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16 Best Lesbian Movies To Watch on Netflix in 2020: Our Curated Recommendations


The ‘Pride Month’ has just ended and various activities took place during this month to raise awareness about the LGBTQ community. People from this community poured their hurt out. Films based on LGBTQ were widely promoted and watched during this period. But unfortunately, things were not that easy for this community as it is today.

Many of us are witnessing these days that people are embracing their true identity and society is accepting it with open arms. But things were different some years ago. We will never be able to experience the pain and struggle of the people who fought for their identity. But cinema and books are two brilliant ways to understand that.

If you wish to experience the grief and hardships this community has faced then there are books and movies available. In this blog, we have come up with a list of best lesbian movies that you can watch on Netflix.

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1. A Secret Love (2020)

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/best-lesbian-movies-on-netflix/100701/ by Cecilia Jones on 2020-08-20T08:01:51.000Z

  • Genre: Documentary, LGBTQ Movies
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: This documentary is centred on a 70-year relationship between two women. A Secret Love is an incredible love story of Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue. Terry a baseball player and her partner Pat conceal their romantic love for almost seven decades. In this journey of love, these two overcome prejudices and a set of challenges.

The Director of the documentary is Chris Bolan. This marvellous documentary took seven years and the result is in front of you. When you sit in front of the screen to witness this great love story you enjoy every bit of it. Even words fail to describe the beauty of this documentary.


2. Tig (2015)

  • Genre: LGBTQ Movies
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: This documentary film tells the story of a comedian Tig Notaro. She is diagnosed with stage Ⅱ breast cancer. But this devastating news could not interrupt her search for humour and she comes up with a legendary stand-up set and continues to inspire the new generation of cancer survivors. Along with it, she struggles in her personal life as well as she tries to become pregnant with her lady love Stephanie Allynne.

This documentary starring Tig Notaro is directed by Ashley York and Kristina Goolsby. The documentary involves every emotion, it will make you laugh, it will make you sad but overall it is a beautiful documentary, and charisma of Tig Notaro cannot be described using words. Watching a documentary like this is an exceptional experience in itself.


3. Carol (2015)

  • Genre: Romantic Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: The film is set in New York City during the early 1950s. This romantic drama is woven around Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara), an aspiring photographer who works at a departmental store. One day she comes across Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) an older woman who is going through a difficult divorce. Therese’s life changes when she develops a strong feeling of love for Carol.

This beautiful, romantic film is directed by Todd Haynes and the screenplay of the film is based on a romantic novel (The Price of Salt) by Patricia Highsmith. This tale of denied and forbidden love will hit you at the core and you will fall in love with the captivating story and beautifully portrayed characters. The actors have done a great job and their performance made the film remarkable. The film has won various prestigious awards and got nominated for Academy Awards in different categories. Witness the story of love, social prejudices, and hard choices!


4. Margarita With A Straw (2014)

  • Genre: Romantic Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: The story revolves around a young woman Laila (Kalki Koechlin) who is a bit rebellious and has cerebral palsy. She leaves her home in India and set out to study in New York. Love knocks at her door unexpectedly and she goes on an exciting journey of self-discovery.

This marvellous piece of craft is directed by Shonali Bose. The simplistic approach of the film helps you connect to the story and characters. It is one of the finest performances of Kalki. This heart-warming movie has won a national award. The film is a blend of great performance and brilliant story and watching this film would be a remarkable experience for you.


5. The Half Of It (2020)

  • Genre: Comedy/Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: A cash-strapped teenage Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) makes extra money by writing homework papers for her schoolmates. Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer) a schoolmate of Ellie, approaches her to write love letters for his crush Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire) by his name.

Unexpectedly, Ellie becomes Paul’s friend and develops feelings for his crush Aster.This touching story of love and friendship is directed by Alice Wu. The story unfolds different aspects of love and friendship and throws light on its complexities. The audience can feel the emotions strongly that the director and actors intended to convey. It would be a delightful watch. this is one of the best lesbian movies to watch on Netflix right now in 2020.


6. Yes Or No (2010)

  • Genre: Romantic comedy-drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Pie (Sushar Manaying) gets to know that her roommate Kim (Suppanad Jittaleela) dresses like a man. This fact was a bit surprising for Pie and initially, she feels uncomfortable with Kim. Soon they both grow close and develop a bond of affection. Then both of them wonder whether the feelings they have for each other is just friendship or something more than that.

This romantic drama is directed by Sarasawadee Wongsompetch. Another movie where the characters juggle with their inner feelings and the story revolves around love and friendship. The film has received positive reviews and one should at least watch it once.


7. Elisa And Marcela (2019)

  • Genre: Romantic Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Two girls Elisa and Marcela meet in 1885 and develop a great bond of affection. Later on, this affection turns into love that society would not accept. Thus, they have to hide their love from everyone. After six years, in 1901, Elisa adopts a male identity so that she can marry her lady love, Marcela.

The director of this movie is Isabel Coixet and the title roles were played by Natalia de Molina (Elisa Sánchez Loriga) and Greta Fernández (Marcela Gracia Ibeas). The film is based on the first same-sex marriage that took place in Spain. This marriage took place almost 100 years before same-sex marriages were accepted in Spain legally.This pious story of love and sacrifice of identity is a delightful watch and would touch you to the core of the heart.


8. Yes Or No 2 (2012)

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: It is the sequel to the popular film ‘Yes or No’ which was released in the year 2010. This film begins exactly where the original film left off. Now Pie and Kim are no longer university girls. They are in love but are not physically together. The distance tests their love and they face various problems and try to balance their relationship.

It is directed by Sarasawadee Wongsompetch and the lead roles were played by Suppanad Jittaleela and Sushar Manaying. The movie feels so relatable and one can easily connect to the circumstances and problems faced by lovers. It is a simple yet beautiful film. Give it a try!


9. Lovesong (2017)

  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Sarah (Riley Keough) feels neglected by her husband and thus she calls her friend Mindy (Jena Malone) and they both go on an impromptu road trip along with Sarah’s daughter. On that road trip, they recall their sexual experiences in college and then end up kissing and being physically intimate. Then circumstances force them apart and Mindy abruptly leaves for her home. Three years later, again they both come in contact and try to rebuild their intimate relationship in the days before Mindy’s marriage.

The film is directed by So Yong Kim. The performance of the artists in the movie helps you connect to the character and you feel an emotional connection with the story and the characters as well. Embark on an emotional journey with this beautiful movie!


10. The Perfection (2018)

  • Genre: Thriller
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: This one is a bit different from other lesbian movies. Along with showing the lesbian relationship dynamics the film’s story comes with horror and thriller experience. At the point when distressed melodic genius Charlotte searches out Lizzie, the new star student of her previous school, this meeting sends the two artists down an evil way with appalling outcomes.

The film is directed by Richard Shepard and the lead roles were played by Allison Williams and Logan Browning. If you are searching for a variety of lesbian films then do give it a try. It would be a whole different experience. The film’s story takes twists and turns and this makes the film intriguing. The one who loves plot twists and intense movies, it would be a perfect watch for them.


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11. Teenage Cocktail (2016)

  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: The small town and overbearing parents give the feel of confinement to Annie Fenton and Jules Rae. The two come up with a plan to run away and then they try webcam modelling. But soon they realize that the outcomes of their actions can blindside them.

Nichole Bloom and Fabianne Therese played lead roles and the film is directed by John Carchietta. The film makes a lasting impression on the audience with its gripping storyline. Along with lesbian love, the film brings out some harsh realities. It is something more than that of romantic drama. So, if you have got bored with the usual romantic stories then watch this movie for a different experience.


12. Let It Snow (2019)

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: On a cold Christmas eve, a snowstorm hits a small-town impacting relationship, friendship, and future of high school students. A snowstorm changes the dynamics of friendships and romantic relationships. They soon find their friendships and love lives colliding, and Christmas morning, nothing will be the same.

The film is directed by Luke Snellin. ‘Let it Snow’ is a light-hearted movie that lets you feel every emotion. The film is just about ‘feelings’. Enjoy the movie and flow with the emotions this is one of the Best Lesbian Movies.


13. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Lga (2019)

  • Genre: Romantic comedy-drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Sweety (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja) the loving daughter of Balbir Chaudhary (Anil Kapoor) loves someone secretly but she decides to marry a writer just to please her father. Later on, she fights against society and her family for her hidden love. The film is directed by Shelly Chopra Dhar. Some actors have delivered the finest performance and one should watch this movie to witness that amazing performance.


14. Duck Butter (2018)

  • Genre: Comedy
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Two women who are not satisfied with their relationships and feel distressed decide to make an agreement that involves spending 24 uninterrupted hours together and finding a fresh way to create intimacy. Their romantic experiment intends to create a new form of intimacy, but it doesn’t quite go as planned.

The film is directed by Miguel Arteta and lead roles were played by Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa. The authentic performance of the actors and a bit different storyline appeal to the audience. This out of the box concept and this unusual romantic experiment binds you with the core emotion of the movie and you feel connected to the characters. It is a perfect entertainer.


15. To Each, Her Own (2018)

  • Genre: Comedy-drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: Simone Benloulou (Sarah Stern) thinks that she is a lesbian and she secretly has a girlfriend. Things take an unexpected turn when she discovers that she is getting attracted to a man. The film is directed by Myriam Aziza.

Along with exploring love, the film also explores other dimensions such as family, sexual orientation, social prejudices, gender, race, and nationality. Watching a movie like this would be a treat.


16. Unfreedom (2015)

  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Overview: The film juxtaposes two stories. A lesbian young woman in India fights off an arranged marriage and resists her father’s efforts who was forcing her into an arranged marriage. On the other hand, a religious fanatic kidnaps an anti-extremist scholar in New York.

The film is directed by Raj Amit Kumar. Lead characters are amazingly portrayed by Preeti Gupta, Adil Hussain, Victor Banerjee, and Bhanu Uday. The two parallel narratives of the film are quite compelling. The storytelling of the film is marvellous and the way emotions are presented on the screen is just amazing. The performance of the actors is worth-watching and one should not miss this movie.


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FAQs About The Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix

1. Does Netflix Have A Lesbian Movie Category?

Yes, Netflix has particularly Lesbian movies category. However, still, it has plenty of best LGBTQ movies available from Romance, comedy, mystery genres to watch.

2. How To Find Cool Lesbian Movies To Watch On Netflix?

Netflix has a lesbian movie category, you can watch some best lesbian movies on Netflix. To find and watch lesbian movies on Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Download the Netflix app from the app store and create/login to your account.
  • After login, search for “lesbian Movies” in the search bar.
  • The app will show you plenty of LGBTQ movies to watch online.
  • Click on the desired movie to stream it online.

3. What Are Some Of The Best Lesbian Films On Netflix?

Netflix offers you a wide range of lesbian movies from old classic to the latest ones to watch online or download within the app. Some of the best lesbian movies on Netflix are:

  • Unfreedom
  • Unfreedom
  • Teenage Cocktail
  • Lovesong
  • Yes or No

4. Is It Possible To Download Movies On Netflix?

Yes, it is possible to download a Lesbian movie on Netflix. To download Lesbian movies on Netflix, follow these steps:

  • Login your Netflix account and search for lesbian movies.
  • Click on the particular lesbian movie and use the “Download” option to download the movie within the app in Normal/Medium or High Quality.

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Final Words

Things are taking a turn now and people are raising their voices. Literature and cinema have played a vital role and raised awareness about sexual orientation. This has given the courage to the people from the LGBTQ community to come out and accept what they are. Several films are made on this topic but unfortunately, some are not available to watch.

The above list contains some lesbian movies that you can enjoy on Netflix. So, watch out some great stories and experience love in an unusual form.

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Disclaimer (Important)

We don’t encourage any piracy or pirated content and will advise you to watch the content on Netflix Premium by taking its annual/monthly subscription. All the links available in the article are legal and for entertainment purposes only. Binge-Watch & Chill!

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