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Best Online English Classes For Free – Learn English in Quarantine Phase


English is the most widely used language in the world. Even if you are not residing in an English-speaking nation, learning English can be quite fruitful. For people who love to travel and explore the world around them, English can be the language that enables them to communicate with people around them. Now you might be thinking, what is the best possible way to learn English?

Even if you are in a Non-English speaking nation, you don’t have to worry. This is because numerous platforms offer English speaking course online for free. No doubt, paid lessons can help you learn English quickly and more effectively, but free versions are not bad at all. The best way to learn any language is to practice the language as much as possible. So keep on speaking, keep on writing, and keep on communicating in English.

If you’re someone looking for how to improve English speaking, worry not as we are going to share some of the best resources to learn English online that too free of cost! Interesting, no?

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Why Should You Enroll In An Online English Speaking Course?

Learning the most widely used language in the world is never a bad idea. Your reason to learn English online can be anything. Most people learn English online for the following main purposes:

  • To study abroad
  • To get better job opportunities in English spoken nations
  • Enjoy different entertainmentsources like moviesand books
  • To travel all around the world
  • To fulfill their bucket list of learning a foreign language

This article will help you identify different online English speaking course and platforms, where you can learn English online quickly and efficiently.

So, let the English learning journey begin with some of the best English speaking course online!

12 Best Online English Classes For Free

1. USA Learns

This website offers free English learning courses for beginners as well as intermediary students. The classes and curriculum offered are up to the elementary level. If you want to get US citizenship, it is very important to take this class.

You will learn English quickly and easily through this channel. Through this class, you can learn to speak, write, and read the English language carefully. The lessons are created, keeping in mind different daily life usage of English. The course also focuses on grammar learning through this platform.

The website is funded by the US Government. Thus, you can completely trust the effectiveness of the course offered by this platform. The course also includes videos and interactive lessons to practice and improve your English learning capability.

Learning is provided based on online activities like videos, photos, sounds, and charts. Twenty courses are covered in units like time, clothes, food, weather, etc. Once you complete this course, you will undoubtedly be at a good level in English learning.

2. BBC 6 Minutes English

Who doesn’t know about BBC News? But do you know the BBC platform also offers an English learning course for beginner level as well as advanced level? No matter if you are an English s[eaker or not, you will love this 6-Minute course by BBC. All you need to learn English through this channel is to spend 6-minutes every day learning interactive English. Not only it does teach how to write but also covers online English speaking course too.

The program is like a structured radio program where the hosts ask you different questions, and you get time to answer those questions. When the program begins, the host will ask you a few questions. The host can ask you questions about science, data, plants, animals, and whatnot. During this program, you get to enjoy the interactive session with the host.

The host can also incorporate some real-life scenarios and can ask you questions about anything from your real life. If you want to learn the UK accent, this program is a must-watch for you. There are a number of features associated with this website.

The User Interface of this website is pretty simple, and you won’t face much difficulty when it comes to learning English through this website. The website is an excellent source of English learning for any language speakers. Since the website offers videos and learning scripts free of cost, you can learn as much as you want and as quickly as you want through this website.

3. ESL Pod

This is another best podcast to learn English if you are not a native English speaker. Audio lessons on this platform are available for 15 to 20 minutes, and you also get a learning guide of 8-10 pages through this website. The lessons are extremely useful, and most students love the idiomatic expressions and phrases taught through this channel.

The podcast is best for intermediaries and advanced level learners. So, no matter which stage of the English language you are, you can use this platform for unlimited English learning and that too free of cost. The English language is taught based on dialogues and conversations. You will also get a detailed explanation for every topic taught and how to pronounce every word and phrase.

This platform also teaches you cultural English, which helps you know about the American culture. Thus, anyone looking to shift to the USA for job preference or study purposes should use this website to learn English. American culture will be taught to the student through lessons on American History, holidays, festivals, places, cities, and several other cultural aspects.

With more than 1800+ lessons, this is one of the best channels to look for if you want to improve your English writing, reading, and speaking abilities. If you’re focusing more on speaking English fluently, trust us, this is one of the best spoken English classes online to go for.

4. Alison

Alison is another excellent platform that offers English learning lessons for free. Although this channel has several other courses, it is not specifically designed to teach only English. But, the lessons are interactively designed to give you the best English learning experience.

This online learning platform has been around since the year 2007, and the English language course available on this platform is one of the best. The best part about this platform is that the course offers English grammar as well as English for tourism purposes.

Another significant advantage associated with Alison is that you get a certificate after completion of the course that you can use in your career. Thus, no matter what your purpose is, learning English through this channel can be quite an interesting experience. So, expand your skillset and increase your English language skills by learning from the Alison website.


This online English course functions with the support of the Queensland State Government. This course offers the best online course that is focussed on teaching the English language for all levels of beginners to advanced levels. This platform offers a total of four categories of English learning in the form of Listening, speaking, writing, as well as reading.

This is one of the best websites to access the best quality English learning courses. Through this platform, the students interact through the online platform. MOOEC is also focussed on an increased level of interaction between students and teachers.

For students who don’t have the means and resources available to get this course benefit in offline mode, this online mode of learning is the best way possible. MOOEC works as a non-profit organization that works towards the improvement of quality education of the English language.

6. FutureLearn

This English learning course is best suited for beginners, intermediaries, as well as advanced level students. This learning course is unlike other courses where students get to interact more with their teachers.

This course is highly recommended if you want to improve your English spoken level with better fluency. The course has short courses as well as long-duration courses for students of all levels. With this online course, you can learn with many leading universities and business schools.

This online platform also works with top universities like the British Council and UNESCO. FutureLearn has all major skill learning courses that are offered by industry experts from different domains. Among different other courses on the FutureLearn platform, the English learning program is called the best.

So, no matter which level of English learning course you want, FutureLearn can be one of the best platforms for you.

7. EDX

If you are active in the digital world, you must have heard about the EDX. The course on EDX is best suited for intermediary level and students above the intermediary level. The best part about the EDX is that it is created by top universities like MIT and Harward. The English course on EDX is free. Thus you don’t have to worry about your budget while learning English from this amazing website. You can look at the course and learn from your PC, Laptop, or even your smartphones.

The courses are designed to improve your grammar skills, conversation, and English writing skills. EDX is one of the most trusted platforms for learning English, and if you want to increase your level of English learning, it’s time to join the EDX platform. No matter where you are located geographically, you can easily log in to the EDX website to learn English for free.

EDX learning platform tries to remove the barriers of cost, location, access by meeting the demand for quality learning of people all around the globe. In addition to this, this platform also supports learners at every stage. Whenever you face any problem in learning, your teacher or guide will be available online to guide you. Overall, best English speaking course online free.

8. Udemy

In today’s age, Udemy is one of the largest platforms that offer learning for each and every subject and skill. Although few courses charge a few dollars, the cost of learning English at the Udemy platform is almost free. Many teachers who have different ratings offer the courses.

So, you can choose the best teacher by looking at the introductory video. Udemy primarily provides video content, and thus, all you need to do is to log in to the platform and watch the entire course. Different online assignments will also be provided to you to check your learning ability.

At the end of the course, you will also be provided with a certificate of completion. English speaking and writing may seem a challenging task for many, but with practice and proper learning, you can easily learn through this platform. You should use the quizzes and learning documents properly to complete the course properly.

9. Coursera

This is another amazing website that provide spoken English classes online which offers solid value. There are almost 5-10 courses for each level, and you can choose the course as per your level. No matter if English is your native language or your second language, Coursera will help you in learning English effectively. Skills in any language are important, but language skills in English can be very impactful to create new opportunities in your life.

English today is treated as the common language to connect the speakers and people whose languages are different. So, if you want to become a part of the English-speaking community, take the course from Coursera to get unlimited benefits.

Proficiency in English can be quite fruitful in your professional and personal life. Get ready to receive endless opportunities by learning English through Coursera.

10. World Education University

For people who are in need of vocational training, they should look at courses from World Education University. There are multiple subjects and skills to choose from, and English is one of them.

Although the English learning course by World Education University is not too vast, you can still use it to tone up your English proficiency. So, if you are already an English speaker, you can try the course by World Education University to improve your professional skills. Probably the best resource to learn English online free course.

The academic teams of the University offer high-quality online degrees and courses. The courses and programs can be availed by people from anywhere and that too free of cost. So, what are you waiting for?

Let the power of English learning provide you with unlimited opportunities.

11. Saylor

For people at the beginner and intermediate level of English learning, this is one of the best courses offered for free. This platform also integrates with different colleges, universities, and educational institutes to provide credits and certificates after the completion of the course.

If you are not a pro at English or if you are a beginner of the learning phase, you can try their featured course. Although the course will not drastically change your life, it will surely give you a boost to your English learning capabilities. If you are looking to improve your English speaking, writing, and reading capabilities, this is the perfect time to enroll in this course.

The course focuses on improving your English through active reading techniques. Different rhetorical techniques are also used to teach you English. So, tailor your English Learning skills through the Saylor Academy of English Learning.

12. Perfectly Spoken

This platform is focussed on helping you improve your English spoken skills. The complete course is not free, but a part of the course is free. Each level of learning consists of 60 classes. This is the last english speaking course online free that is included on the list.

Different teachers teach you different levels of English at each stage. Thus, you get to interact with the best teachers. The best part about Perfectly Spoken is that you can even testyour level of English before starting the class.

If you are worried about the price, just try a part of the program, which is enough to give a boost to your learning experience. If you want to learn more and go towards the advanced level, you can further move towards the premium courses.

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FAQs Regarding Best Online English Classes For Free

1. What Is The Best Online English Course?

We researched the web to find the best online English course and came across some of the fantastic resources, all of which are curated in this article. The best thing is, most of them are free! You can also know more about each platform here.

2. How Can I Learn English Fast And Easy Online Free?

To learn English fast and easy, online courses are available. You can take them and learn from the experts whose first language is English. You can also take classes nearby. To practice English, you can read books, watch news channels or movies in this language.

3. How Can I Speak English Fast And Easy?

If you’re looking for English spoken classes, no one can bite the online courses. This is mainly because a wide range of topics is covered for free or a very nominal fees.

Wrapping It Up!

Since English is the second most spoken language in the world, learning English is always beneficial. English today is called the language of aviation, language of science, diplomacy, and tourism. Thus, no matter which sector you choose for your career, learning English will always be beneficial for you.

English is also the language of international communication, media, and the internet. Thus, it is no more about learning English for fun and hobbies. Learning English is becoming a necessity each passing day. If you are not a native speaker, you might be thinking about different platforms where you can learn English. We hope this list of English classes online will help you learn this language easily without even spending a penny.

Although learning English can be quite a time consuming and challenging for some non-speakers, once you get habituated, you will love this new experience. No matter if you want to get better job opportunities, or get better at writing skills in English, these learn English online free course will help you to tone up your English skills.

Learning English is not only about getting better opportunities in other nations, but it is also about learning a new skill, understanding a foreign language, and the ability to watch numerous English shows and movies. So, even if you want to learn this language of mass for your personal reasons, these channels are platforms that will fulfill your objective.

So, don’t lose time, and start your English journey today with any of these channels and platforms. All these channels are top-rated as per the student review. The teachers who teach at these platforms are the top-rated teachers of the world. So, get unlimited English learning experience through this platform.

Start your English learning experience and inform us which of these channels you loved the most. We hope you will be a pro at English learning soon. Hopefully, by now, you would be clear of how to learn English speaking for free.

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