15 Best French Movies on Netflix You Must Watch

Arguably, French Cinema has evolved brilliantly in a few years and coming up with some excellent movies each year. French films and artists have become quite popular among all countries, especially in Europe, India, Russia, etc. With the increasing popularity, now more famous filmmakers are getting involved with French Cinema to explore their hidden talent. That is why many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. are streaming the latest & old popular french movies. Today, we will share the list of 15 best French movies on Netflix that you must watch.

From Comedy to Romance to Mystery, Netflix is a perfect platform to watch all-time popular french films. Whether you want to laugh out loud or want to experience a thrill, Netflix has a plethora of french films available in various genres like Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, Action to watch online or download in HD quality to watch later with your kids or family.

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15 Best French Movies on Netflix You Must Watch

1. I Lost My Body/J’ai perdu mon corps (2019)

A Fantasy Drama tale revolves around a young guy Naoufel who is deeply in love with a girl named Gabrielle. But then things take an exciting turn when a severed hand escapes from a dissection lab in another part of the city to find its lost body and the master.

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2. The African Doctor/Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont (2016)

The African Doctor is one of the best french films on Netflix available for streaming. It revolves around an African medical graduate Seyolo, who turns down the opportunity to return his homeland and agrees to practice in a rural village to pursue french residency, along with his family. The movie shows the funny tale of their struggles & achievements.

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3. Nothing To Hide/Le jeu (2018)

A comedy-drama french movie in which seven friends meet together for a dinner party and decides to play an interesting game of sharing all the texts, calls, and secrets available on their phones with all. As the night goes darker, the game starts becoming a nightmare for all.

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4. The Intouchables (2011)

A french drama-comedy movie on Netflix that revolves around an unusual bond of friendship between a millionaire Phillipe who becomes disabled after a paragliding accident and a street immigrant Driss who is hired as his caretaker.

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5. I am not an Easy Man/Je ne suis pas un homme facile (2018)

A french Romantic-Comedy movie on Netflix revolves around a shameless chauvinist Damien who loves to live in a patriarchal world. But things get uneasy for him when he finds himself into an alternate universe dominated by women. How will he able to get the love of his life Alexandra by learning the rules of this parallel world.

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6. We Are Family/C’est quoi cette famille ?! (2016)

We Are Family is a funny family-drama french movie available on Netflix to watch with your family. A thirteen-year-old guy Bastien is tired of his parents’ multiple marriages and sharing the house with his other six siblings. To sort things out, he comes up with a plan but does his plan work?

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7. Lady J/Mademoiselle de Joncquières (2018)

Lady J is one of the most popular romantic french drama on Netflix. The movie portrays the perfect revenge plan of a widow after a Marquis fools her with fake love.

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8. The World is Yours/Le Monde est à toi (2018)

A popular Comedy thriller movie on Netflix that portrays the life of a small drug dealer who wants to live another life but his mother & responsibilities let him do one last job involving the drugs, kingpin dealer, and lots of risks. Will he able to come out of this criminal world to live a simple & happy life?

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9. He even has your eyes/Il a déjà tes yeux (2016)

An African couple Paul & Sali after learning that they cannot be biological parents decides to adopt a four-month-old white child Benjamin. But the adoption becomes complicated for them as they have to fight with their parents & social coworker for it. It’s indeed a good French film on Netflix to watch at the weekend.

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10. The Crew/Braqueurs (2015)

If you are a fan of Money Heist, then The Crew is the perfect crime-thriller french movie on Netflix to watch right now. A tale revolves around a Parisian crew expert in well-planned robberies, lead by their leader Yanis Zeri. But one mistake of his younger brother forces the crew to do a dangerous heist for a drug gang.

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11. Bad Seeds/Mauvaises herbes (2018)

A drama-comedy French Movie on Netflix that revolves around a scam artist & con Wael, whose life takes an upside downturn when his friend asks him to become a mentor of young students who got expelled from the school.

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12. In the Shadow of Iris/Iris (2016)

In the Shadow of Iris is one of the fantastic crime-thriller french movie available on Netflix. A young wife Iris of a rich banker Antoine gets kidnapped mysteriously. Max, who is a mechanic and in debt is linked with this abduction, but as the case unfolds, it reveals some deep dark secrets & unbelievable truth behind this kidnapping.

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13. Shéhérazade (2018)

A french Drama movie on Netflix revolves around a 17-year old guy Zach who comes out of Juvenile and rejects by his mother. Feeling dejected, he hangs out in the street of Marseille and falls in love with a prostitute Shéhérazade. Will, he able to achieve her?

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14. Divines (2016)

A popular crime-drama french movie on Netflix revolves around a street teenager Dounia, hustling for her share of money and power. But her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Djigui, who inspires her to leave the world of crimes behind for a better living. But will Dounia be able to do this?

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15. To Each, Her Own (2018)

To Each, Her Own is a french romantic-comedy movie you must watch on Netflix. Simone, who always attracts women, finally decides to reveal her family that she is a lesbian. But as she about to reveal it, she learns that she is attracted by man as well. What will she do now?

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FAQs About the Best French Movies on Netflix

1. Does Netflix have a French Movie category?

No, Netflix doesn’t have particularly french movies category. However, still, it has plenty of classic and best french movies available from Comedy to Romance, thriller, mystery, and action genres to watch.

2. How to find cool French movies to watch on Netflix?

Netflix doesn’t have a french movie category, but you can watch some best French movies on Netflix. To find and watch french movies on Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Download the Netflix app from the app store and create/login to your account.
  • After login, search for “French Movies” in the search bar.
  • The app will show you plenty of french movies to watch online.
  • Click on the desired movie to stream it online.

3. What are some of the best French films on Netflix?

Netflix offers you a wide range of french movies from old classic to the latest ones to watch online or download within the app. Some of the best french movies on Netflix are:

  • Lady J
  • Nothing To Hide
  • I Am Not an Easy Man
  • The African Doctor
  • Bad Seeds

4. Is it possible to download movies on Netflix?

Yes, it is possible to download a French movie on Netflix. To download french movies on Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Login your Netflix account and search for french movies.
  • Click on the particular movie and use the “Download” option to download the movie within the app in Normal/Medium or High Quality.

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Wrapping It Up!

So, these were the 15 best French movies available on Netflix from various genres like Comedy, Drama, Thriller, romance, etc. to watch. If you are looking for some great french films to watch, you must consider the above-mentioned ones. We will keep updating the thread as per the trend, but till then, binge-watch & chill! Have any movie suggestions that should be on our list? Feel free to comment down.