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Top 15 Best Fantasy Manga You Need To Read

Within the realm of manga, the genre of "Best Fantasy Manga" stands as a portal to wondrous worlds, magical beings, and epic quests.

Cecilia Jones
Feb 06, 202466 Shares10977 Views
Within the realm of manga, the genre of Best Fantasy Mangastands as a portal to wondrous worlds, magical beings, and epic quests.
As a medium that thrives on boundless imagination, manga excels in bringing fantastical tales to life with captivating art and intricate storytelling.
This article embarks on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of fantasy manga, delving into the realms of knights and dragons, sorcery and prophecies, and the endless possibilities that ignite the imagination of readers.
From timeless classics to modern marvels, we explore the power of the best fantasy manga to transport us to realms beyond our wildest dreams.


Official Manga Trailer | Helck | VIZ

After the Hero has defeated the Demon King, Helck becomes an utterly stunningly gorgeous series. Indeed, the plot of Helck might be summed up as follows: "He-Man tries to become the new Demon King to fight back against humankind and make everyone happy." Helck is the stereotypical "He-Man"; he is macho and morally superior to everyone else in this situation.
Compare him to One Punch Man's Saitama, except that he really has brains (albeit not 'that' many brains compared to other protagonists). It's a superb story that would work well as an anime because of its exciting plot, unexpected turns, and touching moments. Even if the rest of the plot and the conflict were terrible, seeing Helck and Vamirio become friends would be worth your time.

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade

For readers of previous Manhwa stories, "the Murim" refers to a fictional planet where martial arts are practiced. In this hypothetical universe, a skilled martial artist may be able to control energy, smash mountains with a single blow, or even take to the air. The narrative of Jin Mu-Won, the son of Jin Kwan-Ho, the fourth-generation sect head of the Northern Heavenly Sect, is set in this region and is titled The Legend of the Northern Blade.
This manhwa chronicles Jin's growth from a man trapped in his crumbling house to a guy with limitless potential. It's amazing throughout, with nonstop action at every turn and a keen eye for the subtle character moments.
Any adaptation that fails to live up to the nonstop action of this novel would be a disservice to its audience and would have to be very skillfully done. Nothing could be greater than if it were adapted into an anime like God of High School or produced by the legendary Mappa Studios.



Dandadan is one of the most original settings of any fantasy series. What if, rather than one or the other being unreal, they were both? That's Dandadan, a shonen fantasy series where the main plot involves a guy and a girl looking for his stolen "ball" (which means exactly what you think it means).
Dandadan has everything: it's funny, the art is gorgeous and original, it's scary when it needs to be, and the combat scenes are spectacular. The series' popularity suggests an anime adaptation is imminent; however, confirmation of such a project has so far been limited to speculations.

Golden Wordmaster

Manga anime
Manga anime
The Isekai series is not an easy sell when asked to suggest a fantasy read. The vast majority are either rehashes of tired themes or utterly ludicrous power fantasy scenarios. While Konjiki No Wordmaster, AKA Golden Wordmaster, is guilty of many of the same sins as its predecessors, it also takes certain risks that other isekai don't.
Hiiro Okumura, the series' protagonist, and the marvelous magic he utilizes are the primary hooks that draw readers into the novel. Hiiro, for one, is the most reclusive bibliophile imaginable; he refuses to engage in any activity unless it involves either delicious cuisine or an intriguing book.
Two, Hiiro was 'given' word magic when he was transported to this realm, which allows him to apply words to things or himself and give them the qualities of those words. It's easy to see how, as Hiiro develops a deeper understanding of his abilities and the tensions around him intensify, the series may provide some very original battles and overall answers to issues.

Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier TRAILER ANIME

This is one of the most graphically distinct, innovative, and clever fantasy comics you'll ever read. This is Studio Ghibli-level imagination in terms of aesthetics and design.
Witch Hat Atelier also has a lot of Diana Wynne Jones vibes (which remind me of Ghibli), with one character who reminds me of Howl from Howl's Moving Castle and a location that reminds me of A Charmed Life.
This wonderful manga tale starts with Coco, a little girl who lives in the country with her seamstress mother.
One day, a magician called Qifrey appears and pulls Coco out of a pickle. Coco witnesses his magic and tries to replicate it.
This approach backfires, leaving Coco's mother terrified. Qifrey offers Coco the idea that there may be a method to heal her mother, but she must first become an apprentice in his studio.
So starts a fascinating voyage packed with one-of-a-kind magic systems, endearing and diverse people, stunning scenery, and thrilling events.
Witch Hat Atelier's world-building is gorgeous and fiercely inventive. It has a dark academic atmosphere as well as a significant Diana Wynne Jones influence, and Shirahama's gorgeous, rich art does much to enhance Witch Hat Atelier's tale and events.

Delicious In Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon | Official Teaser | Netflix

Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) is one of the most unique fantasy manga you'll ever read! Especially if you're a lore and creature design geek.
This manga begins with a basic premise: a catacomb caves in and out of a little town, and a withered old man claims to be the former king of a golden country that fell victim to a curse. The old guy eventually fades to dust.
Following this, for years, groups of aspiring adventurers have been visiting the labyrinth under these tunnels, seeking to find this legendary golden kingdom.
Our heroes (the swordsman Laios, the magic user Marcille, and the picklock Chilchuck) begin by battling a red-scaled monster.
When the dragon devours Laois' sister, the survivors barely escape and devise a plan to return and rescue her before she is digested. Laois' plan includes learning to cook and consuming the dungeon's beasts.
As they experiment with what and how they can eat, a dwarf called Senshi appears to offer his culinary skills, and the four go out together.
The monster design is delicious in Dungeon. If you like something in fantasy novels, you'll enjoy every chapter of this fantasy manga.
Ryoko Kui is having a great time developing the anatomies and ecosystems of the dungeon's species, and you'll have a great time seeing his team try to capture, kill, and cook them.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Frieren is an elf who has lived so long that she has a different perspective on time; a human life starts and ends before she has ever realized it.
Frieren was also one of four heroes who helped preserve the planet. Himmel is a hero, Eisen is a warrior, Heiter is a poet, and Frieren is a magician.
They trekked for 10 years together until ultimately defeating the Demon King, ushering in a period of peace and prosperity. But now what?
This fantasy manga follows Frieren as she continues to roam, watch the world change around her, say farewell to friends, obtain an apprentice, grow up, and slowly learn about life.
After Himmel, the hero, dies, Frieren realizes how little she knew about him. Ten years was not enough time for her to learn anything about a buddy.
She starts to have regrets and desires to live differently, and she eventually discovers a new mission—a new purpose for her life going ahead.
What happens after the voyage, the struggle, and the victory? Frieren is a cozy fantasy manga that elegantly addresses this topic.

The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After the End (Official Trailer) | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End first reads like a standard Isekai tale before shifting gears to focus on reincarnation. After achieving great success as a king in his previous life, he passes away and is reborn as a youngster in a new world, where he quickly rises to the top of his field.
The fact that it doesn't shy away from mature themes or dramatic intensity is a major selling feature, and it's one of the reasons Mushoku Tensei is so well-liked. The shock and disbelief on a loved one's face when main character Arthur Leywin reveals that he has been reincarnated and has lived before is palpable, as is the effort required to come to terms with the news.

The Old Knight In The Border - Bard Loen

Two Old Knight anime
Two Old Knight anime
The next series is another low-fantasy series that doesn't include much actual magic. Despite Bard Leon's self-imposed retirement, the magical adventures he goes on thereafter prove that this novel belongs in the fantasy genre.
The Old Knight in the Border is, at its core, the tale of an elderly knight who has dedicated his life to serving his nation and is now, just before his death, embarking on a personal quest.
It's sad and touching and has a lot of heart, and Bard is a fascinating protagonist. In conclusion, this manga would make a great weekly anime for those who can't wait to see what misfortunes Bard would encounter on his voyage each week.

Solo Leveling


This is one of the most widely read manga, and an anime adaptation is still in the works, but at a slower pace than was anticipated. The stunning artwork by Jang-Sung-Rak, the exciting story by Chugong, and the consistent sense of character development make this series a natural choice for a film adaptation.
The release date for this adaptation is currently uncertain, but fans should receive it shortly. Also, the tale of the manwha has concluded, but it is continuing with side stories, so there is more than enough material there for future seasons of adaptations.

Shadows House

Shadows House | OFFICIAL TRAILER [English Sub]

One of the finest spooky comics is Somato's Shadows House, which combines horror themes with a gothic environment to great effect. The artwork is the main selling point of this comic. The backdrops and locations are so well done that they are aesthetically pleasing on every page, but they also contribute to the story's strange and scary vibe.
Following a living doll called Emilyko as she cares for a shadow named Kate may seem like an endearing premise, but the tale quickly takes a sinister turn. The horror components don't begin to emerge until much later in the novel, when things take a rather darker turn.
The more you explore Shadow's home, the more questions you'll have, but as you go further inside the home, the more answers you'll find. You never know what to anticipate when reading this one, either because of the well-thought-out narrative and its numerous surprising turns. Even more than that, however, its extraordinary worldbuilding and central concept make it a must-read.

The Girl From The Other Side: Siúil, A Rún

The Girl from the Other Side official trailer

There are two sides, an outside and an inside, in Nagabe's The Girl From the Other Side: Siil, a RN. Those on the outside are quarantined from those on the inside because they carry a curse. Those who are accused of having the curse are also condemned, making this series somewhat of a witch hunt.
The story centers on Shiva, a little girl, and Teacher, an Outsider who takes her in. We see them as a pair as they face the harsh realities of this life. In spite of all they've gone through, the two manage to build a strong friendship, and we even get to see some tender moments between them.
While the visuals of The Girl From the Other Side: Siil, a Rn are simple, they are striking and beautiful nonetheless. The show's distinctive aesthetic is complemented by the minimalist design. Both the character development and the world-building are top-notch. More than that, it's unlike any other fantasy manga I've read.
Singles and Seven Seas' hardback Deluxe Editions of The Girl From the Other Side: Siil, a Rn are both available for purchase.

Black Clover

Black Clover - Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover follows Asta, a boisterous and vivacious orphan who, although living in a world filled with magic, has none of his own. Both he and his best buddy Yuno, who also happens to be an orphan, want to one day rule as Wizard Kings.
Yuno, in contrast to Asta, has the capacity to perform powerful wind magic. Asta continues to work out his body every day in order to accomplish his goals, unfazed by the significant gap in their ability levels.
At the age of 15, they both go out to get their Grimoires and unleash their full magical potential. Asta doesn't get one, but Yuno's features the fabled four-leaf clover. After Asta defeats a magician who is attempting to steal Yuno's Grimoire, a strange black Grimoire adorned with a five-leaf clover materializes.
There's a lot more to the narrative than the beginning of these two characters' adventures. The plot of Black Clover often takes surprising and unexpected twists. It's one of the few shonens that has managed to surprise me with its plot twists, and that's a huge part of the reason I like it so much.
Even though Black Clover is set in a magical world, which has been done before, the story and its environment seem completely original, and this is especially true of the latter chapters.
It boasts a fantastic cast of characters with special skills, entertaining group dynamics, fascinating antagonists, exciting fight scenes, and fantastic artwork, and it improves with each new installment. For all of these and more, Black Clover is one of my favorite shonen comics.

Ragna Crimson

Ragna Crimson Trailer Sub

At first glance, Ragna Crimson seems like a straightforward dark fantasy about a main character who wants to be the strongest so that he can defend the person he loves. But believe me when I say that the story evolves wonderfully and becomes something much more over the course of the volumes.
Dragons and the dragon slayers who hunt them populate the vibrant world of Ragna Red. Even though he kills dragons, Ragna isn't the strongest of these heroes. However, he teams up with the best dragon hunter and becomes quite close to her.
He wants to keep her safe at all costs, but he isn't strong enough to do it just now. But the clock is ticking as a powerful and intelligent dragon shows up. I realize this sounds mundane. But it's one of those programs where revealing the twists and turns will ruin the show for you.
Like many dark tales, this one has a quest for vengeance. Ragna's goal is the eradication of all dragons, much like that of the Goblin Slayer. This one features a fantastic, grungy graphical style and some extremely fascinating power systems. It's also full of exciting events.
There's something about Ragna Crimson's visuals that truly appeals to me. Like Death Note, this makes use of contrast to great effect. I really like this series and its unique character designs and gothic aesthetic. It's a hidden treasure that I hope more people will discover because it's fantastic.

Made In Abyss

Made in Abyss Manga | Animation

Made in Abyss is a mysterious manga set in a fantastical universe that is both stunning and foreboding. There is a gigantic cave system in this series called the Abyss, and the heroes of the show, the Cave Raiders, risk their lives to explore it and learn its mysteries.
Riko, the protagonist, is a young girl who wants to follow in her mother's footsteps by becoming a Cave Raider. Despite her youth and lack of expertise, she ventures into the Abyss and meets a robotic entity called Reg, who decides to go with her.
The unknown might be terrifying, yet many people are motivated to push through their apprehensions out of a desire to learn and grow. However, Made in Abyss demonstrates that curiosity is not without its risks.
As the game progresses, our young protagonists face a number of obstacles as they go further into the Abyss. Some of the individuals and monsters they encounter on their journey have malicious purposes, making this an emotionally draining and eerie read.
Despite this, Made in Abyss sometimes manages to seem breezy because to its abundance of adventure as well as whimsy and a childlike sense of wonder. It's difficult to see them on this trip at times due to all they've gone through and everything they have to overcome, but their personalities, their connections, and their passion to assist each other in reaching their hopes and objectives at any cost are charming.
Made in Abyss captures the spirit of an explorer, the highs and lows of venturing into the unknown, and the ways in which an individual's own goals and aspirations may either propel them forward or hold them back. It's unlike anything else I've read, and the plot and artwork are both captivating. The setting is a dark fantasy realm.

Final Thoughts

From epic quests that challenge the boundaries of reality to intricate character arcs that mirror the complexities of human nature, the best fantasy manga weaves narratives that resonate on both personal and universal levels.
The fusion of vivid artistry and imaginative storytelling paints a canvas where anything is possible and the limits of the ordinary are transcended.
As we celebrate the achievements of these manga, we recognize the role they play in sparking inspiration, igniting curiosity, and fostering a love for the fantastical.
Through their pages, readers find an escape, a reflection of their own desires and fears, and a reminder of the magic that resides within the realm of human creativity.
In the end, the best fantasy manga is not merely a genre—it's an invitation to explore the depths of imagination, to dream beyond the confines of reality, and to embark on journeys that touch the heart and spirit.
With each turn of the page, we continue to unearth treasures that fuel our sense of wonder and remind us of the limitless potential of storytelling in the world of manga.
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