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The All-Time 16 Scariest Horror Anime Of All Time


If you're a die-hard fan of all things terrifying, and your nights are usually spent immersed inthe chilling worlds of horror animemovies, it might be time to take a leap into the unknown. While horror films have undoubtedly carved their bloody mark in the world of spine-tingling entertainment, there's an entire realm beyond the silver screen waiting to be explored. So, if you're ready to expand your horizons and journey into the realm of the uncanny, prepare yourself for a hair-raising adventure as we explore these best horror anime series movies.

Hell Girl

The main character of the anime Hell Girl with several hands popping out of a stream of blood
The main character of the anime Hell Girl with several hands popping out of a stream of blood

"Hell Girl" is a spooky TV show that looks at how people deal with cruelty and unfairness in the world. In each episode, there's a different story about someone facing a tough situation. These problems make them super unhappy, and they feel like they have no other option.

There's a creepy website that's rumored to appear at midnight, where you can ask the "Hell Girl," Ai Enma, for help. She'll take your grudge to hell, but not before making you suffer a lot, both physically and emotionally. It's like a dark and eerie version of seeking revenge.

Ghost Stories

The cover of the Ghost Stories anime
The cover of the Ghost Stories anime

"Ghost Stories" is an anime series that became famous for having two very different versions in Japanese and English. The original Japanese series is a decent horror anime, but what really sets the English version apart is the crazy humor, breaking the fourth wall, and making fun of pop culture, along with a lack of political correctness.

The story revolves around a group of kids who discover that their school is haunted. These kids, along with a brother and sister, and their new friends, try to escape from spooky ghosts while using a book left behind by the siblings' late mother to try and get rid of the ghosts. It's a mix of mystery and comedy with a lot of clever jokes in the English version.


Three characters from the xxxHolic anime sitting
Three characters from the xxxHolic anime sitting

"xxxHolic" is a captivating supernatural mystery drama based on a popular manga series created by the manga group Clamp. It's known for its stunning and intricate artwork and delves into Japanese urban legends like "The Angel Game" and local superstitions such as not clipping your nails after 6 p.m.

The story primarily follows the daily encounters between a high school student named Kimihiro Watanuki, who has the troublesome ability to see supernatural beings, and a mysterious and powerful woman named Yuuko. Yuuko runs a unique shop where she grants wishes, but only those with complex problems can enter. Through their interactions, the series explores the deep insecurities and fears that humans grapple with.

Death Parade

Death Parade anime covers
Death Parade anime covers

"Death Parade" is a thought-provoking series that shows how humans can be just as frightening as supernatural creatures. It's a suspenseful supernatural drama set in a unique place called the Quindecim Bar, which exists between heaven and hell. Here, only pairs of people are allowed to enter at the same time, and they are greeted by arbiters who appear as bartenders.

In this bar, the deceased must engage in high-stakes games, and the outcome of these gamesdetermines the fate of their souls. The arbiters judge them, deciding whether they should be reincarnated or sent into the void. It's a gripping exploration of human nature and morality in a mysterious and otherworldly setting.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater anime characters
Soul Eater anime characters

"Soul Eater" is a perfect pick for the spooky season, thanks to its Halloween-inspired characters. This supernatural action-comedy anime puts a unique spin on classic horror figures, including witches and the Japanese death god, Shinigami. It even includes a reference to David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," making it a crossover treat.

The story is set in a world where special individuals can transform their bodies into powerful weapons capable of defeating evil creatures. To train these weapons and their wielders, the prestigious Death Weapon Meister Academy exists.

Here, they learn not only to combat the malevolent forces in the world but also the importance of unity between the weapon and its wielder, both in body and soul. It's a thrilling and fun series with a spooky twist.

Blood C

Blood C main character
Blood C main character

If you're a fan of intense horror and gruesome body horror, "Blood C" is a series you should definitely check out. This action-packed horror anime is particularly well-known among anime enthusiasts for a specific, terrifying scene where monstrous creatures gruesomely attack innocent citizens in a creatively gory and blood-soaked manner.

"Blood C" is a follow-up to the equally captivating vampire anime series "Blood+." The story centers on Saya Kisaragi, a seemingly normal high school girl, and shrine maiden during the day, but at night, she transforms into a fearsome monster hunter.

Trained in swordsmanship by her father, Saya is dedicated to protecting her peaceful town. However, everything takes a dark turn when she discovers a disturbing truth about her village that changes everything. It's a thrilling and chilling series that's not for the faint of heart.

Sankarea: Undying Love

The cover of the Sankarea: Undying Love anime
The cover of the Sankarea: Undying Love anime

If you've ever imagined having a zombie girlfriend, "Sankarea: Undying Love" offers a glimpse into what life might be like when you unexpectedly find a love interest who happens to be undead and sustains herself by consuming hydrangea leaves.

This supernatural romance series centers around Chihiro Furuya, a high school student with a fascination for zombies. His life takes a peculiar turn when he crosses paths with Rea Sanka, a girl trapped in a distressing situation because of her controlling father.

In a desperate attempt to escape her suffering, Rea drinks a potion that Chihiro creates based on an ancient manuscript, believing it to be poison. Instead of killing her, the potion has a different effect, turning Rea into an undead being after she survives a fall from a cliff. It's a unique and captivating story of love and the supernatural.


Shiki anime cover
Shiki anime cover

"Shiki" is a vampire horror anime that takes a starkly different approach to the typical portrayal of vampires in mainstream media. Here, vampires are not the romantic, charming creatures with redeeming qualities. Instead, they are ruthless and unrelenting corpse demons known as "shiki." The series constantly thrusts its characters into life-or-death situations, emphasizing the brutal struggle for survival.

The story unfolds in a quiet, isolated town in Sotoba, Japan, which was once peaceful and idyllic. However, this tranquility is shattered when a series of gruesome deaths begin to plague the village. Suspicion and fear grip the residents, causing them to become distrustful of one another. Dr. Toshio Ozaki, the town's physician, takes it upon himself to investigate the mysterious disease.

His inquiries lead him to the Kirishiki family, who have recently moved into a castle on the outskirts of the town, and he begins to suspect that they may be connected to the horrifying events. "Shiki" is a chilling exploration of fear, paranoia, and the battle for survival in the face of an unrelenting supernatural threat.


The beast in the Kemonozume anime eating the upper part of a person
The beast in the Kemonozume anime eating the upper part of a person

From the creative minds behind "Devilman Crybaby" and "Ping Pong The Animation" comes an anime that deserves more recognition. "Kemonozume" is a captivating blend of various genres, including romance and supernatural action, all wrapped in Masaaki Yuasa's distinct and visually striking animation style, promising an exhilarating viewing experience.

The story revolves around a forbidden romance between a young woman who happens to be a flesh-eating monster known as a "shokujinki" and the heir to a martial arts school dedicated to hunting down these creatures that secretly prey on humans. When faced with the decision of killing the young woman, like others before him, or sparing her life despite her true nature, the man chooses love over duty.

This choice leads to a life of constant evasion as they strive to be together. "Kemonozume" is a unique and enthralling tale of love against all odds, set in a world filled with danger and supernatural intrigue.


The medicine man in the Mononoke anime
The medicine man in the Mononoke anime

"Mononoke" is a spin-off of the horror anime anthology series "Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales." It delves into traditional Japanese folklore but with a modern and stylish animation approach that enhances its eerie storytelling and atmosphere.

The series follows a mysterious wanderer known as the "Medicine Seller" as he journeys through feudal Japan. His mission is to hunt down vengeful spirits known as "mononoke" and put them to rest. Equipped with the powerful Exorcism Sword, the Medicine Seller must unravel the spirit's form, truth, and reason.

Only by doing so can he restore harmony to both the human world and the supernatural realm. "Mononoke" is an often-overlooked gem in the anime world, offering a unique blend of traditional folklore and contemporary animation style.

Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki smiling
Ken Kaneki smiling

In an alternate world, ghouls exist—beings that resemble humans but must consume human flesh to survive. They hide their true nature to avoid detection and extermination.

The story centers on Ken Kaneki, the protagonist, who undergoes horrifying surgery that turns him into a half-ghoul. Now, he's compelled to feed on human flesh to stay alive.

Fortunately, he finds refuge with a group of ghouls who seek to assist him in blending into society while coping with his new reality. However, the challenges he faces are far from simple, as maintaining a semblance of a normal life becomes an arduous and complex endeavor.


Guts wearing his armor while resting his hands on his sword
Guts wearing his armor while resting his hands on his sword

"Berserk" is a renowned dark fantasy horror series that has captured audiences through both its manga and anime adaptations. The anime has two versions, the original 1997 series and the more recent 2016 adaptation.

Fans have their own preferences, and it's worth noting that the two series differ significantly in terms of their storytelling. Therefore, some fans recommend experiencing both.

Additionally, there's an eagerly awaited third season of "Berserk" on the horizon. The story revolves around Guts, a skilled swordsman who works as a mercenary, specializing in hunting down formidable beasts.


Shinichi Izumi with with different parasytes on his hand
Shinichi Izumi with with different parasytes on his hand

"Parasyte" is a chilling science fictionstory that delves deeply into the realm of body horror. It's a versatile series with a manga adaptation, two live-action films, and an anime adaptation.

The story begins when a high school student wakes up to a horrifying discovery: his left hand has been infiltrated and taken over by a worm-like parasitic creature known as a "Parasite." Fortunately, he manages to prevent it from reaching his brain, leading to an unusual coexistence where both entities share the same body.

Over time, they develop an unlikely partnership as they are thrust into a battle against other Parasites who are determined to take over and consume every human they encounter. "Parasyte" is a gripping exploration of survival, identity, and the dark side of evolution.

Death Note

Death Note cover featuring the main character holding the note
Death Note cover featuring the main character holding the note

"Death Note" stands as one of the most iconic and beloved anime and manga series ever created. The story revolves around Light Yagami, who comes into possession of a mysterious and deadly tool called the Death Note.

This journal allows its owner to write down a person's name, resulting in their instant death, provided the writer knows the target's real name. Moreover, they can manipulate the time and method of the victim's death.

However, ownership of the Death Note also binds one to a Shinigami, a death god. In Light's case, he forms a connection with Ryuk, a particular Shinigami. "Death Note" unfolds as a gripping psychological thriller, where brilliant minds clash in an epic battle of wits.

Light adopts the sinister persona of "Kira," a serial killer who aims to cleanse the world of criminals. This series explores complex themes of justice, morality, and the consequences of wielding ultimate power.

Hellsing Ultimate

The main character of Hellsing Ultimate pointing his gun
The main character of Hellsing Ultimate pointing his gun

"Hellsing Ultimate" is a unique anime series that stands apart from its manga source material. While the entire "Hellsing" series is worth exploring, this installment is often regarded as one of the best and most terrifying.

The overarching story centers around the covert Hellsing Operation, dedicated to combating horrifying monsters that plague England. These adversaries include ghouls, vampires, and various other nightmarish creatures. "Hellsing Ultimate" is known for its extreme levels of gore and violence, making it a dark and intense viewing experience.

Interestingly, the name "Hellsing" may remind you of "Van Helsing," and there's a compelling reason for that connection, as the series delves into the ties between the Hellsing organization and Abraham Van Helsing, a character known from classic vampire lore.

Ghost Hunt

The cover of the Ghost Hunt anime featuring the two main characters
The cover of the Ghost Hunt anime featuring the two main characters

If you have a fascination with ghosts and the supernatural, "Ghost Hunt" might be right up your alley. It's important to note that the larger story remains incomplete due to unfinished light novels. Nevertheless, the anime consists of 25 episodes and centers around Mai Taniyama.

Mai becomes a member of a team dedicated to psychic research, and their main task is to investigate and unravel mysterious paranormal occurrences. What sets her apart is her own psychic abilities, which become a central element of the overarching narrative. "Ghost Hunt" takes viewers on a journey filled with eerie investigations and uncovers surprising twists that keep you on the edge of your seat.


While scary movies definitely have their place in the world of frightening entertainment, these best horror anime series movies offer something special. They combine great storytelling, cool animation, and lots of imagination to create spine-tingling tales. So, if you're a horror fan, be ready for a wild ride that might not just scare you on the screen but also stick with you long after you've finished watching.

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