately, loses their body parts as a failed transmutation. To restore their bodies, both brothers decide to find the philosopher stone and learn some unexpected facts during their search.

5. Attack On Titan

Available on:Netflix
The dark fantasy is one of the best English dubbed anime series that revolves around a young boy Eren Yeager who seeks revenge against Giant Titans after they killed his mother and destroyed his hometown. Eren Yeager and his friends are the only hope for humans who can save humankind from extinction by killing all the giant monsters.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Available on:Netflix
Set in an alternate reality, the series revolves around a guy Tokyo who survives a dangerous attack by his date Rize (actually a ghoul- human-like species that survives on human flesh). After the accident, Tokyo discovers that he has transformed into half-ghoul (much powerful than Ghoul), and the other ghouls train him for his new life.

7. One Punch Man

Available On: Netflix, Hulu
One Punch Man is a story of a superhero Saitama who can defeat any evil with one punch but seeks for a worthy opponent to fight with after getting bore by challenging unworthy evils.

8. Hunter X Hunter

Available On: Netflix
A young boy Gon Freecss learns about his father, who left him early in that he is a world-renowned professional Hunter. To follow his footsteps, Gon decides to be the best hunter and meets many fellow hunters during his mission, who helps him to find his father.

9. Naruto

Available On:Netflix
A young Ninja Naruto wants to gain recognition among his friends and one day wants to be a Hokage- leader of his village. The Anime focuses on his journey and struggles of becoming Hokage.

10. No Game No Life

Available On:Netflix
The Anime revolves around two siblings Shiro and Sora, who are pro gamers and well-known in the gaming world for their skills. After defeating the god of gamesin chess, they are challenged by him & sent to the alternate universe where everything revolves around games. To escape from the world, siblings need to win every level, and the Anime depicts their journey.

11. Code Geass

Available On: Netflix
After getting the power of obedience known as Geass from a mysterious woman, the exiled prince Lelouch rules over the Holy Britannian Empire in his evil way. Seeking justice and fair life, a knight named Suzaku Kururugi challenges him.

12. Soul Eater

Available On: Netflix
Set in the “Death Weapon Meister Academy,” the Anime revolves around three pairs, each having one weapon meister and a human weapon. To make them fit for the headmaster of the academy- Shinigami, they must have to collect souls of 99 evil humans and one witch.

13. Highschool DxD

Available On:Netflix
A highschool Guy Issei of Kyoh Academy (an academy where devils and fallen angels live among ordinary people) gets killed by his girlfriend (a fallen angel) on his first date but revived by Rias as a Devil, and now he has to serve his whole life to Rias (who is the devil) and her family.

14. Overlord

Available On: Amazon Prime Video
The Anime revolves around an MMORPG player who gets trapped inside the game after playing the game and trying to escape. But the gaming world fantasizes him so much that he makes it his new world.

15. Noragami

Available On:Crunchyroll
The Japanese Manga series revolves around the nameless god Yato who wants a shrine of his name for his worshippers and for that take fees from people after healing them. One day, he saves a highschool girl Hiyori Iki from an accident, but in that accident, her soul slips out of her body. Hiyori now can travel in two alternate worlds, and together with Yato, both conquers many fights against other Gods.

16. Black Butler

Available On: Netflix
A thirteen-year-old detective Ciel sells his soul to a demon Sebastian to seek revenge against those who murdered his parents and tortured him. Demon disguises himself as a Black Butler of master Ciel to kill all the culprits responsible for the crime.

17. Snow White With Red Hair

Available On:Youtube
A young princess, Shirayuki born with distinct red hair and noticed by a fool and evil prince Raj, who wants her to be his concubine. She cuts her hair and escapes to a neighbor kingdom. During her journey, she meets a young boy Zen, both saves each other and fall in love with each other. But will they able to escape from the reach of Prince raj who is continuously after them.

18. Parasyte: The Maxim

Available On:Netflix
The Anime revolves around a 17-year old guy named Shinichi, who gets attacked by Parasyte (a creature who consumes the human body to live). However, Shinichi wakes up, and Parasyte won’t be able to enter his mind (thus, Shinichi’s brain remains intact) but possess his body. Both Shinichi & Parasyte forms a good bond, and Shinichi learns to live with him. Together, the duo fight with other evil Parasytes to save humans.

19. Psycho-Pass

Available On:Amazon Prime Video
Set in futuristic Japan, Psycho-Pass focuses on the adventure of a policewoman, Akane Tsunemori, who follows the Sibyl system (a powerful network that records mental state and criminal potential of all the citizens, and based on it gives them Psycho-Pass) to identify the criminal. But after facing a criminal mind who can escape this sibyl system, Akane starts questioning herself & the system.

20. Vampire Knight

Available On:Netflix
Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of Kaien Cross (Headmaster of Cross Academy), attacked by Vampires in a stormy night and saved by a pure-blooded Vampire Kaname Kuran. Years later, Yuki and her best friend Zero try to make peace between the human students (in day Class) and Vampires (in night class). But how long will they be able to make peace while dealing with their personal issues?

21. Hellsing Ultimate

Available On:Netflix
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, leader of Helsing army, along with her alliance vampire Alucard, wants to protect England from Millennium (Nazi Group) who wants to start an eternal war by suing battalion of vampires. Millennium, Hellsing, and Alucard involve in a three-sided war where Millenium reveals his true objectives.

FAQs Regarding The Best English Dubbed Anime Series

1. Which Is The Best English Dubbed Anime Series?

Naming 1 English dubbed anime series amidst the ocean of good ones now available is really difficult. Therefore we have listed 20+ anime series that are must-watch. They are Death Note, Fairy Tale, Overlord, Noragami, etc to name a few.

2. Is It Easy To Download An English Dubbed Anime Series?

If you are interested in English dubbed anime series download availability, we have covered a separate section in this article focused on giving you a step-by-step guide to watch anime offline.

3. How Can I Watch An English Dubbed Anime Series?

To watch anime web series, all you have to do is go to the OTT platform a particular web series is available on and start watching. To watch anime series in English, just tap on the settings button while watching and toggle the audio field to English.

Best English Dubbed Anime Series Download Availability

If you’re looking for the best English dubbed anime series to download, go along and follow the steps:
Step 1)First of all, decide the anime show you want to watch. If you don’t have any in mind, browse through this article and ample of options to see what you would like to watch next.
Step 2)Once you decide on that, check the OTT platform it is av on. We have already mentioned it for each anime series.
Step 3)Now install its official app on your smartphone to stream anime web series online.
Step 4)Once installed, open the app. A bunch of the OTT allows free streaming while a few charge fees. But they do provide a trial plan for 30 days or more. So sign up for such a trial account if required.
Step 5)You can now watch any anime web series on Netflix for free. This is applicable to other platforms as well. Now search for the anime web series you want to watch and start streaming it.
Step 6)To download an anime show, just click on the download button for each episode or whole series.

Wrapping It Up

These are some of the best English dubbed anime series that one must watch in 2020. All are easily available on their respective OTT platforms. For your ease, we have mentioned availability of each so that you can binge-watch. We will keep updating this thread from time to time.
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