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15 Best Romance Anime On Crunchyroll In 2023

From heartwarming relationships to dramatic twists, the best romance anime on Crunchyroll offers a diverse range of narratives that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Cecilia Jones
Jan 19, 20241432 Shares51157 Views
Looking for captivating romance anime to watch? Look no further than Crunchyroll, where you can find some of the best romance anime titles that will tug at your heartstrings and immerse you in captivating love stories.
Whether you're a dedicated fan of the genre or a newcomer looking to explore the world of romantic anime, Crunchyroll has a selection that caters to all preferences and emotions.
From heartwarming relationships to dramatic twists, the best romance anime on Crunchyrolloffers a diverse range of narratives that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Nisekoi English Trailer

Nisekoi is an enjoyable harem romance anime following Raku Ichijo, the kind heir of a powerful Yakuza family. Raku recalls making a commitment to an unknown girl 10 years ago, and that she now has the key to his locket.
Raku's father will insist that he date the daughter of an enemy crime lord when he's a senior in high school in an effort to ease tensions between the two families. Chitoge Kirisaki, Raku's new lover, might be the promise girl from a decade ago. Alternatively, she could be Kosaki, Marika, or any of the other females in Raku's hectic love life.

We Never Learn: BOKUBEN

We Never Learn: BOKUBEN Trailer 1

The high school harem anime We Never Learn has vivid artwork and an encouraging theme. Nariyuki Yuiga, the protagonist of this anime, is a good-natured, high-achieving student who goes out of his way to help a couple of his female classmates improve their college application essays.
In their pursuit of personal development and career goals, Fumino, Rizu, and Uruka sometimes neglect their areas of academic competence in favor of focusing on those in which they are weaker. The ladies have earned Nariyuki's undying admiration, and he'll do anything he can to assist them. And their kind instructor could well win their heart in return.


Toradora! - Official English Trailer

In the romantic comedy Toradora!, we see that polar opposites may attract. The "Palm-Top Tiger," or Taiga Aisaka, is a small but feisty tsundere who has a crush on Yuusaku Kitamura, the vice president of the student council.
Although Ryuuji Takasu seems ten times more menacing than Taiga, he is really rather affable and takes great pleasure in cleaning. In addition to Taiga, he has a thing for Minori Kushieda, Taiga's closest friend. Taiga and Ryuuji became closer to one other after they met by chance and swore to assist each other get over their obsessions.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten | OFFICIAL TRAILER

An adorable love comedy, The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten. It's based on a light novel of the same name, and the anime does a great job of capturing the series' positive message. Although they share a school and a close proximity in their residences, Amane and Mahiru had never spoken to one another until Amane handed Mahiru his umbrella.
Mahiru is so moved by his generosity that she offers to assist him out around the house. It's the classic path from total strangers to best friends to lovers. It also has the chill vibe that most winter 2023 romantic comedies have.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets - Opening | Gotoubun no Kimochi

Exactly what could top a high school love story? When there are five potential suitors! The Very Definition Uesugi Fuutarou, the protagonist of "Quintuplets," works as a part-time tutor to help support his financially unstable family.
He has no idea that his class of quintuplets has a lot more in common than simply their DNA; they all get terrible marks and despise schoolwork. They're all lovely people, but it'll take more than looks to help them succeed academically and get through high school.

My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling | Official Trailer

My Dress-Up Darling is a raunchy ecchi comedy that also serves as a funny seinen ode to the world of cosplay. Wakana Gojo is an introverted teen who finds solace in her hobby of making hina dolls. Wakana's new friend Marin Kitagawa is a huge fan of anime and wanted to cosplay as one of her favorite characters, so he agreed to assist her out.
As the season progressed, Wakana assisted Marin in donning the costumes of many of her favorite characters. At first glance, it seems that Marin and Wakana have nothing in common, yet as the series progresses, they end up falling in love.

Sasaki & Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano | Official Trailer

Sasaki and Miyano is a love story between two teenage boys that demonstrates the power of manga to bring people together. Although Miyano enjoys reading guys' love comics, he never thought he could really fall in love with a person until he met Sasaki. Sasaki protected a classmate of Miyano's from bullies, and the two became fast friends.
Sasaki fell more quickly, but Miyano struggled with his sexuality before finally accepting it. Despite the title, Sasaki and Miyano are not your standard rom-com about two guys falling in love. Comparable to other shojo classics like Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket in terms of its saccharine plot.

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club: The Complete Series Trailer

The events of Ouran High School Host Club take place at the illustrious and maybe unconventional Ouran High. Despite her lack of financial means, Haruhi Fujioka was awarded a scholarship that allowed her to attend college. When all Haruhi wanted was a quiet place to study, her world was flipped upside down. Instead, Haruhi found the host club by accident.
Haruhi was so startled by the members' amorous activities that they mistook her for a guy that she knocked over and shattered a $8,000,000 vase. To get out of debt, she has no choice except to dress as a guy and work at the host club. Despite the show's short runtime, Ouran High School Host Club has inspired many viewers to take up the manga.

My Love Story With Yamada-kun At Lv999

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 | OFFICIAL TRAILER

The romantic comedy My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 will be the breakout hit of the spring of 2023. The protagonist, Akane Kinoshita, is a college student who, after being abandoned by her lover, takes comfort in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Forest of Savior.
She meets Akito Yamada, a gorgeous and emotionless high school boy, when their guild participates in an offline event for the game. Slowly but surely, feelings begin to develop between Akane and the other guild members, notably Yamada. The slow-burn relationship between Yamada (a high school kid) and Akane (a college girl) is the series's calling card.
The story moves along with a welcome absence of superfluous drama and filler characters, keeping the emphasis squarely on Akito and Akane and their developing, sincere feelings for one another.
Akito's mysterious and impersonal manner contrasts well with Akane's warm and compassionate personality, making for a compelling dynamic. Their developing affection is shown masterfully in the story's intimate exchanges, deep dialogues, and little acts of kindness.

Kimi Ni Todoke – From Me To You

kimi ni todoke - From Me to You - Vol 1 & 2 - Official Trailer

Kimi ni Todoke is an unrivaled treasure among high school romance anime, having debuted in 2009 and quickly winning the hearts of fans of the genre. Kimi ni Todoke is one of the few tales of its kind to endure, despite the proliferation of comparable works.
Sawako Kuronuma, the protagonist, is a quiet and affable high school student who gets a bad rap because of her outward look and extroverted personality. Their paths intersect, and she finds herself drawn to the gregarious Shouta Kazehaya.
Their sweet and sincere love develops despite the stresses of high school as Sawako begins to open out and overcome her social anxiety. Kimi ni Todoke is a classic for a reason: it masterfully illustrates how acceptance, friendship, and love can change a person for the better.

To Every You I've Loved Before


Movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse show how fascinating the idea of parallel worlds is to filmmakers. The anime industry has had a significant impact on the genre by making two films that go hand in hand with To All the Boys I've Loved Before, To Me, the One Who Loved You.
Both of these films based on the works of Japanese science fiction romance author Otono Yomoji are enjoyable on their own and work well together. Both films follow Koyomi Takasaki, a little child whose parents' separation sets them on divergent paths.
He decides to live with his mother in the first book, To Every You I've Loved Before, but with his father in the second book, To Me, The One Who Loved You. Koyomi Takasaki meets Kazune Takigawa in To Every You I've Loved Before, and Kazune admits that she and Koyomi know each other from somewhere in the past.
Kazune is from the parallel reality of World Line 85, where she and Koyomi are romantically involved. Both movies do a wonderful job of showing how a person's apparently little decisions can have a huge influence on their lives and their consequences.
Despite these differences, surprising similarities appear, especially in how people relate to the people who are most important to them.

Hori-san To Miyamura-kun

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Kyko Hori is an upbeat and well-liked high school girl, which is in stark contrast to her fellow student Izumi Miyamura, who is a morose kid who is thought to be an otaku since he wears spectacles. Hori is a simple-minded homebody who dresses casually and takes care of both the family home and her younger brother Souta when she is not at school.
Souta was saved by a total stranger who had several piercings on him after he got hurt on his way home from work one day. The identity of this individual is revealed to be Miyamura.
Hori is furious that Miyamura saw him as he really is at home, but the two of them come to an agreement that they would keep their actual selves a secret from their peers. Miyamura is astonished that Hori is a different person at school than he is at home.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket Season 1 - Trailer

Tohru Honda, a high school sophomore, has been living in a tent since her mother's death. She had no idea that she had moved into Sôma family land. She finds a home when investigating the neighborhood and decides to go inside. She meets Yuki and Shigure Soma there.
They found out she was living in a tent and gave her a place to stay in return for helping around the home. Tohru agrees, and she and Yuki, Kyô, and Shigure move in together. She soon discovers the family's dark secret: 13 members have fallen prey to a curse.
When someone of the other sex throws themselves at their neck or when they are feeling ashamed or weak, these individuals undergo a metamorphosis into one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, and the cat.
A few minutes later (the length of the transition varies), they revert back to human shape, however they return entirely nude, which may be highly uncomfortable for everyone there, particularly Tohru.

Yuri!!! On ICE

Yuri!!! on Ice Anime Trailer 2016

After finishing in last place during his debut in the Grand Prix, the young Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki continues to lose competitions and starts to question his decision to pursue a career in figure skating.
After a few months, Yuri goes back to his birthplace of Hasetsu in Kyushu, which he had abandoned for a period of five years, and while he is there, he flawlessly recreates a sequence that was originally performed by the well-known Russian skater Victor Nikiforov.
When a video of his performance that was shot without his knowledge goes viral and attracts the notice of Victor, the latter makes the decision to become Yuri's coach and teach him alongside one of his prodigy pupils, Yuri Plisetsky.

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Trailer

Future leaders of the nation, virtually entirely the offspring of the privileged, complete their education at the renowned Shchiin Academy. Kaguya Shinomiya, vice president, and Miyuki Shirogane, president, both from modest backgrounds, are two of the brightest and most exemplary students at their high school. They both feel attracted to one another, but neither can bring themselves to admit it, not even after a semester has passed.
Indeed, they both realize that whomever confesses first will become the "loser" of the partnership and will surely come from there, given the association between inequality of love interest and the relationship of dominance in a relationship of this kind. to be obedient to the other person. From now on, each day will be filled with new schemes to get the other to admit his emotions.

Final Thoughts

Crunchyroll offers a treasure trove of the best romance anime that can ignite your emotions and take you on unforgettable journeys of love and heartache.
With a wide variety of romantic stories, from sweet and heartwarming to intense and dramatic, Crunchyroll caters to the diverse tastes of anime enthusiasts.
Whether you're drawn to the excitement of blossoming relationships, the complexities of love triangles, or the magic of unexpected connections, the best romance anime on Crunchyroll has something for everyone.
So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of captivating love stories and experience the joy, pain, and beauty of romance through these remarkable anime titles.
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