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8 Best Torrent Sites for Ebooks & Audio Books Free to Download in 2020 (100% Working)


This article’s going to be exceptionally beneficial to all the bookworms out there. And also probably to those who are trying to score high and need to get a book immediately for tomorrow’s exam. We understand you, buying books can indeed be costly.

How many times have you sat back wishing you could read the original copy of a book rather than the abridged one? And how many times have you been staring at your screen, checking out a book on Flipkart or Amazon but are too broke to buy?

It’s indeed true, that buying books every time is not feasible when it comes to expenses. It’s not possible to have a library of books (which you probably, desperately want!) because let us be honest, books aren’t an investment. The case’s different if they warm your heart and make you happy, but for the most part, they aren’t.

So we have curated a list of eight best torrent websites where you can download books for free. They are mostly ebooks or audiobooks, the former being in PDF format. You probably cannot build a library overnight, but you can surely download every favourite book you ever wanted and store it on your PC in a day or two.

These sites have an exhaustive collection of the best booksaround the world, just type and hit search and you’re there. Plus, most don’t have adware, so no annoying pop-ups to deal with either. There is no malware too, so your device is safe! Without further delay, let’s walk you through the 8 best torrent websites for online e-books!

Best Torrent Sites For Ebooks Online In 2020

The list we have mentioned below are up and 100% working, these are free from malware and bloatware. So you can safely download your books and take it anywhere with you! You must check out this list of 8 best working books torrent platforms to find and download your favourite books, stories and magazines online in 2020.

1. WikiBooks

Wikibooks site
Wikibooks site
  • Strong suits:ebooks in various languages
  • What’s in store:ebooks
  • Availability:worldwide
  • Link:https://www.wikibooks.org

Site Overview:Probably the one to top the list because it’s a humongous database that is but a storehouse of a gazillion books. Moreover, it has books in Italian, Hindi, Deutsch, English, and six other languages.

All you have to do is head over to the website, select the language you want the book, and in and start your search. It has a pretty clean UI, so getting a book that you want won’t be a problem at all.

2. The Pirate Bay

Piratebay torrent website
Piratebay torrent website
  • Strong suits:supports magnet links and peer-to-peer file sharing
  • What’s in store:ebooks, apps, games, songs, music, tv shows, series, and more
  • Availability:might be banned in most countries
  • Link:https://thepiratebay.org/index.html

Site Overview:Now The Pirate Bay is mostly known for the fact that it encompasses a huge collection of moviesand music, but did you know it has ebooks too? Well, yes, it does.

All you have to do is clack the keys of your keyboard and type in the title of your book in the search bar. You would probably stumble across every type, and every file you can ever imagine.

The Pirate Bay is usually among the top five preferences of any geek, be it books, music, movies, and more! It has a clean UI, searching through the website it’s pretty smooth. Plus, it has a list of Top Ten EBooks which is the trending, bestseller list (or rather, best-stolen list?)

Also, Otakus are in for a treat because we all know how costly buying a manga is but The Pirate Bay has got you covered. You can find any manga here, just hit download and that’s it. No more hassles of finding a good enough website and wifi connection to read your mangas in peace. To access the working pirate bay site you need a quality VPN in your browser lever or PC level.

3. Free E-Books.net

Freeebooks site
Freeebooks site
  • Strong suits:no adware: so no annoying pop-ups or random advertisements
  • What’s in store:ebooks
  • Availability:Worldwide
  • Link:https://thepiratebay.org/index.html

Site Overview:Yet another great source to find your favourite Ebooks. It’s like a virtual library or a scholastic fair why you ask? Because all the content here is divided based on the genre.

There’s science, fiction, sci-fi, horror, romantic and you name it and it’s here. This is probably one of the features which makes choosing or finding a book in libraries and bookshops easy, and it does so here too!

Just type the name in the search bar in the top right corner and hit enter. All the ebooks that you find here are in PDF format, and they also display the number of downloads and the size of the respective ebooks.

However, you might have to register and have an account to download the books for free in the first place. Apart from that, it’s a clean, clear, and convenient website for all you bookworms!

4. 1337X

1337x torrent website
1337x torrent website
  • Strong suits:great UI, sectionalized according to categories
  • What’s in store:ebooks, anime, movies, series, software, games
  • Availability:Banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Link:https://1337x.to/sub/36/0

Site Overview:What do you do when you like audiobooks more, putting your earphones in and listening to it while you sleep rather than reading it through the glaring screens? Or maybe, the other way round? You head over to 1337X, period.

This site has sectionalized itself into two parts, one dedicated to ebooks while the others dedicated to audiobooks. So finding the file and its type is super easy, and so is downloading it!

1337X is extremely popular for its amazingly smooth UI with legitimately no malware or adware. So say goodbye to annoying click ads and random popups, or the fear of your computer contracting a virus because it won’t.

Apart from just ebooks or audio files, this one’s great for movies, music, and apps too! It’s an all-in-one package, and, your one-stop solution for all your torrent needs, not just books.

5. Torlock

Torlock website
Torlock website
  • Strong suits:only verified torrents
  • What’s in store:ebooks, anime, movies, tv shows, software
  • Availability:Banned in Australia, United Kingdom.
  • Link:https://www.torlock.com

Site Overview:This one too is known for its intuitive UI design, and just like the site mentioned above, it has a different, dedicated section for ebooks.

And let’s be honest, it’s cumbersome to fetch and fish out verified torrents in such sites because most torrent websites seem to have fake ones. But Torlock is different. It enlists verified torrent files, making your job (and life!) easier.

However, the one disadvantage that Torlock has is that it’s crammed with advertisements. Even though it’s a perfect site to download books from, you might come across annoying pop-ups and advertisements and sudden-redirections to random websites. So you might want to be careful with that.

6. Books-share

Book share website
Book share website
  • Strong suits:displays synopsis, language, and number of pages
  • What’s in store:ebooks
  • Availability:worldwide
  • Link:https://www.books-share.com

Site Overview:This is another well-organized website. So if you have a thing or two for organized files and sorted lists (like Monica from Friends, maybe?) this site is it. It has a dedicated section, not only for ebooks but also the genres humour, technology, science, fiction, psychology, and much more!

And the best part? It displays the synopsis of the book, the number of chapters and pages, and every little detail that a reader would like to know before buying or downloading a book.

So whenever you hit download, you exactly know what you’re hitting download for, and you get your desired book. The UI is clean and crisp, so no extra hassles on that front. You would have to sign up and make an account though, to download the books, so you might want to note this one down.

7. BookYards

Bookyards site
Bookyards site
  • Strong suits:over 7000 ebooks
  • What’s in store:ebooks, audiobooks
  • Availability:worldwide
  • Link:https://www.bookyards.com/en

Site Overview:Even though this site appears later on our list, it’s just as good as any other. Encompassing a collection of over 7000 ebooks, this site is well-organized and well-developed.

Plus, downloading any ebook of your choice is completely free! The site is sectionalized into categories or genres, such as a dedicated section for sci-fi, another for mystery, and another for fiction and the list goes on!

You even have Spirituality, Parenting, Memoirs, Economics you name it and you’ll find it here. All the ebooks available here are in PDF format, and the site is extremely reliable. So you’re guaranteed to find a great collection here, so hurry over and pick your favourite ones!

8. Torrent9

Torrent9 website
Torrent9 website
  • Strong suits:simple, clean, and crisp UI
  • What’s in store:ebooks, movies, tv shows, games, music
  • Availability:Banned in some countries
  • Link:https://ww1.torrent9.is/torrents_ebook.html

Site Overview:The content is sectionalized based on categories, and the UI is slick and smooth as butter, so this site’s a treat. It’s similar to Torlock and has a dedicated section for ebooks too.

The UI is aesthetically pleasing, so you might even spend the first few minutes exploring it all together because it’s that pretty. Plus, this one’s not a site just meant for ebooks, it has other content like television shows, movies, anime, and apps too! Overall, you are sure to find some great content here, so this one’s a must-try.

FAQs Regarding The Best Ebooks Torrent Sites

1. Is Downloading Ebooks From Torrent Sites Safe?

Yes and no. We all know that torrent files are copyrighted material being made available to people worldwide for free. It’s usually safe, however, sometimes they might contain viruses or other such malware. So you might want to scan your computer after downloading it, or better, go for verified torrent files only. Solves all the worry.

2. Is Torrenting Dangerous?

Well, technically it is illegal. After all, you are downloading or distributing copyrighted material for free, without the owner’s permission. But that doesn’t mean that these sites don’t get used by anyone at all. Most people around the world resort to torrent sites for any kind of downloads, so it’s pretty much very popular with gazillion monthly visits. However, if you actively take part in it and get traced for the same, you might be accused of illegal actions. Just use VPN and you shall be fine.

3. Is Downloading Ebooks For Free Illegal?

For the most part, it is safe. However, if you download copyrighted material, now, that might be an issue. It is also illegal to photograph them, make videos of them, and further distribute them without the owner’s permission. So you might want to tread safely on that.

Final Thoughts

So there’s our list of eight best torrent websites for books. They are clean, clear, and intuitive, so you’re sure to find your favourites. Plus, they are sectionalized (most of them!) according to categories and genres, like a real library so that’s a cherry on top. You don’t have to hunt the whole website down for the best ones.

And some of them have other content too, such as movies, series, anime, and more. You can try those out too, especially The Pirate Bay and 1337X, they are great if you want to download other content. Overall, these encompass a huge collection, so jot down your favourite authors and books you always wanted, head over to their website, and hit download!

Note:All torrent websites listed here may not be accessible with normal Internet IPs as it may be got blocked by that country government. In that case, you can make use of this reliable VPNto browse that particular Ebook torrent site anonymously without any problems online.

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Disclaimer (Important)

The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote online websites that are using pirated content to stream. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided the links of the websites to download or listen to music online.

Accessing the pirated content in any form is against the law, and this article is not meant to advocate or encourage it. Piracy is an online offence and can steep fines or imprisonment. We don’t claim any content that is shared on this page as ours. we are just providing the information that you need.

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