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The psychological horror, and critically acclaimed movie; Joker, probably converted Marvel fans to DC. This nail-biting movie walked us through the haunting and traumatic experiences of Joker, Batman’s formidable rival.

Starting from taking care of his mother to murdering her, learning about all the lies he was fed about his unidentified father, to being neglected, mocked and brutally beaten up now and then the movie is probably the first of it’s kind to make its audience sympathize with the villain instead.

The barbaric tragedies stemmed from Joker’s incurable mental condition, and we watched him transform from the good guy to the heroically hailed villain.

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List Of 14 Best Joker Posters HD Pictures Online

We have fetched out fourteen posters that best depict the intensity and depth of the Joker movie. Each has been inspired by a unique scene that formed the highlight of this movie, so let’s dive in now:

1. The Official Joker IMAX Poster

The Official Joker IMAX Poster

Overview: When Joker managed to light the whole Gotham city up in flares, he gave birth to the moment for which The Batman had avenged him all his life. And no doubt, it legit sent a chill down our spine.

This poster is an IMAX illustration, showing Joker revelling in the glory of his wrongdoings, while the city is on fire in the background. It subtly highlights his devilish side, as he stands there proudly acknowledging his infamous life.

2. The Joker Card Poster

The Joker Card Poster

Overview: This beautiful illustration looks like a personalized Joker card. The vintage-look and “Joker” written on the corners give this poster a resemblance of the Joker card that we normally play with, while Arthur’s face melting into Joker is the highlight of the poster.

It justifies the movie as it shows how Arthur led a split personality, and thus a double life. On one hand, Arthur in his real self has grim eyes with an expression of pain while on the other hand, the Joker forces a hauntingly fake smile, with crime-questing, evil eyes.

3. The Style ‘D’ Joker Poster

The Style ‘D’ Joker Poster

Overview: This poster symbolizes the scene when Arthur suited up in a shabby red tuxedo, with green hair and his regular paint-smudged Joker face, hoping to steal the spotlight in Gotham City’s famous talk show, “The Murray Franklin Show”.

4. The Half-Face Joker Poster

The Half-Face Joker Poster

Overview: The half-face poster highlights the contradiction between Arthur’s real and reel life. Arthur’s expression speaks sadness, depicted by his painful, tear-dried eyes. His frowning lips are smudged with red paint creating a forceful smile, which was certainly not what he felt at that moment, or rather any moment, throughout his life.

The poster highlights the fact of how Arthur had to put up a fake show and strived to make others happy, even though his own life was in shambles.

5. The Main Joker Release Poster

The Main Joker Release Poster

Overview: This poster is probably the most popular Joker posters out there. It’s a  snapshot from the iconic “Joker steps scene”; which was the defining moment of the movie. It was the scene where Arthur finally transforms into Joker, prancing like a free bird on the Bronx steps, celebrating his nonchalant attitude towards depression and neglect that he seemed so bugged about before.

This was when he finally embraced his true self; that is, Joker. The steps between the two neighbourhoods in the Bronx are a famous tourist destination now.

6. Joker Teaser PosterJoker Teaser Poster

Overview: This one served as the movie’s teaser poster. It depicts the bathroom scene where Arthur realized the gravity of his actions after committing his first murders. However, surprisingly, he dances through the room in a hauntingly passionate manner as if he revels, basking in his own crime’s glory.

7. The Joker Cineworld Cinemas Edition

The Joker Cineworld Cinemas Edition

Overview: This one has been illustrated by Luke Butland, which is exclusively used in Cineworld cinemas. This one has a hallucinating theme, as bands of monochromatic, sepia-toned colours flow out of the Joker’s face.

The overall tint of the poster matches the tint of the whole movie. The colours red, yellow, and dark green resemble the colours of the suit and shirts that Joker wore to The Murray Franklin show, the attire in which he rose to prominence at the end of the movie. The olive green and it’s lighter shade bands symbolize the casual cardigan and shirt Arthur was ordinarily seen in, every day.

8. Joker UK’s ODEON Edition

Joker UK’s ODEON Edition

Overview: Richar Davies’s blog illustrated this amazing poster that is inspired by the metro scene. The metro scene in the movie Joker was when the audience was introduced to the mental condition Arthur suffered from laughing uncontrollably whenever situations got tough or tense. He started laughing, a kind of painful, nervous, yet loud and unstoppable laughter when two men molested a girl while he was in the metro.

Before he could fish out his card and tell them about his condition, he was beaten brutally which made him fish out a gun and shoot them. This poster shows the fleeting metro, and the double personalities of Arthur – one his ordinary and mentally unstable self; and the other, the Joker.

9. The Cinemark XD Joker Movie Theatre Poster

The Cinemark XD Joker Movie Theatre Poster

Overview: This one probably illustrates one of the most iconic scenes of the movie. Arthur led a miserable life one that lacked love, burdened by poverty; aspiring to be a star but only managing to land up in terrible fiascos. Here, it’s inspired by the scene when he sat in front of the mirror thinking about all the miseries he had been endowed with all his life and yet, trying to force a smile to go up on stage and make people laugh.

He sticks his finger inside his mouth and tries to stretch his lips into a smile, while tinted tears run down his cheeks. This one was exclusively made for Cinemark XD movie theatres.

10. The Joker TransformationThe Joker Transformation

Overview: Illustrating Arthur’s struggles being a failed comedian, this poster is probably the best one out there. It shows Arthur’s ordinary self, with the classic rose-red painted lips with a menacing stare, as his normal, exterior skin begins to wear out. Arthur faced a lot of neglect and hatred for his unexplainable mental condition, and it took him a while to accept his other personality, that is, the Joker.

This poster shows how Arthur finally starts to accept his villainous self, and how he’d been that all along. Instead of Arthur smudging the Joker’s makeup, this one shows the Joker removing his Arthur makeup and being his true self.

11. Joker: The American Regal Cinema Edition

Joker The American Regal Cinema Edition

Overview: This exclusive poster for the American Regal Cinema portrays Joker walking down the streets, just after he fired his gun at Gotham city’s loved talk show, “The Murray Franklin Show”.  Soon after this scene, the less privileged people of the Bronx let out a wail of anger and despair and set the whole city on fire.

12. Joker: The Dolby Cinemas Edition

Joker The Dolby Cinemas Edition

Overview: An exclusive digital poster created by Dolby Cinemas, this one depicts Joker in his grave, mysterious space. The way Arthur switched from a maniac, happy self to one with a fixated stare where his mind rushed with incomprehensible thoughts was probably what gave the movie a dark touch.

This one depicts the latter, where he seems zoned out with a million mysterious thoughts racing through his mind.

13. Joker: Tribute to The Dark Knight

Joker Tribute to The Dark Knight

Overview: This one shows Joker in all his eminence, even though it was for all the wrong reasons. He is seen smoking a cigarette, something he was quite addicted to, as shown in the movie.

The classic, signature one-liner from the movie’s dialogues, “Put on a happy face” at the bottom increases the feel of this poster even more. Gotham’s buildings burning down to ashes, which formed the final climax of this movie, has been depicted in the background.

14. The Joker Why So Serious Poster

The Joker Why So Serious Poster

Overview: This poster is inspired by the epic scene which gave birth to one of the most famous dialogues, “Why so serious?” of the Batman franchise. As Arthur sticks his knife on Gambol’s face, he tells him the story of how he got the scars on his body. He reveals how his father was abusive towards him and his mother and went overboard one night.

His mother brought a kitchen knife to defend herself, and his father let out a crazy laugh and asked him, “Why so serious?”; as he stuck the blade on his face and asked him to put on a smile. This illustration reminds us of the horrifying scene, fresh and raw.

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So, that’s it! That’s our take in the best Joker posters that show everything, his transformation, his acceptance, his painful joy, and his dark pasts. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, we’d suggest you watch it right at this moment. Because the movie will make you change your perception of villains, that too in a ‘not-so-stereotypical’ way.

Instead of the bad guy going good, this one’s quite the opposite, and yet a brilliant masterpiece. And who knows, maybe Joker will manage to steal your heart way faster than Batman ever could!

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