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Top 13 Best Mafia Animes Of All Time


When it comes to anime, stories about organized crime are a genre that stands out. These stories go into great detail about the dirty world of the American mob and the secretive ways that the Japanese yakuza do business. They have had a big effect on the anime world.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the best mafia anime, where intriguing antiheroes tell gripping stories. The irresistible appeal of a high-rolling life of crime takes center stage, set against a background of cold-blooded violence, a complicated dance of family bonds, and honor. Whether the last act ends in a tragic climax or a triumphant win, this journey is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable ride.

Buddy Daddies

Rei Suwa pointing a gun
Rei Suwa pointing a gun

"Buddy Daddies" follows the unique journey of two young men, Kazuki and Rei, who lead a double life as hitmen, taking down notorious figures within Tokyo's criminal underworld. Their already unconventional lifestyle takes an unexpected turn when a mission goes awry, leading them to become the unexpected guardians of a young orphan girl named Miri.

The series delves into the intricacies of Kazuki and Rei's attempt to balance their shadowy careers with the responsibilities of parenthood, all while keeping Miri in the dark about their true profession. Despite the haunting traumas from their pasts, Kazuki and Rei are determined to create a semblance of a happy and normal childhood for Miri. "Buddy Daddies" is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending heartwarming moments with heart-wrenching ones.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

The cover of the The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited anime featuring the two main characters
The cover of the The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited anime featuring the two main characters

"The Millionaire Detective" centers around Daisuke Kambe, a brilliant individual who lends his exceptional talents to the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force, dedicated to eradicating crime in Tokyo. Haru Kato, another member of the task force, finds himself reluctantly partnered with Daisuke, despite their initial animosity rooted in their vastly different backgrounds and values.

Daisuke hails from one of the world's wealthiest families, while Haru's riches lie in his strong moral compass and unwavering commitment to helping others, viewing it as his duty to be a hero. In contrast, Daisuke strictly adheres to protocol, driven by logic rather than emotion.

However, as they collaborate more closely, their differences begin to complement each other, forging a formidable partnership. Over time, Daisuke and Haru evolve into an effective and harmonious team, leveraging their unique strengths to tackle Tokyo's criminal challenges.

Spy X Family

The cover of the Spy x Family anime
The cover of the Spy x Family anime

"Spy x Family" skillfully balances elements of espionage and action with heartwarming humor and the development of a unique family bond. At its core is the enigmatic character Loid Forger, renowned as the world's most sought-after spy.

His latest mission requires him to assume a complex role: that of a respected psychologist, a devoted husband, and a caring father. This mission's aim is nothing short of restoring global peace, a task that weighs heavily on his shoulders.

Trained to be detached and devoid of human emotions, Forger finds himself navigating uncharted territory as he grapples with the unfamiliar challenges of playing the role of a fake father and husband. For the first time in his life, he begins to experience the depths of human emotions. The dichotomy between his duty to world peace and his burgeoning attachment to his ersatz family becomes a central conflict in his life.

Yet, Forger is not the only one harboring secrets within this unconventional family. His pretend wife, Yor, is a skilled professional assassin with a clandestine life of her own.

Meanwhile, their pretend daughter, Anya, possesses a remarkable telepathic power. Despite the layers of secrets that each family member carries, it's their genuine bond and connection that remains authentically real, transcending the artifice of their fabricated roles.

91 Days

The cover of the 91 Days anime featuring the two main characters
The cover of the 91 Days anime featuring the two main characters

Set against the backdrop of the Prohibition era in the United States, a time marked by rampant lawlessness and underground profits driven by the desire for liquor, "91 Days" immerses viewers in the gritty world of organized crime. At the center of this anime is the influential Vanetti family, whose pursuit of wealth and prosperity blurs the lines of loyalty, spills blood, and invites revenge to haunt them like an unrelenting specter.

Enter Angelo Lagusa, the anime's protagonist, whose life revolves around a singular, unwavering goal: to avenge the brutal murder of his entire family at the hands of the Vanettis. Angelo embarks on a dangerous path, infiltrating the Vanetti family with remarkable composure and a façade of indifference, skillfully positioning himself as a valuable asset to their operations while gradually earning their trust.

However, "91 Days" is a narrative woven with intricate twists and unexpected turns. Angelo finds himself forming an unlikely bond with Nero Vanetti, one of the very men responsible for the devastation that befell his family. This burgeoning companionship challenges Angelo's rigid determination for revenge as he grapples with the complexities of human connection amidst a backdrop of crime and retribution.


The cover of the Switch anime feauring the two main characters
The cover of the Switch anime feauring the two main characters

In the thrilling series "Switch," the narrative unfolds against a backdrop of enigmatic organizations, ruthless murderers, menacing gangs, drug dealers, and chilling psychopaths. At its core, the story follows two dedicated members of Japan's Narcotics Control Department, Haru and Kai, who operate undercover to combat the illicit drug trade.

Haru's mission takes him deep into the heart of a mafia faction responsible for trafficking the dangerous substance known as Funny Angel, while Kai immerses himself in the shadows of a suspicious greenhouse suspected of producing this deadly drug. The title "Switch" alludes to Kai's disconcerting and abrupt shifts in behavior; he vacillates between a compassionate, empathetic persona and a merciless, cold-blooded killer.

As the series unfurls, the mystery behind Kai's unsettling personality transformations gradually comes to light, revealing the harrowing truth. Simultaneously, Haru and Kai inch closer to dismantling the illegal Funny Angel operation. However, with each step they take toward their objective, their covers become increasingly precarious, placing not only their mission but also their lives in perilous jeopardy.


The cover of the Gangsta. anime cover
The cover of the Gangsta. anime cover

In the city of Ergastulum, where the mafia reigns and crime seeps into every corner, our central characters, Worick and Nicolas, make their living as "handymen." However, in this gritty urban landscape, being a handyman translates to being a mercenary for hire. They navigate a perilous existence, taking on assignments from both criminal syndicates and law enforcement, all driven by the allure of the right price.

But beneath the surface of this crime-ridden city lies a far more significant and ominous undercurrent. Ergastulum was once a sanctuary for "twilights," supernatural beings born from a unique drug. Now, a new threat emerges as an organization seeks to hunt down these twilights.

This development disrupts the already fragile equilibrium of Ergastulum, a haven for gangsters, and the paradise of criminals teeters on the brink of transformation. Caught in the maelstrom of change, the handymen find themselves with no choice but to be swept up in the tumultuous events unfolding around them.

Bungo Stray Dogs

The Bungo Stray Dogs anime cover
The Bungo Stray Dogs anime cover

"Bungo Stray Dogs" delves into the life of its main character, Nakajima Atsushi, who begins as an orphan until he's taken under the wing of Dazai Osamu and Kunikida, two prominent members of the Armed Detective Agency. This unique organization is composed of individuals endowed with extraordinary abilities, enabling them to tackle cases that transcend the capabilities of both the police and the military. Atsushi's own remarkable power allows him to transform into a formidable tiger, significantly bolstering the agency's capabilities.

However, the series introduces a formidable adversary: the Port Mafia, a dominating force in the criminal underworld, serving as the epicenter for all illegal activities. What adds complexity to the narrative is the fact that Dazai, one of the agency's leaders, was once a prominent figure within the Port Mafia before he chose to defect.

Throughout the series, a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game unfolds as the Armed Detective Agency and the Port Mafia engage in a relentless struggle to eliminate each other, each posing a threat to the other's goals. The Port Mafia's relentless pursuit of Atsushi, in particular, is motivated by their desire to secure seven billion yen, which they require to fuel their perilous and unlawful ventures. In contrast, the Armed Detective Agency seeks to restore peace and order to society, emphasizing their pursuit of a just and harmonious world.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The cover of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime
The cover of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime

"Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" introduces us to Tsunayoshi, an endearingly clumsy and unfortunate protagonist. Tsuna's life is far from extraordinary, and his primary focus revolves around his unrequited crush on Kyouko Sasagawa, though the odds of winning her heart seem slim at best. Regrettably, Tsuna appears to be the embodiment of everything one should not aspire to be, much to the amusement of those around him.

However, fate takes a dramatic twist with the arrival of the Italian Mafia on the scene. Tsuna's humdrum life takes a 180-degree turn when he crosses paths with Reborn, an infant hitman sent by the most formidable Mafia family in Italy. Reborn's mission: to groom Tsunayoshi to become the ninth boss of the Vongola family. This unexpected encounter propels Tsuna into a world of danger, intrigue, and responsibility he never could have imagined.


The cover of the Baccano! anime
The cover of the Baccano! anime

"Baccano!" is a must-watch series for aficionados of mafia stories. Set against the backdrop of 1930s America, a time marked by Prohibition and the ascent of organized crime, this historical anime transports viewers into a riveting world of intrigue and violence.

In the heart of Chicago, the Flying Pussyfoot, a transcontinental train, carves a trail of chaos and bloodshed in its wake, a microcosm of the turmoil gripping the nation. Meanwhile, in New York, scientists Szilard and Ennis embark on a quest for immortality, setting the stage for a narrative entangled with the supernatural.

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

The cover of the La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia anime
The cover of the La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia anime

"La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia" stands out as one of the most remarkable adaptations of an otome game in recent anime history. This captivating tale revolves around the Arcana Famiglia, a group of dedicated individuals who have sworn to protect the innocent from harm. Their unique abilities stem from contracts forged with Tarot cards, each possessing extraordinary supernatural powers.

The turning point in their organization occurs when Mondo, the esteemed leader of the Arcana Famiglia, unexpectedly announces his retirement. To determine his successor, he initiated a thrilling competition known as the "Arcana Duello." The stakes are high, with the promise that the victor not only assumes leadership of the mafia but also earns the right to marry Mondo's daughter, Felicita.

However, Felicita has her own ambitions and secret motives. She boldly enters the Arcana Duello with a singular purpose - to reshape the organization and, most importantly, to regain her long-awaited freedom.

Black Lagoon

The cover of the Black Lagoon anime
The cover of the Black Lagoon anime

"Black Lagoon" chronicles the unexpected journey of Rokurou Okajima, an ordinary salaryman whose life takes a dramatic turn when a business deal goes awry. In a twist of fate, he ends up in the clutches of the Lagoon Company, a motley crew of pirate mercenaries. Rokurou's predicament arises because his employers refuse to pay his ransom.

Rather than succumbing to despair, Rokurou chooses to embrace his new reality and becomes a part of this unconventional band of anti-heroes. Along the way, he forges remarkable friendships with some of anime's most intriguing characters. As he immerses himself in the world of the Lagoon Company, he discovers the vast extent of their influence, encountering formidable figures from the Russian and Chinese mafias.

Though "Black Lagoon" consists of just under 30 episodes, it leaves an indelible mark on viewers' minds. Memorable characters such as the lovable gunslinger Revy and the lethal yet captivating Balalaika ensure that the series leaves a lasting impression.


Gungrave anime cover with the main character holding two guns
Gungrave anime cover with the main character holding two guns

"Gungrave" thrusts its protagonists into a harsh reality right from the outset of the series. These lifelong friends had been drifting through life, spending their days engaging in local brawls, pursuing romantic encounters, and resorting to petty crimes to make ends meet.

However, their tranquil existence takes a nightmarish turn when they become entangled with Millennion, a formidable local mafia syndicate. Within Millennion, they start at the organization's lowest echelons, and their journey upward is marked by fierce and brutal confrontations.

Of the two friends, Harry harbors ambitious aspirations to seize control of Millennion and ascend to its leadership. Brandon, on the other hand, is wholeheartedly supportive of Harry's goal, driven by his own profound motivation - to rescue his beloved Maria, who has fallen into the clutches of the syndicate's enigmatic leader.

Banana Fish

The cover of the Banana Fish anime
The cover of the Banana Fish anime

Aslan Jade Callenreese, known as Ash Lynx, began life as a runaway, finding himself plucked from the unforgiving streets of New York City and raised by the notorious Mafia godfather, Dino Golzine. By the age of 17, Ash had risen to lead his own group. However, instead of embracing the criminal lifestyle, he embarked on a quest to unravel the enigma of "Banana Fish," the two cryptic words his sister, Griffin, uttered upon her return from the Iraq War.

Ash's pursuit of answers faced a significant obstacle as his own men sent Dino to track him down, forcing Ash into hiding in an underground bar. It was within this sanctuary, known as Bar Skip, that Ash's closest confidant, Skip, crossed paths with Shunichi Ibe and his assistant, Eiji Okumura, Japanese photographers covering the American underworld.

Their conversation was abruptly disrupted by the arrival of Shorter Wong, one of Ash's comrades, who arrived with a dire warning about Dino's impending threat. In a harrowing turn of events, Dino's gang descended upon the bar, resulting in the kidnapping of both Skip and Eiji.

Now, Ash must navigate a treacherous path to rescue his friends and carry on his investigation into Banana Fish. Yet, his deep entanglement with the Mafia poses a constant challenge, raising the question of whether he can truly break free to pursue his own desires.


As we wrap up our list of the best mafia anime, one thing becomes very clear: this genre is a dynamic and important part of the rich layers of anime and manga. So, if you want an exciting escape into a world where morality isn't clear and danger is around every corner, look no further than the Mafia anime.

It's a genre that continues to draw people in, challenge them, and leave a mark on their hearts. It reminds us that sometimes the dark side is just too tempting to overlook.

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