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Best RTS Games on Steam


The genre is mostly characterized also by the likes of Starcraft and the Age of Empires, yet Indie games, such as AI and Northgard. In gamesthat are practically in real-time but just not simply called ‘RTS’, there is still much to celebrate.

Over the course of the past decade, the success of MOBAs threatened the RTS scene considerably; it just hasn’t prevented some deserving games that rise and the top to win the glory of their own. Here are our favourite RTS games on Steam, but we are more skewed towards the latest additions since; frankly, we all know how amazing Homeworld was right now. So here we present you the list of the most amazing strategy gamesthat you can play on Steam.

Shadow Tactics

Shadow Tacticsis one of the modern RTS games finest examples. You do not control enormous military forces with countless divisions but rather lead an elite group of five characters who have various capabilities and strengths. Although it fits in with the RTS genre, it still owes a debt to stealth games, which means that when making choices, you have to be really cautious – your team is expert murderers, but they are not a match for samurai.

And the new stage of the campaign presents a new puzzle of stealth to solve for your five quite distinct soldiers. This is a good turning point of its real-time strategy. Can you use your fatal timbrel to clear the way from a distance, use your leader to go uncontrolled and quietly slay your ninja, remove small groups of your samurai while using traps and decoys to sow chaos? Often you have an abundance of ways to challenge problems. Each victory will, though, give you the feeling of a tactical ninja as your enemies lie behind you.


After such an early access stint in mid-2018, this groundbreaking RTS game reached our strategic shores and since then has occupied its own quiet place of its genre in a very stoic and very skilful way. Settled in such a world of fantasy, any match between Northgardand your people brings you through an island to discover and grow to create a new existence.

You can not construct or hire buildings – instead, you have to delegate different ‘jobs’ to the small population that are allowed by the buildings. In several ways, the game could be very hands-off, even fighting with direct control. Nor would you be lonely on the island; some will look for new homes. Each Viking ‘clan’ has distinctive mechanics and different types of play; some just want to make allies, whereas others like to conquer. Somebody else really wants to earn cash, perhaps call a Kraken.

Multiple victory paths are accessible, and each island will be proceedings and loaded with mysterious NPC monsters. There is also a survival factor in ensuring that you have sufficient food and resources to see yourself throughout the ‘winter’ phases. The game has paid for add-ins throughout the form of additional factions; however, most game changes, including some new modes, were free. You should always order and check out anyway! This is one of the most amazing strategy games.

Ashes Of The Singularity

Albeit in a very strange position, with a rather characterless campaign and what looked like a lack of unit options, Ashes of the Singularitywas unquestionably unveiled; it was primarily matured over a long period of continuous growth and optimization. It remains now as among the most significant RTS in the contemporary world.

The game takes nodes not only from Total Annihilation-style play, as well as from Heroes Company, including its lightweight squads and intertwined resource nodes that function like the RTS seminal World War 2 territory in many respects. It uses structural support capabilities close to the ones used in Command and Conquer three and restricts player updates. Ashes is indeed a significant competitor in large-scale RTS space, and although the DLC campaign improves inconsistency considerably, the game’s specs make running on all but superior machines challenging.


It’s nice to wrap up with a new face on this page – Driftlandhas already been in Early Access for a few years until it was officially published in April 2019. The RTS fits the mould of the classical franchise Majesty – where the order of the day will be indirect power. You have to build your keeps and grow on those by linking them. You are a wizard whose kingdom is located in one of the fractured areas of the universe that is pouring everywhere.

It’s not for everybody, and there are other small niggles, but Driftland is eager to be brave and try, and anyone searching for a different Fantasy RTS game doesn’t have to look anything further.


The Deserts of Kharak is a modern twist on the classical physics of the series as well as a precursor for the original home universe. Initially, while we were sceptical about how RTS’s “six degrees of freedom” would flow on even a flat plane, Blackbird Interactive filled Kharak Desserts with complexity and core.

Homeworldhas been unfortunately missed by the wider RTS audience, one of the greatest RTS solo campaigns in history and the amazingly subtle gameplay. It’s now possible to determine whether you like the original classical titles as part of a community of Homeworld Remastered.

Company Of Heroes 2

The company of Heroes season 2has strengthened its position as a respected and pleasurable competitive strategic game only with the arrival of its western army expansions, reworking its war spoils systems and years of equilibrium improvement. Heroes 2 has now been given the distinction of possessing among the most replayable encounters of single players in modern RTS games, only with the development of the Ardennes Assault campaign.

Ardennes Assault offers players a competitive territory-capture metagame, laid out over one-player campaigns, with semi-arbitrary events and time-based targets, which modify for each stage, four companies under control (three in each campaign), and hard choices in an iron-fist setting. They compel the player to reflect and survive during the campaign using suboptimal tactics. The soviet plot has been seen as sub-par or not at least as supremely innovative throughout the core game; Ardennes Assault is indeed a successful player on RTS.

Age Of Empires 2

The original Age of Empires season 2is, without a doubt, a highlight of the RTS games world—so much such that it has since been completely restructured and published. The mixture of units, science, technology, and wololo all combine to produce an all-round RTS game. The final edition includes a refurbishment that does not only update the art, as well as the AI but also to say little of new campaigns and some fresh civilizations.

Age of Empires 2 does have a sumptuous combination of fighting, civil creation, building and collecting resources, which means that you still have to press something. Fight evolves far more than two sides which hack each other up before a fortunate champion appears unchecked – fortifications are to sail, tactics of siege to use it and tactical nightmares of all kinds that will lead the very expensive attack to fail. You should read the overview of the Age of Empires III Definitive Edition if you have strong memories of this game if Vous are searching for more AoE goodness.

Supreme Commander

Amid the tremendous old battle called The Infinite War, the Supreme Commanderhas tried to struggle for harmony from the destruction the galaxy has endured for so long. You must use the last brain cell to battle the AI and its deadly missiles.

Fortunately, they’re not the only ones able to get the large guns back. In the course of a war, there are vast technical plants, but the most important thing seems to be the experimental branch of the units, which ranges from massive crablike walkers to mobile-first bases to nuclear payloads that can kill major enemy bases at once. Supreme Commander does have one of the most incredible map programs so that you can zoom off and seamlessly schedule the next move. Few RTS games find science fictionso spectacular that they sound like Supreme Commander, and yet it still remains the benchmark in this regard over a decade later.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft Season 2is RTS titanium and one of the best strategy games. One such monolithic one that many new players are scared even to take the game since it is probable that the camera controls are ripped apart online. The indecisive would be intimidated by consistent research and development decisions, but you have the unspecified freedom of choice, be it as Protoss or Zerg. As just a new player, you continuously assess if you are investing in continuous improvements, short-term buffs about your most strong units or new units such as giant robot dogs – who wouldn’t want that?

But it is multiplayer where Blizzard truly shines his balance prowess, an achievement mirrored in the outstanding legacy of the game’s sport. Winning is indeed a continuous and untiring effort to try out your adversary, to scout his facilities and to try to oppose them. In short, Starcraft 2 does all that an RTS game ought to do, but with a polishing quality that is still difficult to match almost ten years later.

Europa Universalis IV

The classic brand of Paradox strategy games, while they are widely used as great strategy games, was actually a real-time strategy in terms of architecture.

Europa Universalis IVis eight years old when it’s written, and fresh DLC expansions are still being made. It is an interesting case study about how a strategic game could be supported over the long run, but it is also how complex and frustrating it can be. Not all EU4 DLCs are alike, although many people underestimate the amount of new content that perhaps the game is given, particularly free patches.

Moreover, it’s a good game. You start in the middle of the XVth centuries, and you will have to fight against the rises of empires, nationalism and theological unrest over some 100 years of turbulent history. A lot of EU4 mods are also available in spice things.

Lord Of The Rings

Recently, we have thought a lot about any of this title, as Renata points out that this is not only a reasonably exciting RTS but still one of the best Lord of its Ringsgames to date. Not only in regard to the key stories throughout the books but usually with respect to how EA Los Angeles creators (who will do Command & Conquer 3 & 4) succeeded in translating the sense of the source original content into a sport.

Though Renata is in support of the second title – published in 2006 – we got several feedback from readers because they favoured the first game in 2004. They got about the same score critically. The only warning in this list is that finding a copy of each game for sale is quite difficult. In 2010, EA missed the permission to continue to buy second-hand discs or… specific ways. Online gaming is better achieved by platforms such as GameRanger or the platform Steam, which has kept them for solo and multiplayer play.

Warcraft III

Warcraft 3has been one of the RTS games most popular ever, and it is a fanbase as well as a strong excuse to worship it. It introduced the world to creeps, the computer-controlled objects you will see on certain maps, but it defines the basis for other genres and games. You can also make your heroes better by placing them up-level, making RTS and RPG perfectly matched.

The classical edition is fantastic; however, although a new Warcraft III remaster has come out, it contains some glitches, a few faults on the extent to which the remaster goes, and several aspects of the initial launcher blocking the launcher have left a sweet mouth.

Final Words

So this completes our list of RTS games that you can enjoy on Steam.

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